Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 'Faster, More Intense'

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 'Faster, More Intense'

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Brief Synopsis:
This edit takes many popular fan edits of the Phantom Menace and combines their best ideas into one "ultimate cut" of the film. It's the same story you remember but streamlined: with a quicker, lighter pace and no pointless distractions.
While The Phantom Menace is possibly the most fanedited film of all time, no one fanedit has ever fully satisfied me. I feel they all have their strengths and weaknesses, so I set out to make a cut that curates edits from various fanedits to match my vision for the film.
Additional Notes:
A specific emphasis was cutting down the opening "Act" of the film on Naboo as much as possible, so that we meet Anakin about the same time we met Luke in the original Star Wars. What once dragged on for quite a while now feels like an action-packed prologue. Other goals included improving characterization and plot progression across the board and finding an amount of JarJar that is tolerable without his silence becoming conspicuous.
Other Sources:
While some of the cuts were recreated by myself, I confess that most of them were cribbed directly from the source material: the original fanedits (with permission)

Fanedits used include:
Hal9000’s 'Cloak of Deception' (primary source)
l8wrtr’s 'Shadow of the Sith' (secondary source)
The Phantom Editor's 'The Phantom Edit' (audio only)
Special Thanks:
Mike Nichols (The Phantom Editor)
George Lucas
Lucasfilm and Disney
Release Information
Editing Details:
I've put an emphasis on matching the professionalism of the original edits I used as sources and wanted to make the film a suitable replacement for someone who has never seen the Phantom Menace before.
While I tried to improve the storytelling and characterization through editing, I did strive to keep everything relatively 'canonical' so you can watch other Star Wars media like The Clone Wars without skipping a beat.
Cuts and Additions:
(1) Hal9000 change
(2) L8wrtr change
(3) Phantom Editor change
(4) Seciors change
(5) Original change

(I’ve credited changes to Hal if they existed in his edit, even if they appeared in other edits first, since I used his edit as the primary video source for this project.)

