Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - The IMAX Experience

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Brief Synopsis:
I made this for my own personal use a while back since seeing this movie in IMAX was one of the most impressive theater experiences I've ever had, and I'm a sucker for IMAX/Open Matte movies. This takes multiple sources, including a German Open Matte HDTV broadcast and the official opening credits by the company that made them, and blends them together to replicate as best as possible what I remember that experience to be.
Recreate the IMAX experience for the film as close as possible so others can experience it at home.
Other Sources:
German HDTV rip.
Opening Credits from Vimeo
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Editing Details:
The film, at various points, opens up to a wider ratio for the filmed in IMAX footage. I don't have access to the 1:43:1 ratio footage, but even opening up from letterbox to 1:85:1 gives the same effect.
Cuts and Additions:
Mask out some spots where German subtitles were hardcoded into the footage. This was harder than it sounds.
- Added the transitions from letterbox to open matte where appropriate (opening credits, Burj climb)