Tarantino Tales: presented by The Red Apple Crew

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Brief Synopsis:
To create ten 60 mins Episodes from Quentin Tarantino's 10 films to date
The idea was NOT to just shorten each movie, but to have each editor provide their spin on the narrative. In some cases, the alterations are subtle, in others more significant. These include (and are not limited to):
Replacing music
Adding addition sound effects
Changing the color grade
Change plot elements
Changing characters interntions or motivations/fate
Alterations to the timeline
Removing characters
Remving plot threads
and much much more
Additional Notes:
Links to each episode listing on ifdb

Tarantino Tales: Episode 1 - Reservoir Dogs by FrameSniffer (65 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 2 - Pulp Fiction by The Omega (52 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 3 - Jackie Brown by Futon88 (59 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 4 - Kill Bill: Vol. 1 by Greenturnedblue (62 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 5 - Kill Bill: Vol. 2 by Phase3 (61 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 6 - Death Proof by Dawnrazor (64 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 7 - Inglourious Basterds by Futon & Wraith (66 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 8 - The Hateful Eight by Wraith (63 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 9 - Django Unchained by Krausfadr (61 minutes)

Tarantino Tales: Episode 10 - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood​ by Thepotatoparadox (57 minutes)

by WRAITH 58 mins
Requests for access to an individual episode should be submitted directly to the lead editor by way of DM. Requests for access to the entire Tarantino Tales series can be directed to any member of Red Apple Crew. Please ensure when requesting access to either individual episodes or the entire series that you OWN the related source material in a high definition format. Blu Ray, 4K, UHD or high definition non-subscription-based download are acceptable. Please DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS to all ten episodes or any episode if you do not own the acceptable source material for those episodes. Your cooperation will save time and reduce the number of DM exchanges between you and Red Apple Crew. Please be respectful and DO NOT SHARE the link that has been created for you. Thank you for your understanding and Cooperation. Enjoy the ride! Thank You, Red Apple Crew
Special Thanks:
SPECIAL THANKS to The Producers:

INIGHTMARES: For much technical input. He also provided extensive TOPAZ editing for several editors. Most of all he provided the administration and organization that kept us on track. He was so instrumental in this project that it's hard to list everything that he did.

SPENCE: For utilizing his many years of experience to critique and shape the edits in their final stages.

WRAITH: For being the heart and soul of the project. It was through his creative direction and vision that the project was branded, came to life and is complete. He created all of the common openings, Tarantino Tales trailers, and supported everyone in a plethora of ways far too numerous to mention. He is the true MVP of the project.

All of RED APPLE CREW, for their passionate dedication, open minds to collaboration, amazing creativity, selfless mentoring, extensive technical support and so much more.

The RED APPLE CREW cross-pollinated each others' efforts, supported the vision and critiqued each other frequently with patience and good humor. They became a like-minded family of true believers who previewed and provided technical support to each other endlessly for several months. RED APPLE CREW nurtured this project as it grew into the titanic endeavor that it now is.

The intention was to create a 60 minute version of the Tarantula movie they chose to edit. Everyone went so much further than that with many creative flourishes, restructurings and changes which went beyond the original goal...making this a truly special and memorable project.

RED APPLE CREW thanks IT'S ON RANDOM for having the seed idea.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Each lead editor of Red Apple Crew was instructed to create a 60 minute edit of their chosen movie with free reign.

The only constraints were to use the same style fonts throughout, a Common Opening title sequence (tailored to each episode), and a uniform font for the end credits.
Throughout the process, all Red Apple Crew memebers, consulted with each other, previewed, critiqued and contributed to each others' endevours in a positive spirit of collaboration and constructive feedback throughout the development of all ten episodes.
The level of cross-pollination is impossible to fully document and exceeds 100 pages of direct messaging over the months taken to complete this ambitious project.
The 12 editors who collaborated on these 10 edits did so at an intense level for several months. There is over 130 pages of Direct Messaging between the 12 editors.
Although each episode has one lead editor, all the editors provided preview feedback and suggestions. There are also numerous collaborations at a techical level, as well...including recording audio for fellow Red Apple Crew members, rendering sections for each other, creative input and caption creation.
There were significant challenges in many cases that made the creation of these ten edits a truly multi-editor collaboration at an unprecendented level.

This also included collaboratively creating the trailers. Crew members submitted their preferred clips for the TRAILERS and OPENING TITLES (which are customized for each episode).
Cuts and Additions:
Episode 1 - Reservoir Dogs by FrameSniffer (65 minutes)
- Switch the main narrative to be primarily viewed from Mr Orange’s perspective.
- Introduce new (period correct) music.
- Introduce editing techniques from newer Tarantino films, along with some of my own editing style.
- Tell as much of the original story as possible, within 60 minutes.
Video Changes:
- Reduced magenta tint and slightly increased exposure level throughout.
- Chronology / non linier timeline plays out in a different order.
- A lot of cuts, trims across every scene, too many to list / remember.
- Several character establishing scenes removed to help reduce the runtime.
- Removed continuity error where cop is shot twice, during Mr Pink’s chase scene.
- Mr Blonde’s torture scene, changed to monochrome.
- Added axial cuts to external shot of Mr Orange café scene with Holdaway.
- Added horizontal pan to scene where Mr Orange and Mr White are facing the jewellery store.
- Removed continuity error where Nice Guy Eddie drops the bag of diamonds twice, when Eddie discovers Mr Blonde is dead.
- Add slow zoom into Nice Guy Eddie’s face during the standoff.
Audio Changes:
- Audio gain increased throughout; some peaks reduced.
- Added new music track “Powerboat” to Mr Pink’s chase scene.
- Replaced music “Hooked on a feeling” with “Primitive Spirit” during car scene enroute to the meeting with Joe Cabot.
- Small clip of Blonde “Heart of Glass” plays whilst Mr Blonde tunes the radio.
- Added new music “Lucky Seven” to scene where Mr White is driving an injured Mr Orange to the warehouse.
- Added new music “Rituals” track to end credits.

