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This will not be a lengthy review as the editing done was minor. Overall, I disagree with many other edits of this movie that overhaul the plot. I thought it was almost entirely good with a few areas that needed some cleaning up. This is an edit for those who only want minor changes.

I liked Bailey cleaning up the shenanigans involving the timer at the end. In the theatrical, Batman’s apparent survival appeared outrageously implausible. I understand we are dealing with fiction, but Batman’s escaping a nuclear blast in 2 seconds was over the top. Bailey resolved that issue where the survival now does appear more realistic.

Overall, I do wish there was a better way for “Robin” to discover Batman’s identity other than just looking at him. Absent the use of AI dialogue and other modifications this will have to stay as an absurd plot hole that will detract from my enjoyment of the movie. This is not the editor’s fault for leaving it there because this would be a complicated issue to fix.

Overall, I will rely on this edit for any future rewatch because it did resolve at least one of my two major issues I had. If anybody else wants this movie largely in tact, then this is your edit. Otherwise, there are other good options available.

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Thanks for the great review!

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