- Light film grain added throughout, to counter the overapplication of DVNR on the BluRay source. (1)
- Replaced opening Logos and Fox Fanfare with “Force Awakens” style Lucasfilm Logo cold open. (5)
- New title crawl adapted from Hal9000’s to replace political exposition with menacing villainy (5)
- Removed Viceroy's line justifying his activity, as part of a larger attempt to transform the Neimoidians into more active villains. (1)
- Cut to the Neimoidians after Obi-Wans line "something elsewhere...elusive" to improve pacing and cut down unnecessary information. A new music transition accompanies this. (3)
- Trimmed various clunky or silly Neimoidian dialogue such as, "Are you brain dead?" (2)
- Trimmed Sidious' dialogue, removing concerns over legality. (1)
- Cut instruction for the battle droids to "destroy what's left of" the Jedi. (1)
- Removed all instances of battle droids speaking or gesturing to communicate with one another. They seem to all be on the same 'network.' (1)
- Trimmed Neimoidian cowardice during the fighting (2).
- Trimmed Viceroy's conversation with the Queen via viewscreen to downplay tedious political minutia and portray him as autonomous. (1)
- Removed broken english line "You think she suspect an attack?" (2)
- Cut Qui-Gons exclamation "Battle Droids!" since they had just been fighting Battle Droids (2)
- Cut Obi-Wan's joke about Negotiations (since the setup was cut) (2)
- Trimmed unnecessary dialogue during throne room scene. (1)
- Cut "I will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war" (4) and created a new, longer close up on the Queen using a seamless morph cut transition in Premiere Pro. (5)
- Removed Neimoidians addressing a battle droid as "captain." Again, if they are all on the same network, they would act as one mind. They are not referred to by rank. (1)
- Trimmed Jar Jar's dialogue during his introduction. (1)
- Removed the entire underwater trip to Otah Gungah, along with the tedious Sidious scene caught in the middle. (1)
- Removed scene descending the steps inside the palace discussing political exposition that we get again later. (1)
- Removed alleyway scene where the characters deliver exposition to one another that the audience already knows. Cut a JarJar line in the process. (3)
- Cut Qui-Gon's line that dismisses the battle droids as unimportant. (1)
- Cut "Either choice presents grave danger" "We are brave your highness" It was an awkward exchange (2)
- Tightened Qui-Gon's knock-knock joke with the battle droid, now Qui-Gon cuts the droid off mid-sentence, reminiscent of the "boring conversation anyway" moment in A New Hope (3)
- Removed Jar Jar's antics in the droid bay. Jar Jar throughout is portrayed as more of an everyman than a clown. (1)
- Dialogue trimmed throughout escape from the blockade. (1)
- Removed the Queen personally thanking R2-D2 by name. (1)
- Also removed line "he is to be commended" (5)
- Removed JarJar’s quip about the sun's effect on his skin (2)
- Removed line, "No more commands from her highness today." (1)
- Removed Jar Jar's stepping in poop antic. (1)
- New subtitles with similar dialogue throughout, formatted to match the theatrical version. (1)
- Drastically reduced Jar Jar's antics in Watto's shop. Added noises of him causing a ruckus in the background in order to remove it happen onscreen. (1)
- Removed JarJar going the wrong way out the door (3)
- Trimmed Anakin and Padme's conversation. (1)
- Also removed line about Angels being "the most beeaauuutiful creatures in the universe" (5)
- Removed Watto's line that implies he was immune to the Jedi mind trick merely because of his species. (1)
- Removed several instances of the line, "Yipee" throughout the film by various children. (1)
- Cut down Jarjar's "No again, no again" diatribe but kept joke about them having nothing of value (3)
- Removed Jar Jar's handful of, "Muy muy" lines. (1)
- Removed cartoony sound effect of the frog thing flying through the air as Jar Jar spits it out. (1)
- Trimmed Jar Jar and Anakin during the introduction scene for Sebulba. (1)
- Further removed JarJar's whistling and "acting natural" (5)
- Trimmed Anakin's line as he invites them to his home. (1)
- Trimmed entrance to the Skywalker home, including some of the lines about Threepio. Anakin doesn't state that he is "building" him. A small change, but it allows for the idea that Anakin is merely repairing a previously abandoned Threepio. (1)
- Dinner scene has been trimmed, including mention of slave transmitters, Jar Jar antics with the fruit, and bad child acting. (1)
- Further trimmed bad child acting and JarJar's "moolah" line . (2)
- Removed Padme's line "Well I don't approve" (2)
- Trimmed bad child acting during scene convincing Watto to work a bet with Qui-Gon. (1)
- Trimmed Watto’s dialogue about the ship being a Nubian, since he already said it in a past scene. (4)
- Cut down scene of Anakin and friends working on the pod. (2)
- Removed balcony scene where Qui-Gon checks Anakin's blood. Anakin's racing/"piloting" skills are what prompt Qui-Gon to recruit him, rather than a blood test. (1)
- Cut down but didn't remove JarJar's reaction to Sebulba, who no longer sucks his toes. (5)
- Removed Jar Jar's grin after Qui-Gon tosses the chance cube. (1)
- Cut conversation about Anakin never having won a race. (1)
- Trimmed introduction to the racers to focus on Sebulba and Anakin. (1)
- Further trims to remove visual of Fode and Beed, the podrace announcers. (5)
- Cut Sebulba blowing kisses to the audience. (5)
- Cut pack animal farting in Jar Jar's face. (1)
- Removed Anakin's conversation with his mother, with a new music transition from the flag parade to Sebulba sabotaging Anakin's pod. (3)
- Altered Sebulba and Anakin's conversation to be less juvenile. (1)
- Trimmed podracers' engines startup sequence. (1)
- Cut CGI Jabba the Hutt. (1)
- Two-headed announcer removed throughout, (5) along with various other goofy humor during the podrace. (1)
- Cut Obi-Wans line about “picking up another pathetic life-form”. (2)
- Trimmed bad child acting during scene where Anakin discovers he has been freed. (2)
- Significantly cut down farewell to 3PO. (5)
- Trimmed farewell to Shmi. (1)
- Added deleted probe droid scene to explain why Qui-Gon and Anakin are running to the ship. This scene was color corrected to remove pink tint and better match the surrounding footage. (1)
- Removed Anakin's line, "Qui-Gon, sir, wait, I'm tired!" (1)
- Cut Qui-Gon's line, "Tell them to take off!" Anakin doesn't tell them anyway. (1)
- Cut Anakin's interjection "What are we gonna do about it!" and Qui-Gon's response. (2)
- Removed scene on Naboo where the Viceroy sits on his walking throne because it references the excised underwater trip to Otah Gungah. (1)
- Lessened Jar Jar's presence in the scene between Anakin and Padme en route to Coruscant.(1)
- Slightly trimmed Padme’s explanation to Anakin about the Queen’s worries. Kept necklace. (5)
- Cut out “the entire planet is one big city” line (1)
- Removed Padme calling for Anakin on the landing platform. (1)
- Removed Anakin's unassured statement about hopefully starting his training. (1)
- The Senate scene begins with the Queen's address. (3)
- Removed a reference during the Senate scene to the taxation of trade routes, to comply with the revised opening of the film. (1)
- Cut Anakin's verbal reactions during the scene where the council tests him. Reused and shifted footage to give him more facial reactions. (3)
- Removed dialogue about Anakin being too old to be trained (1)
- Cut dialogue about the Jedi Code forbidding more than one apprentice. (1)
- Removed line, "This may be the clue we need to unravel the mystery of the Sith." This is never expounded upon. (1)
- Removed all references to Midichlorians. (1)
- Removed scene where Obi-Wan apologizes to Qui-Gon and Jar Jar emerges from the swamp. (1)
- Trimmed scene between the Naboo and Boss Nass, including Jar Jar's hesitancy and cowering. (1)
- Further trims to remove Boss Nass's blubbering and awkward vocalizations. (5)
- Removed JarJar's promotion to general with no qualifications. (3)
- Trimmed the battle planning scene, making Padmé less verbose. (1)
- Significantly reduced Jar Jar's antics throughout the battle, though he does appear during each Gungan battle sequence because he is the audience's only anchor. (5)
- Replaced Padme's line "get to your ships" with a more natural version delivered by Natalie Portman in one of the trailers. (3)
- Anakin gets into a cockpit and leaps into action in order to help the Queen, and intentionally flies up into the space battle. (1)
- Removed grappling gun sequence. (2)
- Battle sequences restructured slightly to allow for Anakin to save the day rather than Padme. Originally, Anakin's actions were redundant after Padme captured the Viceroy. (2)
- Trimmed most of Anakin's dialogue in space and some other bits here and there. (2)
- Obi-Wan now leaps at Maul much more quickly, giving him less time to react. (2)
- Qui-Gon's last words are trimmed to remove heavy-handed request for Obi-Wan to train Anakin, allowing Obi-Wan to "take it upon [him]self to train [Anakin] as a Jedi." (1)
- Trimmed Obi-Wan's conversation with Yoda to imply that Obi-Wan wants to train Anakin himself, rather than to fulfill a promise to Qui-Gon. (1)
- Trimmed the final celebration scene slightly. (1)
- Reordered some of the final shots of the film so that Padme smiles at Anakin, he smiles back and then Obi-Wan looks away worriedly, foreshadowing the events of Episode II. (5)