Episode 2 - Pulp Fiction by The Omega (52 minutes)
- The challenge in these edits is that the movie must be condensed into a hour long "episode". The upside is that it can be done as the editor of the episode pleases. Pulp Fiction basicly consists of three narratives, which I at first tried to keep as a whole. I choose Butch's story, because in my expierence when people reference Pulp Fiction, they mostly reference Vincent and Jules. And so I wanted to highlight Butch's story, and also because it has a rather satifying ending in my opinion.
- removed everything not directly connected to Butch.
- restructered the different scenes a bit. Removing all the other scenes actually de-Tarantino'ed the movie a bit, so I tried to return some of that Pulp Fiction flavored chronologicy.
- added custom acts, title cards and custom closing credits.
- replaced the soundtrack under the bar scene between Marsellus and Butch with a new track.
- moved the original bar scene track to Butch and Fabienne on the bed.
- re-insterted some tracks that got lost on the cutting room floor by isolating Butch's story.
- there's one track when Butch walks back home and one under the end credits.
- removed Fabienne walking down the stairs to Butch on the chopper.
- fixed a few audio problems present in the original soundtrack.

Episode 3 - Jackie Brown by Futon88 (59 minutes)
- Play with the timeline a little bit. Keep people guessing.
- Replace much of the music, but retain the feel. Should feel like Tarantino picked the songs...
- Tell a complete story in < 1hr.
- Removed scene with Jackie at the airport.
- Removed scene with Ordell, Melanie and Louis (talking guns).
- Show opens with Louis and Melanie (from third act of movie) looking for their car. Argument escalates until Louis shoots Melanie-
- Crash zoom and cut to CO.
- After CO, begin at Cherry Bail Bonds scene one (Beaumont).
- Significant cuts to Bail Bonds scene one (eg. discussion re: Winston, Louis walking to car).
- Cut to shortened Ordell/Beaumont scene (Beaumont's murder)
- Removed Louis/Simone scene.
- Removed Louis/Ordell scene.
- Removed scene where Ray and Mark pick up Jackie with the money (and cocaine).
- Removed Jackie going to jail.
- Removed Jackie's bond hearing.
- Cut to Mystery Scene #1 (more on these later)
- Cut to Cherry Bail Bonds scene two (Jackie Brown)
- Significant cuts to Bail Bonds scene two. Now ends on, "More power to you"
- Cut to the Jail (dropping off Lopez, picking up Brown).
- Shortened Jackie walking to Max. This is the first time we see Jackie Brown.
- Replaced "Natural High" (Bloodstone) with "Lovely Day" (Bill Withers).
- Shortened discussion around where to stop for cigarettes.
- During discussion in the bar, used quick flashbacks to Ray and Mark stopping Jackie as Jackie tells Max about being picked up for possession of the cocaine.
- Cut to Ordell at Jackie's, as before, with Johnny Cash left intact, but removed his walk from car to house.
- Cut to Ordell questioning Jackie in the living room after door closes. Kitchen scene removed.
- When the gun is revealed (via click), cut on Ordell's line, "Is that what I think it is?", then cut to:
- Mystery Scene #2
- Discussion between Ordell and Jackie removed.
- Cut to Max coming back for his gun.
- Shortened scene in several places (eg. removed discussion about records).
- As Jackie tells Max Ordell visited the night before, show brief flashbacks to their interaction.
- Replaced Delfonics' "Didn't I Blow your Mind This Time" with Delfonics' "Hey, Love!"
- Removed discussion re: Delfonics
- Scene ends at "fuck him". Discussion around getting old removed.
- Removed scene with Max buying a Delfonics cassette.
- Cut to Ray at police headquarters, but he enters the office right away. Discussion between Ray and Mark removed.
- Shortened discussion between Jackie, Ray, and Mark. Scene ends on, "...help you get Ordell".
- Removed scene with Melanie and Louis (having sex)
- Cut to Ordell entering the bar.
- Added Foxy Brown "Letter to the Firm" as Ordell enters bar; becomes background music as Ordell and Jackie talk. This is the music from Max's removed scene at the record store.
- Shortened scene with Jackie and Ordell; ends on "...I'm gettin' 15%".
- Added "Ready or Not" to transition from this scene, to the Mall.
- Removed scene with Louis and Melanie (discussing taking the money)
- Removed scene with Louis and Ordell at the bar (discussing Melanie)
- Mystery Scene #3, then cut to Del Amo Mall.
- "Ready or not" switches to background radio.
- Shortened discussion between Ordell and Jackie at the mall.
- Sped up transition to Jackie and Max (removed part of Ordell seeing Max and ducking into the store).
- As Max leaves the theatre, we now hear Misirlou (pulp fiction)
- Cropped discussion between Jackie and Max in the food court. Ends on, "50,000 dollars will always be missed".
- Mystery Scene #4
- During "trial run" added Delfonic's "Funny Feeling".
- Removed Ray marking the bills and discussing the shopping bag.
- Trimmed cuts to align with music better.
- Shorted discussion between Jackie and Sharonda (they barely said anything in the original, now they basically say nothing).
- Cropped scene slightly; ends on "Could work".
