Justice League: The Ultimate Edition

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A.K.A. The version that nobody asked for

I used Zack Snyder’s Justice League as the base, with scenes from Joss Whedon’s Justice League and some scenes and ideas from Wakeupkeo’s "Rise of the Motherboxes" to make a slightly extended, but also trimmed version of Zack Snyder's Justice League.
The idea here started as only an experiment, as an extended version of ZSJL. With everyone making trimmed versions of this movie I wondered “why not an extended version?” Well the “why not” is because it is soooo long, but anywho… I initially only ADDED scenes from Josstice League. Then the idea shifted from “hey, let’s make the longest version of this possible” to “I think I can make something actually pretty good here.” So, I then went back through and removed some of the scenes I added and even removed some stuff from ZSJL. Then Wakeupkeo released his version, and some of my Josstice scenes were much better in his version, because he integrated scenes from both versions together very well, so I went through and swapped some scenes out with his. The result is this, a slightly extended, slightly trimmed version of ZSJL, that is actually pretty good.
Other Sources:
Justice League 2017, Justice League: Rise of the Motherboxes by Wakeupkeo
Special Thanks:
Big thanks to Wakeupkeo for his great edit and allowing me to use some of it in my edit!
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These changes are from memory and me running through my timeline the best I could. This project has evolved and changed three times. The first time was probably over two years ago-ish (probably a few months after it came out), second time was right after Wakeupkeo released Rise of the Motherboxes and third time was here recently. So this list may not be 100% accurate, but it’s close.

-Reframed entire ZSJL shot by shot to 16:9.
-Any Josstice League footage used was color corrected to match ZSJL as best I could (they are vastly different).
Wakeupkeo’s Rise of the Motherboxes scenes that were used were color corrected to match ZSJL (this was easy since Wakeupkeo did have it very close).
-2:30 – Added new title “Zack Snyder’s Justice League: Ultimate Edition”. I used this title to mimic BvS Ultimate Edition.
-11:40 – Used the Arthur and Bruce conversation from Josstice League. It had a little humor that I feel is lacking in ZSJL.
-13:22 – Trimmed (but didn’t remove completely) the singing by the Icelandic women.
-39:30 – Used the conversation between Silas and the janitor from Josstice League.
-47:00 – Added Silas’ line from Josstice League “You are not a monster”, idea borrowed from Wakeupkeo.
-58:24 – Added the burglar scene from Josstice League.*
-1:00:40 – Added Victor discovering Batman’s identity.*
-1:01:22 – Added dialogue about the car alarm sound.* *These three adds are from a scene from Wakeupkeo’s Rise of the Motherboxes.
-1:30:22 – Added Barry’s arrival at the jail to visit his father. The scene where Barry draws on the guy’s face. More humor that I feel is lacking in -ZSJL. And actually, this one scene was the main reason for this edit. I like it and it was missed in ZSJL.
-1:38:30 – Used the version of Diana talking to Cyborg from Josstice League. Idea borrowed from Wakeupkeo.
-1:57:00 – Used Wakeupkeo’s entire battle at Striker’s Island. He did such a great job with this, with the music and all. Great work.
-After Striker’s Island, used both ZSJL and Josstice League’s versions of the aftermath. There is one shot repeated, a shot of a helicopter flying over and Batman standing there. I think it is fine, they are broken up by a scene of Steppenwolf and one would think there are multiple helicopters flying around anyway.
-2:14:00 – Mixed footage from ZSJL, Josstice League and Wakeupkeo’s Rise of the Motherboxes for the arrival back at the hangar and the discussion in the hangar.
-2:19:41 – Added scene of Bruce and Alfred in the den from Wakeupkeo’s Rise of the Motherboxes. I had added this scene myself before, but the way Keo edited it was better.
-2:22:34 – Removed Martian Manhunter from the scene with Martha and Lois.
-3:02:06 – Added Bruce and Diana’s talk from Josstice League.
-3:10:42 – Trimmed a shot of Alfred at home having a drink. He still has the drink, but you cannot see he is at home. Being at home conflicts with other scenes of him talking to Batman on the comms and activating the car alarm sound. Plus, why would he just be at home with all of this going on?
-3:17:12 – The end battle. Used a couple shots from Wakeupkeo’s Rise of the Motherboxes to add the car alarm sounds, but mostly unchanged from the ZSJL version otherwise.
-3:23:08 – Superman’s talk with Alfred. Trimmed around Alfred being at home working on a car, so hopefully it appears they are at the hanger. Again, conflicts with other scenes.
-3:56:17 – Removed the entire Martian Manhunter scene. So now Bruce wakes from his nightmare and the screen goes black, then credits.
-4:04:35 – Added “Ultimate Edition” to end title.
-4:04:36 – Flash and Superman race, used scene from Wakeupkeo’s Rise of the Motherboxes because he trimmed around Superman’s face pretty good. The CGI mustache removal is not too noticeable. I originally had this scene in my version in full, but Keo’s was better edited.
-4:05:03 – Added credits - Edited by me and credit to Wakeupkeo.

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Amazing. Going to be one of my go to versions when I rewatch ZSJL. The JWJL scenes were edited perfectly into the film. WakeupKeo's scenes were used perfectly too. The only problem was the jump from the singing girl, to Martha's scene where the song abruptly changes to the end of the song. Otherwise it's perfect. Well done!! Cheers mate!

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Owner's reply August 15, 2023

Thank you for the great review!
In regards to your one criticism, I toyed with that a lot, but in the end that is where I liked it the best. The music changes when the scene changes. I think it is one of things that one hears because they are used to hearing it the other way. And if they had never heard it the other way, they wouldn't notice the change.

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