Spider-Man: Far From Home - Elemental Expansion Edition

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Spider-Man: Far From Home - Elemental Expansion Edition
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I think Nick Fury just extended our summer vacation.
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The Elemental Expansion Edition aims to create the longest possible cut with footage taken from trailers, TV Spots and the Blu-Ray bonus scenes.

This cut adds 11 new scenes, shots and lines, expanding the runtime with 7 new minutes of footage, as well as restructing the ending of the film for a more fluid finale, with the mid-credits now being attached to the rest of the film.

I wanted to create the longest watchable cut of Far From Home, and include all the extra material that I could from the trailers and Blu-Ray as I loved macmilln's cut, but missed some of the other unused scenes. As well as the mid credits scene annoying the hell out of me, it was something simple I could fix too, so I sought to create my own Expansion Edition. edited to my own liking.
Other Sources:
Spider-Man Far From Home Blu-Ray: For the film, To-Do List and bonus deleted scenes
Official Teaser Trailer, International Teaser Trailer and the Official Trailer - For the extra shots and lines that weren't on the Blu-Ray
Spider-Man: Far from Home (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Just for the "Swinging Set" track to bridge the new ending together
The Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Special Thanks:
macmilln for creating his own amazing Farther From Home and letting me borrow a few sound clips
Motleys Fanedits for coming up with the name
Release Information
Special Features
- Spider Bits and Bites: Unused Deleted Scenes and Shots
Editing Details:
I did use macmilln's own Farther From Home for a few little audio transitions as he made his edit wonderfully.
I recut the "To-Do List" as it's restructed in the same vein as the official theatrical Extended Cut, rather than the Blu-Ray, and also includes a new shot of Peter grabbing the mini toothpaste that Aunt May mentions later on. It was in the trailer and the offical EC yet not the BR. The entire sequence is just shifted around slightly and has the notebook interludes removed.
Another scene that wasn't used was Beck creating a false energy reading for Fury to detect that replicates the other Elementals. The CG isn't 100% there, but I feel it's alright. This was included in the official EC, but had finished effects. Why they didn't just put that version on the BR is beyond me.
A few short shots and lines are also borrowed from trailers and TV spots for good measure.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added Peter's "To-Do List"" sequence and re-editing it according to the theatrical Extended Cut of the film.
- Alternate angle of Peter shutting his closet after he looks at his suit
- Added Peter saying "No banana, great" after the customs officer pulls out the fruit
- Two Alternate Angles when the class are discussing Mysterio
- Replaced one of Flash's lines about Spider-Man in the same scene
- Added extra reaction shot from Peter regarding the dickwad line
- Added Fury saying "Let's go for a ride" before him and Peter leave for the gondola
- Added Peter's class looking at some stuff at a shop when Peter stops to get the Night Monkey suit
- Added Beck talking to some hired extras and turning on a device to replicate an Elemental energy surge to trick Fury
- Added Peter and MJ falling asleep on each other on the plane back
- Edited the mid credits scene onto the end of the movie so that Peter says "what the fu..." before the credits music kicks in, similar to Homecoming
- Moved end-credits scene with Fury to the mid-credits
- New post credits scene

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A strong extended cut which improves upon the original.
I was not a huge fan of the theatrical cut of Far From Home. I felt that the first hour or so was too much of a high-school drama, focused on the uninteresting bits of school life. I think that Bobson's decision to include the deleted To-Do List scene adds a lot to that first hour. I appreciate the extra-thought that went into removing the notebook interludes - while they served a comedic function, their removal helped with immersion into the edit.
The editing was perfect here - scenes were extended and integrated seamlessly, and that too boosted enjoyment.

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