- Mystery Scene #5
- Cut to Jackie and Ordell arguing on the balcony; Scene with Melanie removed.
- Hard cut to Jackie and Ordell discussing the plan, because I think it's funny.
- Trims to discussion, especially Louis being stoned.
- Background music replaced with Bill Withers "Use Me".
- Cut to Jackie and Ray discussing plan in the restaurant.
- Removed discussion about Louis, Simone, and Melanie. Ray and Jackie just discuss the plan.
- Removed flashback to Max during their conversation.
- Shortened discussion between Jackie and Max. Removed mention of Mr. Walker.
- During call with Ordell, end on "This time it's going to be Melanie". We see Melanie in the background very briefly.
- Cut to money exchange "for real".
- Music replaced with Delfonics "Round Round".
- Trimmed scene with Jackie preparing bag.
- When we cut to Max, "Round Round" playing on the radio.
- Cut to Jackie and Max driving to mall. Same Randy Crawford music.
- Removed Melanie and Louis driving to mall.
- When Jackie gets to mall, music replaced with Randy Crawford's "Same Old Story".
- Trims while Jackie walks to Billingsley
- Removed "Booya" when Jackie gives Melanie the bag.
- Removed music while Jackie prepares the bags.
- Added music "Ball of Confusion" when Jackie leaves the dressing room to find Ray (faking distress)
- Cut to Max getting to the mall.
- Removed shot of Louis seeing Max.
- Fixed the audio for the sales clerk. When she says, "Wait, your change!" it's clearly a different take and it's always bothered me. I've layered in the audio from the first scene (with Jackie) so it matches 100%.
- When Max gets the bag, changed music to Earth, Wind, and Fire "Fantasy"
- As Max leaves the mall, added very faint gunshots (Louis shooting Melanie)
- As Max closes car door, cut to Ray slamming door at police station.
- Several cuts during discussion between Ray and Jackie (re: Melanie and Louis, mostly)
- Scene ends on "...pick up Ordell".
- Cut to Ordell calling Cherry Bail Bonds (call with Mr. Walker removed).
- Cut to Max at Ordells. Scene ends when Ordell calls Jackie, cut to:
- "Damn, I ain't never heard her so scared".
- Removed discussion re: Delfonics as Max and Ordell drive to Cherry Bail Bonds. Instead, drive is 100% silent.
- Added music: Bill Withers "Better Off Dead" during drive to Bail Bonds.
- As Max and Ordell arrive at Cherry Bail Bonds, we connect to the mystery scenes. Switch to B&W on exterior shot.
- After Ray shoots Ordell and the lights turn on, switch from B&W back to color.
- Scene ends on long shot of Ordell.
- Cut to Cherry Bail Bonds.
- Made the toilet flush louder to reinforce the pattern/joke.
- As Jackie is about to kiss Max changed music to Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine".
- Show ends just as Jackie and Max are about to kiss (INIGHTMARES' suggestion)
- Custom end credits
- Brief post-credits clip.
- ALSO: Replaced "Money Exchange" cards to match the font we're using for credits, and added cards for act 1, 2, 3, 4.
- The Mystery Scenes are brief clips of Jackie at Cherry Bail Bonds waiting to spring the trap on Ordell at the very end of the movie. They are shown in B&W. Some have alternate music. They are told out of order, with the placement used to convey Jackie's feelings during the part of the main timeline when they are shown. When the main timeline catches up to this moment it switches to B&W, then back to colour as the scene ends (Ordell killed).
- Regarding Melanie: We see her with Louis at the very beginning, but we don't see her again until the mall. Someone coming to this fresh won't realize the opening scene is from the 3/4 mark of the main timeline (I hope).
Music Removed:
- "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)" by The Delfonics
- "Natural High" by Bloodstone
- "Monte Carlo Nights" by Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods
- (several other songs removed by virtue of their scenes removed)
- "Aragon" by Roy Ayers.
- "Escape" by Roy Ayers.
- "Vittone's theme - king is dead" by Roy Ayers.
- Whatever song that is in the mall when Simone walks away.
Music Retained:
- "Tennessee Stud" by Johnny Cash
- "The Lions and the Cucumber" by The Vampire Sound Incorporation
- "My Touch of Madness" Jermaine Jackson
- "Exotic Dance" by Roy Ayers, but only one scene. This song is scattered through the whole movie and it's just too much, lol.
Music Repurposed:
- "(Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm" by Foxy Brown
Music Added:
- "Hey, Love!" by The Delfonics
- "Ready or Not" by the Delfonics
- "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers
- "Stop and Look" by The Delfonics
- "Funny Feeling" by The Delfonics
- "You Are Gone" by The Delfonics
- "Use Me" by Bill Withers
- "Round Round" by The Delfonics
- "Same Old Story" by Randy Crawford
- "Ball of Confusion" by The Temptations
- "Fantasy" by Earth, Wind, and Fire
- "Better off Dead" by Bill Withers.
- "Ain't no Sunshine" by Bill Withers.
- "Barrel of a Gun" by Depeche Mode
Special Thanks:
- INIGHTMARES for being a sounding board for my ideas, pushing me to try it even though it felt weird, and making some solid suggestions for improvement, in particular where to cut on the final scene.

