Man of Steel: An Ideal of Hope

Man of Steel: An Ideal of Hope

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Man of Steel: An Ideal of Hope
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By adding the most important segments from "Batman v Superman", like the Capitol subplot, which here is a crucial part of the story, this Fan Edit not only achieves to answer the question of "How would earth react to Superman?", but to strengthen Clark's inner struggle about being the planet's hero before facing the ultimate challenge that would make him earth's "Ideal of Hope", reaching the positive and inspiring feeling that "Man of Steel" has always tried to accomplish.
The second film explores the debate and reactions of people to Superman's existence, and our hero experiences the good and bad sides of humankind to the point where he has to choose between hanging his cape or continuing his original purpose. I found this really intriguing, but felt it didn't belong to a sequel. By obligation, this HAD to be in the first one and HAD to be developed before facing a gigantic battle against powerful Kryptonians to justify all this dilemma, and I believed it was the missing piece to really complete Clark Kent's Journey. That's how I envisioned "Man of Steel" when it was released, and It's exactly what I intended to achieve in this Fan Edit.
Other Sources:
Films and ads used:
- Batman v Superman ads
- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition
- Deepwater Horizon
- San Andreas
- Prisoners
- Deep Impact
- Eagle Eye
Special Thanks:
Thank you very much to all of you for your support and your wonderful suggestions. I would not feel as proud of this project without you:

Canon Editor
Release Information
Special Features
- Clark's origin story is told in chonological order, simultaneously with Krypton's fate. "Memento" style.
- Superman's first appearence to the world is in Africa, where the debate about the impact of his existence begins.
- The Oil Rig sequence had to be modifiied with scenes from Deepwater Horizon to justify all the Capitol plot point.
- No romance between Clark and Lois.
- Extended ending to give the feeling of hope, using footage from different ads, and films, like San Andreas, Deja Vu, Deep Impact and Prisoners.
Editing Details:
Adobe Premiere was used to edit. I went through a lot of small, but important sound modifications to accomplish the perfect transitions between one and other scene in 5.1 audio. I believe it's my most complex work to date.
Cuts and Additions:
Clark's journey from child to adulthood is shown in chronological order, simultaneously with the most important points from Krypton's fate (Jor-El planning to send Kal to earth). This is an artistic decision inspired by the film Memento. It also allows a more dynamic pace.

- Added the Man of Steel Logo at the beginning.
- Jonathan Kent's answer ("maybe") about letting the bus kids die is barely heard. Like a whisper.
- Jonathan dies crushed by a car during the tornado scene. Based on an idea by TM2YC.
- The bar scene was used as the point where Clark begins his quest to discover where does he come from.
- No truck destroyed.

Scenes from "Deepwater Horizon" were used to make feel more complete the whole Oil Rig incident. It's also the starting point for the whole conflict that will justify the segments from Batman v Superman: Wallace Keefe blames Superman for not saving him in the Oil Rig.

- Colors were graded to match the ones from Man of Steel
- The sequence was trimmed because it was too long. As well as Mark Whalberg and John Malkovich were cut.
- Wallace Keefe in pain for his legs audio was used to make emphasys it's him in a "shadowy" scene.
- The song that appears when Clark comes out of the water was replaced with score by Hans Zimmer.
- Clark sees a Coast Guard helicopter instead of a bus. It reminds him he saved the Oil Rig workers.

The story of Krypton told by Jor-El is complemented by the bits not used in the earlier scenes, so they look like flashbacks. This will fill all the holes with the necessary information not present in the first 20 minutes.

- Jor-El's narration now is used mostly as voice over.
- All the music was changed and re arranged to fit the new editing.

Clark’s first flight doesn’t have all the jumping stuff, but we see how he actually struggles discovering he can now fly.

- Jor-El doesn’t explain now about the sun’s effect in Clark. I left that for later. We only hear “You’ve grown stronger here than I’ve ever could have imagined” followed by the “Ideal of hope” speech.
- Music and sound effects were all re arranged to fit the new editing

Lois investigation doesn’t have voice over narration. Tried to keep it, but whatever I did, it didn’t fit well.

- To keep in continuity, Martha mentioning Lois going to Kent farm was cut, as this is the scene that happens after the first flight.
- It is not shown Pa Kent’s death again in the graveyard, but we can assume Clark told the important stuff to Lois: “Where are you from? What are you doing here (on earth)?”
- A flashback of Jonathan appears when Clark says about his father thinking of people not being ready for someone like Superman.

Superman’s first “official” heroic act is in Africa, from Batman v Superman. Some elements were taken out to fit the tone and what’s relevant to the direction

- It was used as base the “Ultimate Edition” version of this scene, but was trimmed to not make it so long.
- The special bullet in Lois book was cut because her investigation about it doesn’t happen here.
- The African general lines about Superman’s arrival are cut, as in my version he doesn’t know about him yet. Now it looks like he’s frozen and is surprised.
- People being burnt by Luthor’s men was also cut. The whole point is to make this scene look like an heroic act, not a tragedy. So now, the lady in the capitol complaining about Superman’s is taken out.

