In the Spotlight: FE Quality

A fanedit in the very basic sense is any kind of alteration to media done by a fan. Here on there are specific rules though as to which fanedits may be indexed on the site: showcases edited movies that are significantly different than the original film. The word significant is of course open to interpretation, but it is basically meant as a guideline for changes that truly alter the watching experience. The rule exists most of all to not allow original movies and especially to condemn piracy.


Many people create fanedits because they are annoyed by minor details or characters (e.g., Jar Jar Binks) or by plot development. The digital age has allowed movies to be easily edited by amateurs, and many basic tools are available for free (we even compiled a list of important tools here). Most people create fanedits for themselves, which also means that they can easily forgive inconsistencies or technical flaws of any kind. But that is not what is about.  Our website strives to list only quality works that can be enjoyed by a wider audience. To accomplish that goal, the edits need to be executed beyond the basic amateur level. As such, a faneditor needs devotion, care, patience, technological knowledge and creativity. The goal is to create a new, professional and entertaining movie that an audience can enjoy.

To achieve a level of quality-control, has developed a review system that is managed by a small group of experienced and devoted editors, which we call The Academy. Each new editor has to have their initial edit approved before they can have their works indexed on IFDb (the Internet Fanedit Database). The Academy assesses the overall quality of edits in terms of technical execution and plot.  By establishing a quality threshold, we hope to promote the art of fanediting, make it attractive to an audience, and motivate faneditors to take real care of their projects.  Once new editors are approved they are free to contribute fanedits without going through the Academy review process.

Here are some examples of technical flaws that may result in an edit not passing the Academy review process:



If there are concerns with any aspects of a submitted edit, The Academy will provide detailed notes as to what issues/aspects are of concern. Editors should then utilize the tech section of our forums for any advice/tips etc. needed to address the issues outlined by the Academy reviewer. Depending on the reviewer’s schedule they may offer to provide some technical advise/guidance, but that is not part of the official function of The Academy so please do not be offended if they are not able to provide such assistance.