Episode 4 - Kill Bill: Vol. 1 by Greenturnedblue (62 minutes)
The main goal of this edit was to focus the story on the Bride. This was done by removing extraneous subplot elements, and telling the Bride's story in more of a linear fashion. That way, viewers are privy to the events that result in her inner turmoil, and understand the lengths she is going to for revenge. As a result of this, the edit has a much faster pace than the original, with some scenes cut altogether, some moderately cut down and in some cases re-arranged to move the story along faster.
- Film opens with wedding massacre scene from Volume 2. In fact, most of the flashback scenes from Volume 2 have been integrated into Volume 1. The wedding scene has been trimmed for time.
- The detectives arrive and survey the massacre (trimmed)
- Elle enter the hospital and is about to kill The Bride, but receives a call from Bill instructing her not to (trimmed).
- The Bride waking up from a mosquito bite has been removed as that is quite a lame reason for coming out of a coma. Instead, she has a flashback to Bill shooting her and wakes up in a panic. Rebuilding the audio track was required here to remove the mosquito buzzing
- The scene as The Bride leaves the hospital and steals the Pussy Wagon van has been trimmed, along with the scene in the backseat as she learns to wiggle her toes again.
- Next, she flies to Okinawa and meets with Hattori Hanzo. The scene in his sushi bar has been greatly reduced.
- Meanwhile, we are introduced to O-Ren Ishi, the leader of the Japanese Yakuza.
- The next scenes where Hattori Hanzo agrees to make a sword and the meeting with Boss Tanaka's beheading has been left largely the same.
- A significant change in this edit is now The Bride trains during the same time Hattori Hanzo is crafting the sword. He says it will take one month to make the sword, and to use that time training. The Bride meets with Pei-Mei (from Volume 2) and completes her training, and we learn of O-Ren Ishi's backstory through the anime flashbacks before The Bride returns back to Hattori Hanzo to collect the sword. Some minor trims in the training sequence.
- Another significant alteration is that while training with Pei-Mei, The Bride has a dream of the fireside conversation with Bill (from Volume 2). Here, she learns of the exploding heart technique, before waking up.
- Transition to the Hanzo sword ceremony has been redone, and has a new music cue.
- After The Bride completes the training and now has the sword, she returns back to America (plane footage from Volume 2). Meanwhile, Bill seeks out Budd to warn him of The Bride's danger (this scene also trimmed to remove the beeped-out mention of "Beatrix" as that was not consistent with this cut of the film).
- The Bride arrives to Vernita Green's place, and kills her (from earlier in the film). This sequence also has significant cuts and almost completely removes the daughter sub-plot. Listen for rebuilt audio as Vernita Green reaches for the cereal box in the cupboard, foley recorded by myself.
- Finally, The Bride sneaks into Budd's trailer intending to kill him, but is shot. Completely new sword unsheathing SFX as The Bride removes the sword from the sheath under the trailer, and a brand new music cue here.
- Budd captures The Bride, and buries her alive. Some slight SFX work here as new cricket/forest sounds were needed and also the addition of a heartbeat track while she is buried.

Episode 5 - Kill Bill: Vol. 2 by Phase3 (61 minutes)
- The first 57 minutes of the original film have been deleted, with some of the scenes repurposed for Episode 4: The Gleam Of An Unsheathed Sword.
- All flashbacks have been deleted.
- Six new songs have been added, replacing various songs in the original film. Big thanks to @krausfadr for converting the stereo tracks I had into 5.1 tracks.
- Start of the Volume 2 fan edit: The Bride is in the coffin.
- New SFX of crickets prior to the camera going down to The Bride in the coffin. This audio has now been extended slightly, so that it starts when the black screen appears prior to the shot of the gravesite area.
- Shortened coffin scene, which required rebuilding SFX, plus I added in new SFX of a heartbeat, which changes pace and intensity as the scene goes on.
- Deleted the scene of The Bride going to the café after breaking out of the coffin.
- All title or Act screens removed.
- Shortened the scenes of The Bride walking through the desert, plus added in different music to the original film.
- All conversations between Elle and Budd have been trimmed or cut for pacing.
- Deleted the scene in the classroom, where The Bride’s name gets revealed.
- Trimmed the phone conversation between Elle and Bill, in order to improve pacing.
- Remove Elle saying “Gross!” during the confrontation with The Bride.
- Trimmed the conversation during Elle & The Bride’s duel, plus removed the flashback to the scenes with Pai Mei.
- As The Bride leaves the trailer, I have inserted some new music.
- Repurposed one scene from Volume 1: The Bride asking for a plane ticket to Tokyo.
- Almost all scenes of The Bride on the plane going to Japan have been removed, with some scenes used in Episode 4 instead.
- Trimmed the scenes of O-Ren and her cadre travelling around Tokyo, on their way to the Blue Leaves club.
- I have timed the music to better match the camera movements.
- New SFX of The Bride on the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, including some SFX recorded by @greenturnedblue
- Blue Leaves club: trimmed the opening, as well as several scenes throughout the sequence, as well as removed some of the music. I relocated one song to a different part of the film, plus rebuilt SFX where necessary.
- In some scenes, I retimed the visuals to more closely match the flow of the music.
- Epic battle sequence with the Crazy 88’s: With thanks to @Wraith and @INIGHTMARES I have used the Japanese version of that part of the battle, with upscaled all-colour footage.
- Removed Sophie saying "Gross"! after one of the Crazy 88's gets his eye removed.
- Removed Sophie surviving at the end, and removed The Bride saying that she should stay where she is. I want to imply that she dies in this edit.
- I have replaced one of the songs during the battle sequence.
- Forced subtitles for the Japanese language section have been done to match the original text as closely as possible. I have also gone through the subtitles and made sure that spelling, grammar, punctuation and translations are as good as they can be.
- After O-Ren is defeated and The Bride sits down, I’ve done a different edit of the music to what is in the original film.
- I have relocated the shots of the mountains and trees, which originally came after Beatrix left the trailer after confronting Elle. I have also inserted some rainforest SFX for these scenes, and deleted the original music.
- Beatrix and Esteban: these scenes have been deleted.
- Beatrix at Bill’s place: these scenes have been trimmed for pacing.
- Beatrix with BB: I have removed the original music, and added a new song.
- Beatrix with Bill: I have removed the original music, added a new song, as well as some new SFX.
- Also deleted is the flashback to Beatrix finding out that she is pregnant, and her confrontation with the assassin.
- Two new pieces of music have been inserted when we see BB watching TV, and when Beatrix is crying in the bathroom near the end of the film.

