The Consecution trailer is here to spread the love!


(Consecution artwork by Rogue-theX)

Over a year in the making, the ninth and latest installment in the ‘Consecution’ series is nearly upon us. This time the subject was LOVE and faneditors have been sweating like Barry White to create ten short (Less than 15 minute) films exploring love, loss, regret, longing, happiness, sadness and consensual-sadomasochistic-relationships with serial-killers. They are stories as old as time (Well maybe not the last one).

Here is a trailer (Edited by TM2YC) showing a taste of these shorts by editors like Adabisi, thecuddlyninja, Ken Poirier, matrixgrindhouse, Neglify, TM2YC and That One Guy

Showrunners matrixgrindhouse, Rogue-theX and Adabisi are working on the DVD and finalising things right now, so stay tuned.

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