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This is a great edit! All that needs to be there (to make a decent, cohesive movie) is there. All of the fat has been trimmed. The movie no longer taps the brakes any more, now it fearlessly moves forward. Sure, Jar Jar's still there, but he doesn't annoy the viewer (nearly as much anyway, I still hate having to look at him). I have to say, the editor made some wise decisions.
Highly recommended. Very good work!

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This is the best edit I've seen so far of EP I. I absolutely recommend it =). You were able to bring out the best of all the other edits (my congrats to the other editors, which I esteem and like their works as well).

- The senate audition should have remained untouched because the original is very good, more formal and bureaucratic, further demonstrating the corruption and stalling of the senate's bureaucrats and would avoid that in one frame we see Mas Amedda and Sei Taria seated and suddenly in the next frame Amidala appears (too fast) and they are on their feet.
- You should have left Amidala's confrontation with Nute Gunray untouched. When we see them again Amidala and their soldiers suddenly defeated the droids. It was trimmed too much, I think.

The rest is perfect. Unless Adywan comes up with something better, this will be my "how it should be" version of EP I. =)
Good work friend =).

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The best Episode 1 edit I've seen.

I had previously attempted to do this very thing, as I could not choose between the work of Hal9000, L8WRTR, and Q2. I was pretty happy with what I had, but octoroxx has done what I tried, only better. This edit combines all the best ideas already out there, with a few new changes by octoroxx.

Definitely my new go-to for The Phantom Menace.

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