Episode 6 - Death Proof by Dawnrazor (64 minutes)
- Main goal with the edit was to put Stuntman Mike in the center right at the start and to streamline both stories without losing too much of the other characters.
- removed the first 9 min
- moved the scene with Mike watching the girls 14:07-14:50 to before the common opening.
- cut the repeated line "so you must be the infamous butterfly" at 9:43
- cut Jungle Julia sign
- cut Jungle Julia dancing
- cut two girls walking into the bar
- cut Jungle Julia telephone call/text message
- cut the girls drinking shots
- cut Arlene at the porch smoking
- cut Nate and Arlene talking
- cut bar scene with Mike eating and Dov and Omar talking
- cut Nate and Arlene return to the table
- added song Lovey Dovey (Dick Dale and his Del-tones) in the bar scene
- cut Arlene at the jukebox
- cut three more girls coming to the bar and joining the table
- cut conversation with Mike and Pam about Jungle Julia
- cut Jungle Julia sending text message
- added "Does your mother know" (ABBA) to the parking lot scene
- removed the Hospital scenes between the two stories
- cut the BW scenes with Mike and the new girls
- cut the girls shopping
- cut the girls at the diner
- cut Kim and Zoe talking about the car and what they want to do with it
- cut Kim and Zoe changing clothes
- cut Kim and Zoe returning back into the car
- added missing reel
- added "Voulez vous" (ABBA) to the car ride
- New credits with "Dancing Queen" (ABBA) added
- added final damage on Mike
Special Thanks:
- A Big Thanks to everyone in the Red Apple Crew for an Awesome journey and a wonderful project

Episode 7 - Inglourious Basterds by WRAITH, FUTON88 (66 minutes)
- Extensive use of The David Bowie Catalogue, as well as, songs by The Talking Heads and Pink Floyd.
- Their choice was driven by their content or subtext to punctuate, illustrate or enhance the visuals to varying degrees.
- The order and extent of the additions is NOT noted in order to retain their intended impact on viewing.
- Any sequence or scene not mentioned below was removed.
- Added: Red Apple Crew Logo, Fe Warning Disclaimer, Fe Logo
- Added: David Bowie Dedication
- Added: Red Apple Crew Credit
- Added: Custom Caption “prologue Berlin 1944” With Custom Military Snare Drum
- Added: Hitler Rant Upfront “no No No No No”
- Added: Custom Credits For The Episode (Wraith)
- Added: Act One Caption “the Basterds”
- Added: Bowie Song
- Added: Opening Scene Of Lieutenant Raine Speaking To The Basterds Remains Uncut.
- Added: Credit Roll To The Above Scene
- Removed: Landa/jew Hunter Scene Completely Removed.
- Truncated: Hitler Discussion With Survivor
- Shortended: Scene Of Raine And The Basterds. Scalping Is Compressed With The Music Refrain Shortened And Playing Over The Opening Shots.
- Added: Foley Of Scalping (Futon88)
- Removed: Bear Jew Rant But Rest Of Scene Is Uncut
- Shortended: Hugo Siglitz Flashback Is Removed
- Modified: Werner Slow-motion Shots Are Now Normalized.
- Added: Talking Heads Song
- Shortended: Build Up To Werner’s Execution Is Compressed And Music Altered To Fit.
- Removed: Shot Of Basterds Mark On The Survivor. Remaing Basterds/raine Scene Remains Uncut.
- Added: Act One Caption “the Briefing”
- Shortended: The Briefing Is Shortened For Pacing And Dramatic Delivery, Removing Some Poor Dialogue And Some Clichés.
- Added: Bowie Song
- Added: Goebbels' Rant About “jews” Is Moved To This Scene, Allowing The Reference Made In The Briefing To Be Removed.
- Added: Overlay Shots Of Shoshanna At The Cinema Added To The Briefing Dialogue.
- Added: Bowie Song
- Shortened: Entrance To Restaurant. Shots And Dialogue Re-ordered To Allow For A Shorter Intro Without Acknowledging Zoeller.
- Shortened: Entire Dinner Scene Is Shortened With Some Custom Subtitles To Permit Re-arrangement Of Shots. Some Shots Re-framed.
- Added: Shot Of Major Hellstrom Over Goebbels' Dialogue Is Repurposed.
- Added: Landa Entrance Is Restructured To Remove Zoeller And Attain Dramatic Entry.
- Added: New Black And White Flashback (Wraith) From The Removed Opening Which Establishes Shoshanna's Past Interaction With Landa.
- Added: Shots With The Struedel Are Rearranged To Extend The Tension.
- Shortened: Minor Trims To The Dinner Discussion To Increase The Tension.
- Shortened: Minor Trims To The Dinner Discussion For Pacing And Consistency. Some Shots Repurposed.
- Added: Bowie Song
- Added: Jump Cut To The Movie Theater. Shots Of Shoshanna And Her Discussion With Marcel Repurposed. Music Work And Dialogue Is Limited To The Plot. Custom Re-framing And Subtitles Added.
- Added: Bowie Music
- Added: Act Three Caption “the Rendezvous”
- Added: Stiglitz Discussion Removed And Music Refrain Retained, With Shots Synchronized To The Audio For The Pov Shots Of Stiglitz That Are Kept.
- Truncated: The Above Scene Is Truncated For Pacing With A Hard Cut To The Tavern.
- Added Bowie Song
- Added: New Opening Shot At The Tavern As Drinks Are Poured.
- Removed: Raines Arrival At The Tavern, Greeting Von Hammersmark, And The "Guess Who I Am" Game Removed For Pacing.
- Added: A Number Of Shots Required Re-framing And Custom Zooms To Remove The Cards On The Protagonists' Foreheads In Order To Maintain Continuity
- Shortened: The Entire Tavern Scene Now Focuses On The Plot And The Quicker Build Up To The Shoot Out.
- Shortened: Discussion With Raine And The Mexican Standoff Dilemma Is Shortened For Pacing And Drama.
- Deleted: Landa Finding Von Hammersmark's Shoe.
- Shortened: Scene At The Veterinarian Shortened. Several Shots Have Been Restructured And Repurposed. Some Dialogue Moved.
- Truncated: Veterinarian Scene Hard Cut On The Word “tuxedo”.
- Added: Act Four Caption “the Premiere”
- Added: Opening Shot Of Landa On Balcony Zoomed And Re-framed (Futon88)
- Restructured: Premiere Is Restructured To Focus On The Plot To Destroy The Cinema
- Deleted: Shoshanna's Extended Preparations Are Removed (To Not Give The Finale Away) With Some Selected Shots Used In A New Montage.
- Deleted: Excessive Italian “comedic” Interactions
- Changed: Restructured Zoeller Visiting Projection Booth.
- Added: Several Bowie Songs.
- Added: Pink Floyd Song
- Deleted: Minor Trims To The Climax
- Added: New Slow Motion Shots Of The Head (Inightmares).
- Added: Slow Motion Explosion (Inightmares).
- Added: New Ordering Of Shots Of Truck And Scene Is Split And Slightly Truncated For Pacing.
- Added: Custom Music And Single Sequence Created For Build Up To The Action (Wraith) With Montage Of Preparation.
- Added: New Segue For Forest Scene, Which Is Uncut.
- Added: Kurt Cobain Dedication.
- Added: Custom End Titles And Credit Including Thanks To Red Apple Crew, Others And Fanedit.org
- Added: Red Apple Crew Logos Added.

