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I'll start this off by saying I'm a huge fan of the original movie, even though I agree with the majority of the criticism that's been thrown around. Which is why I was very excited to check this edit out. As I was reading through all the changes, it sounded like it fixes everything wrong with the movie while simultaneously introducing new elements that elevate the narrative. Well, now that I've seen it, does it actually do so? Kinda.
The first act is probably the one that suffered the most changes. I really enjoyed the new order of the scenes as it allowed for some interesting juxtaposition. However, this act also has my two least favourite scenes: the oil rig and the Africa ones. Firstly, the additions to the oil rig sequence were a bit jarring and I feel like it didn't make any sense to show who is implied to be Keefe being dragged to safety after the entire rig collapses on Clark. It would have been better if this was either added before Clark rescues the workers or just removed entirely from this scene since we see it again later in the movie and it works much better with that later scene. Secondly, just the cut to the Africa scene is so jarring. We see Lois in Smallville talking with Clark at his dad's grave and then we immediately cut to her being in Africa with not Jimmy Olsen. Additionally, seeing KJ Beast shoot up the mercenaries was again weird because that whole subplot is removed.
After those two though comes probably my favourite part of the edit - the Capitol subplot. I love its addition to the story and I believe it exponentially strengthens the themes of this movie.
The only other thing that's left to talk about is the last quarter of the edit; it's the only part from the rest of it that has any significant changes. And some of them unfortunately don't work. Cutting Perry and co. from the Metropolis attack removes a lot of the suspense from the first half of the fight. On a brighter note though, I really liked the new and extended ending.
Overall I'd say that despite introducing new problems in an of itself this edit is really good. It might've sounded like I didn't like it throughout this review but I genuinely enjoyed my time with it and would definitely recommend it to others.

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