The heroic montage then happens. This is where the whole debate of the world about his existence starts, developing the most important aspect.

- Replaced the image of Superman’s statue with his “S” logo when Woodburn is giving his opinion.
- Clark watching the news was replaced with Lois, because it would not make sense him to have a big LCD tv when he’s a humble farmer. Still, Lois’ reaction is important here.

The conflict in the Capitol then takes place: Keefe wants to kill Superman in the meeting for not saving him in the Oil Rig, and it’s the moment where Clark intends to show the world his good intentions, but fails. This causes to lose his faith in humankind, and humankind to lose faith in him, branding him as dangerous and a fraud.

- Keefe asks Senator Finch to see Superman simultaneously with scenes from the oil rig as flashbacks.
- Shots were re escalated to hide Superman’s statue in the capitol, when Finch makes the public announcement.
- Added a shot of the Capitol from “Eagle eye” and a rain filter. Colors were desaturated to match the film and extra were put sound effects.
- Bruce Wayne was taken out because he’s not part of this story.
- Luthor’s piss in a jar was cut. Explosion happens a bit after the speech in the Capitol.
- Clark tells Lois the meaning of the “S” symbol after the explosion. This makes stronger the whole struggle he’s going through: He’s the last of his kind and there’s no hope in the planet.

Zod mentioning Clark hiding his existence in the message was cut because he was already exposed to the world. The ultimate challenge to prove the people of earth he can do good is upon him.

Clark’s going to have an inner dilemma, about giving the planet another chance, or not doing anything for it, not mentioning how he feels guilty for not being able to save that people in the Capitol. This is where he goes to the mountains for a moment of solitude, where he listens Pa Kent’s story that would make him go back to face Zod.

- "The fate of your planet rests in your hands" is heard with reverb when Clark goes to the mountains.
- Cut part of the scene with Spanish speaking people of the mountain, as I thought silence has more impact.

Battle of Smallville was left intact, as over time, I feel the action scenes are the strongest points of the film.

- Cut Lois and Clark staring at each other after he saved her. In this version, Lois is a good friend and ally of Supes, not her love interest.
- Cut Martha saying “go to hell” to Zod. 5 years later and I still think it’s a silly line.
- Cut the soldiers mentioning “the guy in blue”, because by this point they all know Supes
- Cut Martha saying “nice suit, son”. She already saw him with the suit.

Battle of Metropolis was a little bit trimmed to make more emphasys on Clark destroying the World Engine.

- Perry, Jenny and Lombard are present, but have less screen time. We still see them in the catastrophe.
- Superman coughing was taken out.
- Some scenes were re arranged because of the trimming
- Shots of Jenny being trapped while Clark destroys the World Engine were replaced with people running away in panic.
- Added Jor-El’s voice over about the effects of Earth’s sun in Superman when he’s trying to get up after destroying the World Engine.

Zod and Faora attempting to stop Colonel Hardy of opening the Phantom Zone is edited as they are attacking at the same time.

We see a flashback montage of all good and bad moments in earth before Clark decides to save them all. This was thought to not make him sound like a douche when he says “Krypton had it’s chance”, but to streghten his last moment of doubt before taking the right choice. Do you all remember “Wonder Woman” when she was about to kill Dr. Poison? Something similar, but I thought about it way before the film was released xD.

Clark and Lois kiss was cut, as they are not in love in this version.

Zod trying to kill the random people with his laser eyes was modified to not make them look like idiots who had time and space to escape. Now it looks like the laser didn’t even give them time to think about anything.

A whole new sequence created with shots from “San Andreas”, “Déjà vu”, “Prisoners” and “Deep Impact”, where the president of the United States (portrayed by Morgan Freeman) gives a speech of hope.

- Colors were desaturated and degraded to make it look like a sunny afternoon
- Sound and music was remixed to fit all the scene.

An extended but hopeful ending, where people of earth finally accept Superman as their savior and hero.

- Colors were degraded and desaturated to match the rest.
- Cut all the “What are you gonna do when you are not saving the world?” lines and replaced them with Pa Kent’s and Jor-El voice overs about Clark’s purpose on earth.
- Shots from Batman v Superman ads were added to show the city restored.
- "An Ideal of Hope" subtitle appears under “Man of Steel” at the end.
- My name after the credits was added.

(Length: 2 hours and 31 minutes. 2 hours and 21 minutes without credits.)
Cover art by samspider3 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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In an attempt to better balance out the themes and messages behind Snyder's vision, samspider3 has taken a unique approach to the first outing for the DCEU's take on the man of steel. Throwing in essential story beats from Batman v Superman and stitching it together with bits from a different movie (with a similar incident) to create a whole new element that weaves in and out of the existing MOS footage, giving us a world reacting to this stranger from another world in thier midst, but divorced from the convoluted scheming of Lex Luthor or the quasi-murderous intent of the Batman. Minimizing the romantic elements for Lois and Clark does not diminish their bond either.

This edit captures the essential essence of fan mixing and really is what fanediting is all about.

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