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Man of Steel: An Ideal of Hope
March 03, 2018    
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This was an edit I remember being really excited about when it was first announced, and I loved the redone clips I saw on the idea thread. Sadly, the product as a whole didn't really work for me.

First off, a lot of what Billy Batson said about the oil rig scene was true (too much conflicting imagery, not sure why certain things are happening), and while I likes the BvS portion, it did feel like it went as quickly as it came. What would help would be if Lois investigations bringing her to Smallville came after the Nairomi scene, just so the audience feels that the world knows Superman a little longer. Also, would keep the oil rig flashbacks while Wallace is in his apartment, not in the senator's office.

Aside from that, there's not enough footage to do a chronological view of Clark's life without feeling too short, disjointed, and repetitive. It also hurts other scenes, because Clark just tells Lois not to publish the story because his dad said no and she just goes along with it.

One positive thing I can say though is that all the ideas to flesh the world out show that they can be done though, especially with that new ending, where it really works. I can say that alone is reason enough to recommend the edit.

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