Week of September 19th, 2021 – New Fanedits

Three new edits this week:



Batman: The Killing Joke – The Novel Cut by Blueyoda

“The original adaptation of the concise graphic novel had added material to “pad it up” to a feature length running time to justify the price tag of a DVD or blu-ray. Unfortunately most of the added material is garbage. This removes almost all the added material and restores this to a proper adaptation of the graphic novel.”


Mission: Impossible 2 – The Spence Edit by Spence

“…the goal here is to remove the dated elements of MI-2, pick up the pace, and bring it more in line with the other films in the seires.”


Superhero Movie – The Full Hourglass by Bobson Dugnutt

“Superhero Movie is almost forgotten parody of the comic book hero genre, and a very short one at that, running at barely 75 minutes. The Full Hourglass integrates 30 new, extended and alternate scenes, jokes gags and more for a brand new way to see the Dragonfly’s origin! Sixteen minutes have been added to the film, to create a more complete spoof experience!”


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