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Well I will say I write this without seeing episode 7 as it seems to have some minor issues and wasn't available to me. Other than that let me say I was waiting for the Quinn Martin production announcement. I started with episode 10 and when I heard the opening theme and saw the "series" opening, I must admit it made me laugh. I thought I was back in the 70s watching TV, I half expected to see Karl Malden or Michael Douglas run across the screen. The smile it left with me for that episode as well as all the others just made the 10 hours of my life I dedicated to this all the more worth it. Nice taught "episodes". I even noticed things I didn't before when viewing previous edits of these as well as the originals. That's one thing I like about fan edits. Because they are different POVs on a title, they make you pay attention to see what's different. And as I have stated before I don't go techie on the edits. I am a fan and that's my POV. So overall from what I have seen.....really wanna see ep 7 guys....... All of these are well worth taking time to watch. And one thing I was reminded of is how Tarantino has his version of Sam Peckinpah violence. But without getting long winded on my popcorn scale of enjoyment as a collection I will give this (them) a double score of 10 out of 5. As always editors I thank you for your work and share

Addtional bit. I just finished watching Episode 7. And if I didn't already say it, sometimes your forget about some parts of a movie if it's been awhile since you last watched it. And yes I forgot some parts and things about this film. The biggest being don't have lunch while you're All I can say is another great episode. And as I said the way all of these are edited it makes you pay closer attention. And in this one I saw Austin Powers Father and a relative of Cliff Booth? I say this because these characters had so many similar lines and mannerisms of the latter characters. I wanna give these episodes a higher score on my popcorn scale but I think that would be over kill, just like Tarantino's use of violence in his films (wink wink). Again great work and I am looking forward to seeing what the Red Apple Crew have in store for us later this year. Now I gotta go find my lunch.... I lost it somewhere

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