Thor: Ragnarok - Sakaaran Edition

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No Hammer. No Doctor. No Problem.
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The Sakaaran Edition aims to create the longest cut of Thor; Ragnarok using all of the legally available material with finished VFX, This cut reinserts the alternate Odin death scene, as originally shown to take place in New York rather than Norway as shown in many early trailers.

Five new alternate, extended and deleted scenes have been reinserted into the film, adding nine minutes of new footage into the film.
I wanted to created an alternate cut of the film, with the original Odin death that was seen in the early trailers taking place in New York. The release of the scene in the Infinity Saga boxset prompted me to create something that wasn't really an extended edition fully as it's shorter than the theatrical, but an alternate look at what an early cut of the film could of looked like before the reshot Norway stuff was inserted into the film. This cut also removes Doctor Strange due to the lack of legally available material to show him in this version as the theatrical reshoots have him send Thor and Loki to Norway, as it doesn't work in this new cut.
Other Sources:
- 3D Blu-Ray
- Standard 2D Blu-Ray "Thor Meets the Grandmaster, Skurge Sees Heimdall and Grandmaster and Topaz"
- The Infinity Saga Bonus Disc "Odin in the Alley"
- Promotional Material "Travel to Asgard"
Release Information
Special Features
- Deleted and Unused Workprint Scenes
- Alternate and Cut Trailer Scenes
Editing Details:
The 3D Blu-Ray is used as the source for the IMAX sequences. Liberties have been taken to transition in and out of these scenes in a somewhat more seemless way. Not all the IMAX shots have been used as I think the only one left out is some brief shots on Asgard early on that were less than 10 seconds, that didn't justify the ratio shift for me. Other than that, all the IMAX scenes are intact, with the exclusion of the Norway Odin death.
Cuts and Additions:
- Cut Dr Strange's appearence and the Norway visit, as the film goes from straight from Asgard to the NY alley with Odin
- Added extra intro with the Grandmaster
- Added Skurge seeing Heimdall helping Asgardian Refugees, and choosing not to intervene
- Added Grandmaster talking with Topaz about universal symbols
- Moved Grandmaster post-credits scene to after the Revengers take out Topaz
- Trimmed some minor material with the travel to Asgard within the Devil's Anus to accommodate...
- Added Thor and Banner talking about loss on the way to Asgard

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