Episode 8 - The Hateful Eight by Wraith (63 minutes)
- Custom FE WARNING added
- Red Apple Crew Logo added
- FE LOGO added
- “A bite from the Red Apple Crew Added”
- Original music used for intro with some shots re-ordered.
- “Wyoming 1877” caption added
- Opening cuts to Major Warren as Stagecoach approaches and is truncated with a custom CRASH ZOOM into the opening titles.
- Added Custom Titles for the series with Episode specific shots.
- ACT ONE caption “The Bounty Hunters Picnic” added
- CAST captions added to establishing shots to maintain episodic feel
- First part of stagecoach ride trimmed.
- We do not see Major Warren discussion outside the stagecoach
- First part discussion is limited to points of banter to establish that
- Warren and John Ruth know each other previously
- The letter reading takes place
- Doumergue is established as a nutjob
- After John Ruth elbows Doumergue, edited to permit Warren a direct look while she lick her blood.
- After Doumergue falls out of the stagecoach, the scene is trimmed to the essentials, and includes material from the Netflix Extended version.
- Mannix’ appearance is re-edited as is his approach to the stagecoach which is far shorter.
- Discussion focuses again ONLY on the plot elements required…The bounty, Mannix claim to be the Sherriff.
- All songs removed from the journey to Minnie’s, with the stagecoach long shot now re-scored with the intro from “A gringo Like Me” from “Gunfight at Red Sands” by Ennio Morricone
- Second part of stage coach ride removes reference to Warren destroying the POW camp, and most of Mannix’s marauders discussion is removed. Scene is truncated when Warren tells Mannix why HE joined the civil war.
- JB Foley carefully synchronised throughout by creating custom portions to fade in and out of throughout the ride to maintain audio flow. NO SCORING was used to disguise any cuts in order to maintain the feel of the original movie.
- ACT TWO caption added “Eight H8fuls Gather under Duress”
- The stagecoach approach to Minnie’s is shortened requiring a scoring segue alteration.
- As the stagecoach gets ready to empty out, a cutaway to an interior scene from the removed later flashback is used, with audio synchronised for continuity.
- The next couple of minutes inter cut between the original arrival at Minnie’s and the later flashback version (which does not appear in this edit). This is done to quickly establish how many other protagonists are in Minnie’s PRIOR to John Ruth so that viewers are ahead of the game. This then permits truncated introductions to the new protagonists.
- This is edited to NOT give away who is working with Doumergue.
- The stable scene with Warren and “Bob” is shortened to permit JB to return directly to Minnie’s and to make Warren a tad more direct in his suspicions
- Stable scene is split to permit intercutting with Minnie’s, thus facilitating massive removals from the interior of Minnie’s.
- Scene return to Ruth and Oswaldo discussion with careful folley and dialogue trims as Oswaldo lays his hat down…this reduces the banter to ONLY what viewers and Ruth need to know.
- Hard cut with foley smoothing BACK to the stables and Warren and “Bob” discussion,
- Return to Minnie’s to a shortened version of the intro to “Joe Gage” discussion with Ruth. All we need to know is his name for later, and not the full back story. This makes Ruth appear far more focused and selfish.
- The discussion is shortened ending with Ruth meeting the General which is interrupted by Mannix and JB finally entering Minnie’s.
- As the door is again being closed, we return to the final part of the newly split stable scene with Warren and “Bob”.
- Back inside Minnie’s, Mannix and Oswaldo’s discussion is carefully shortened and ends with “Nword in the stable” allowing for Warren’s entry into Minnie’s juxtaposed. There is no mention of the Lincoln letter, since it has not been mentioned, and is not mentioned either in the theatrical version, which is a continuity error.
- As Warren and “Bob” close the door, overlapping dialogue from later in the movie is repurposed with inserts to permit establishing the relationship between Mannix and The General quickly over the hammering. This is a complex 55 secs of audio and visual sleight of hand.
- As Warren finally enters and gets a coffee, this is now scored with “Primo Deserto” from “The Big Gundown” by Ennio Morricone, to heighten viewer’s empathy with Warrens growing suspicions.
- ACT THREE caption “Mendacity at The Last Supper” is added.
- As act three opens, dialogue plays in the background between Mannix and The General, to establish the bigotry.
- This conversation is relocated to overlap, predominantly as audio, while the protagonist gathers for dinner. Mannix does not take his first seat in order to maintain protagonists poisoning as the scene is truncated. The letter is NOT revealed as a fake. This is a major change from the Theatrical versions and is done so to heighten the new ending.
- Warren does not have an extended discussion at the table and the start of the discussion between Warren and the General is Intercut with “Bob’s” piano plating, which is carefully shortened while maintaining the melody, in order to GET TO THE POINT.
- Warren’s tale about the General’s son, is trimmed in the centre section while maintaining musical integrity. The shooting is a hybrid of the flashback and original versions.
- ACT FOUR caption added “desanguination at Hades Gate” added
- New scoring using the Overture to The Hateful Eight is added to the first 80 secs of the fourth act to heighten the tension.
- The removal of the General’s body is a complete new audio build of the scene.
- Doumergue’s request to play the guitar, pick it up and begin signing is shortened as is the song that follows. Some scene repurposing of shots takes place to maintain protagonists positioning.
- A clumsy music audio fade in of the track “Bestiality” from THE THING is smoothed by extending the track to earlier in its original cue and aligning it with where the cue starts in the Theatrical version, thus removing the awkward original fade in. This required the shots building up into the scene to be re-purposed and shortened slightly together with overlays shots of Mannix and Oswaldo lighting candles.
- The consequences of the coffee playout uncut.#
- The section where Warren interrogates the suspects is highly restructured while maintaining protagonist positioning. 43 edits are made with an additional 9 overlayed repurposed shots, and multiple dialogue trims and repositioning, including Mannix not naming Gage, since he was never told Gage’s name in this edit.
- Warren derives enough evidence and not as much as in the Theatrical version, in order to still conclude who did what. Banter is significantly reduced.
- Epilogue Caption and title “The Purgatory of the Damned” is added.
- In order to place Joe gage in the correct position without extended banter, his request to sit down is moved right up the running order.
- The convoluted discussions leading to a deal are removed and only the OFFER of a deal is made leading to the final shoot out.
- The second poorly faded in music cue in the original is when Mannix starts shooting. It was VERY poorly faded in, almost as if they decided to truncate the scoring late in post-production. The music Cue is “Despair” from THE THING by Ennio Morricone. This piece now plays out far earlier as Jody emerges, and is blended into the portion original used and is then extended to continue to play until it naturally fades out.
- Mannix fainting and Doumergue chopping off Ruth’s arm are removed, thus when Doumergue meets her fate, the shots of Ruth’s severed arm are removed or cropped out with some shot replacement repurposing where required.
- Since in this version the LETTER is genuine, the final scene score with “Goodbye Colonel” from “For a Few Dollars More” by Ennio Morricone. This is a much more sombre track than the music used and required an audio rebuild for the screwing up of the letter which is now UNREAD, in a final act of defiant bigotry by Mannix.
- Custom Credits added.
- Added mid credit scene of flashback to Minnie’s from an abandoned opening.
- Custom credits continue until a short post credit scene followed by Custom Logos.
- Music used “Dopo La Congriua” from Django Unchained by Ennio Morricone and “A Gringo Like me” from “Gunfight at Red Sands” by Ennio Morricone.
- Thanks credits added

