Dark Knight Returns: A B-Movie Mini-Edit, The

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A minor edit of The Dark Knight Rises
I really like this movie, the least of the Dark Knight trilogy, but I do like it a lot.
I was never crazy about the ending though. To be more specific, that fact that Batman survives even though we see him fly away with the bomb. How and when did he get out of The Bat?
In this edit I try to remedy that.
To fix a small issue I had with this movie that has always bugged me when rewatching.
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Thanks to DonkeyKonga
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I made a couple very small trims.
Right before he blows up the building is the last time we see him in The Bat. The two instances after this that we saw him in the original, have been removed. So, later when we see him alive, we are to think that when he blew up the building, this was when he ejected, or jumped out, or whatever he did to escape. He is still on land, and all the other buildings can hide that he escaped, so getting out then and there is very plausible. And blowing up the building was a nice little distraction too.

Also, I did some work on the timers.
The initial 11ish minutes becomes 19:30ish.
The second 11ish minutes becomes 18:30ish.
A couple of the shots of the timer in the middle are removed.
A couple stayed the same.
The second to the last one that was 1:30ish (when they are all standing around talking) becomes 2:30ish.
And the last one, the last couple seconds, stays the same.
This keeps the urgency but makes it a little more realistic.

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