Week of June 25th, 2023 – New Fanedits

Four new edits this week:



Halloween 2018 [raymix] by Ray Danger

“My goal was to create a version that feels more cohesive to the original film & delivers a more cathartic & definitive end to the story.”



Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – The IMAX Experience by Spence

“I made this for my own personal use a while back since seeing this movie in IMAX was one of the most impressive theater experiences I’ve ever had, and I’m a sucker for IMAX/Open Matte movies. This takes multiple sources, including a German Open Matte HDTV broadcast and the official opening credits by the company that made them, and blends them together to replicate as best as possible what I remember that experience to be.”



Once Upon A Time In America: US Theatrical Cut HD Reconstruction by TM2YC

“I wanted to watch the much shorter, “sacrilegious” US Theatrical Cut in HD, with clear sound, not in terrible quality… So I edited the standard Blu-Ray version, shot by shot, or frame by frame, to match the VHS video. Then tried to reconstruct the audio as closely as possible… I’ve also recreated the opening and closing credits in HD… I wanted to only use HD material, so a few unique VHS shots have been replaced with analogous spare blu-ray shots.”



The Hobbit: The Siege of the Lonely Mountain by Masirimso17

“After arriving at the Lonely Mountain and witnessing Smaug’s massacre, Bilbo Baggins finds himself in a bit of a pickle… participating in an all out war! Dwarves, elves, men, orcs… Will our little hero make it out alive and unscathed?”



Jackie Brown in the Del Amo Heist by Daedal

“This is Tarantino’s adaptation of Rum Punch with some changes to narrative and a fresh take on the music”


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