Episode 9 - Django Unchained by Krausfadr (61 minutes)
- This edit condenses and rearranges Django Unchained into a non-linear, black and white, hour-long episode of the Tarantino Tales.
- New intro teaser and Red Apple Crew logo created by Wraith
- Color correction and post processing to create a stylized, black and white palette (graded by scene in black and white, not just by turning off saturation)
- Non-linear story progression starts off with the killing of Calvin Candie as the first main plot point
- The history of Django and Dr. King first meeting is told in a flashback
- Main storyline used and condensed throughout with much less Broomhilde
- Rap music removed and replaced with soulful music
- Added music from Louis Armstrong, Harry Belafonte, Eric Bibb, and The Checkmates
- The changed music during the ending shootout gives much more dramatic impact
- Extra ending removed as well as the cartoonish destruction of the mansion
- Shortened end credits in the style of the Tarantino Tales, incorporating a lovely Nina Simone song that Wraith suggested
Special Thanks:
- Thanks to the Red Apple Crew and producers who made this project possible and our crewmate It'sonRandom for the concept

Episode 10 - Once Upon A Time In Hollywood​ by Thepotatoparadox (57 minutes)
​- This edit focuses mainly on the character of Cliff. I chose this route because I found his scenes to be the most entertaining, while Rick’s were boring for the most part. However, I could not find a way to remove Rick in his entirety, so only scenes that he shares with Cliff are maintained.​
​- Epìsode starts with Rick venting to Cliff in the car. Every scene before that is removed, including Al Pacino’s introduction.
​- Cliff driving back home alone is removed.
​- All scenes with Rick that don’t include Cliff are removed.
​- Sharon Tate is removed.
​- There are many small cuts made that I can’t remember.
​- The Red Apple cigarette commercial is rescaled to fit the 2.29 aspect ratio.

A few musical pieces have been added,
The order and extent of the additions is NOT noted in order to retain their intended impact on viewing.
Cuts and Additions:
Any sequence or scene not mentioned below was removed.
A significant re-sequencing of the events of Jules and Vince
Certain elements added to this episode have not been included to preserve the reveals.

ADDED: Red Apple Crew Logo, FE Warning Disclaimer, FE Logo
ADDED: Custom Caption “PROLOGUE”
ADDED: Modified initial Ezekiel scene with gun barrel flash added
ADDED: Custom Credits for the episode (by WRAITH)
ADDED: Act One Caption “SETUPS”
REMOVED: Royale with Cheese discussion
SHORTENED: Durg purchase with some re-scoring
ADDED: Ambient music to Jules and Vince arrival at apartment.
ADDED: Ambient occupants to two apartments
SHORTENED: Honey Bunny
MODIFIED: Drug taking and drive and Mia’s Apt
MODIFIED: Jules and Vince at Apt combing two versions
ADDED: new start to Mia dancing at home, and shortened
ADDED: New music to Vince and Jules post apt car ride
MODIFIED: Dialogue re-sequenced in car ride
MODIFIED: Jules and Marcellus phone re-sequenced
REMOVED: Most of QT is removed
SHORTENED: Vince at Lance home
ADDED: Musical Easter egg to Mr Wolf arrival
SHORTENED: Car cleaning and garage scenes
SHORTENED: Breakfast scene
ADDED: new ending with music segue
ADDED: Custom credits with THANKS
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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4 reviews
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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
These were a great watch. I loved the project. Some of these films were definitely easier than others. Some of them were probably simple changes, and others were, I'm sure nightmares to sort out what you wanted to keep and what you wanted to remove. Overall it was a great experience.

I've always felt that one of the biggest problems with a lot of movies is they just are too long. Unnecessary scenes. Unnecessary exposition. A lot of filmmakers don't trust in the intelligence of viewers to sort out what is happening without explicitly saying it.

This project does an amazing job of showing that no matter how good a movie is, which Quentin Tarantino movies are, it could be edited down without destroying the quality of the film or the overall story.

This does not mean however, that these movies needed to only be 1 hr long. I would love to see some of these cuts if they're just a little longer. Where the goal wasnt to get down to 1 hr but to expedite the progression of the film. I know there are scenes that they cut because they felt they had to rather than because they wanted them gone.

All this said, these are fantastic films and I loved the project.

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(Updated: September 25, 2023)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
I just finished watching the series today, spread over 10 days, in this order:
-- Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Death Proof, Hateful Eight, Django Unchained
...took a break...
-- Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Jackie Brown, Inglorious Basterds, Kill Bill 1&2
...which I did on purpose so that I wouldn't be fooled by Tarantino's growing prowess as a director and the edits could stand on their own two feet, and I'm very impressed by everyone's work. You all did so well, and some of the editing you had to do was so complex, the narratives so impossible to resolve, that I can't believe your heads didn't explode doing it. And do it you did!

If I had to pick the 3 that MOST IMPROVED their original counterparts, then they would be Death Proof, OUATIH, and Jackie Brown (which was also my pick for best overall episode, fantastic work @futon88!)

This is such a fun project, and I'm really glad I got to experience it :)

User Review

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(Updated: October 06, 2023)
Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
Well I will say I write this without seeing episode 7 as it seems to have some minor issues and wasn't available to me. Other than that let me say I was waiting for the Quinn Martin production announcement. I started with episode 10 and when I heard the opening theme and saw the "series" opening, I must admit it made me laugh. I thought I was back in the 70s watching TV, I half expected to see Karl Malden or Michael Douglas run across the screen. The smile it left with me for that episode as well as all the others just made the 10 hours of my life I dedicated to this all the more worth it. Nice taught "episodes". I even noticed things I didn't before when viewing previous edits of these as well as the originals. That's one thing I like about fan edits. Because they are different POVs on a title, they make you pay attention to see what's different. And as I have stated before I don't go techie on the edits. I am a fan and that's my POV. So overall from what I have seen.....really wanna see ep 7 guys....... All of these are well worth taking time to watch. And one thing I was reminded of is how Tarantino has his version of Sam Peckinpah violence. But without getting long winded on my popcorn scale of enjoyment as a collection I will give this (them) a double score of 10 out of 5. As always editors I thank you for your work and share

Addtional bit. I just finished watching Episode 7. And if I didn't already say it, sometimes your forget about some parts of a movie if it's been awhile since you last watched it. And yes I forgot some parts and things about this film. The biggest being don't have lunch while you're watching..lol. All I can say is another great episode. And as I said the way all of these are edited it makes you pay closer attention. And in this one I saw Austin Powers Father and a relative of Cliff Booth? I say this because these characters had so many similar lines and mannerisms of the latter characters. I wanna give these episodes a higher score on my popcorn scale but I think that would be over kill, just like Tarantino's use of violence in his films (wink wink). Again great work and I am looking forward to seeing what the Red Apple Crew have in store for us later this year. Now I gotta go find my lunch.... I lost it somewhere

User Review

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
Full disclosure, I acted in a "producing" role for this, offering up feedback and critiques while it was in production.

However, that was a very easy job, as all of these edits are great. This is a very fun way to see some fantastic movies in a new light. Technical work across the board is top notch, and all of the changes and removals were carefully considered and well done. Impressively, each edit keeps the soul of the film they're editing while also removing 50%+ of the runtime. I had a great time watching all of these, and a huge kudos to the editors for their work. I know what a process it was to get this all completed and organized, and it really couldn't have turned out better.
Report this review Comments (0) | Was this review helpful? 6 0