Hobbit Part 2: An Adventure's End, The

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Brief Synopsis:
To create two Hobbit movies I would want to watch over and over as a TRUE prequel to The Lord of the Rings
When I watched the original movies, I found myself editing in my head as I watched. I wanted toremove the padding and invention, change the tone to feel like The Lord of the Rings and improve all the characters and plotting.
Additional Notes:
Generic Cutlist: - Deleted entire Prologue with Older Bilbo - Most of the Dwarves dinner antics are cut; only a few minor moments remain - All characters are significantly more serious throughout - There are no children in these edits - Azog is not under the orders of Sauron/Necromancer except in the TOLKIEN edit - Radaghast is removed in the FOLIO and BOOK edits, and retained but made more serious in the tOLKIEN edit. - The White Council scene in Rivendell is reworked for the 3 edits in different ways, with no forshadowing in the FOLIO edit. LOTR Continutuity error of Sauraon with/without a ring, corrected. - Rock Giants are removed. - Goblin tunnels are heavily re worked, but most of Gollum's scenes are retained, except for the FOLIO edit, where the Goblin tunnels sequence is split and about a minute of Gollum is deleted. Pine cones GONE (yes it is in the book, but the CGI is questionable and its too dramatic a sequence for the middle of film one and my edits de-emphasizes Azog significantly. Also, If Gandalf can summon the eagles who do his bidding, WHY NOT FLY ALL THE WAY TO EREBOR!!!!! - Most of Bilbo's struggling with how the Ring is changing him is toned down. - Tauriel briefly appears on screen twice and is just another elf. - Legolas appears twice, and though named, is also just another elf. - The Barrel sequence is significantly re-worked removing the orcs COMPLETELY (based on Spence's edit) - Bard's family is completely removed as are the references to the prophecy. - Alfrid only appears in one shot, has no lines of dialogue. - The mayor of laketown only appears twice, with minimal lines of dialogue to further the story. - Dol Goldur is de-emphasised.
Other Sources:
LOTR and HOBBIT Complete Score CDs
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  • Blu-Ray
Editing Details:
Does anyone want yet another Hobbit Edit?

I made these edits cold, not having viewed any other edits. It took nearly 4 years and 1500 changes completed in 2017.
I started by stripping back to the book and re arranging some stuff including removing the prologue completely (not the first person to do that). But I hadn't at that point watched anyone else edit. I ended up with 3 versions, the Book edit, the Flio edit and the Tolkien edit running 3hr, 3.5rs and 5 hours respectively.
I then took my preferred 5 hr and chopped in two respecting the original break point the GdT has spoken of.
I then watched a few of the edits out there last year. There are some which are very good. Mine differ beacuase made a lot of micro edits that clean up character and performance. Mine do have non book elements, but none that are inconsistent with the books or the narrative. There are so many tweaks, new flashbacks, new openings and endings to both films and so much more.
Below is the very high level cut list..VERY HIGH LEVEL since there are 1500 changes overall (fully listed).
Cuts and Additions:
Tolkien Edit is Parts 1 & 2 as a 5 hour moview. The Book Edit reduces forshadowing and runs 4 hrs. The Folio Edit is Pure to the Novel (and is 3.5 hrs). Book and Folio Edits are not available at this time (but if there is demand.....)
0001 MGM Lion and WB log changed to Sepia
0002 MGM Lion roar, resourced to accommodate that the opening has new sound effects
0003 All opening credit text "NEW LINECINEMA" and "WINGNUT" etc. re-created using a new font
0004 Custom Middle Earth Map pan and zoom added
0005 Bilbo's voiceover line "it began long ago", extracted and added
0006 Custom CAPTION of "BREE" added to appear to leap from the map
0007 "Prologue" caption added
0008 Entire Prologue from H1T/X Deleted though some shots are used to create context relevant identical flashbacks later in all 3 edits
0009 Prologue from H2X used here, but modified AND RUNS DIFFERENTLY IN ALL 3 VERSIONS DUE TO DIFFERING PLOTS THREAD no being present in all edits
0010 Peter Jackson's cameo is removed
0011 Entry to The Prancing Pony is trimmed to varying lengths across all 3 versions
0013 Thorins exchange with Gandalf is trimmed to varying lengths across all 3 versions
0018 The Flashback to Moria is removed from the Folio edit, and trimmed to varying lengths across the BE TE
0019 BE relocates Thrains pledge and warning to Thorin to the later flashback Balin given to Bilbo, and the beheading clos up is removed and relocated similarly
0024 TE only relocated the Thror decapitation close up
0029 In the Folio edit The Gandalf/Thorin discussion is shorter than the BE TE
0034 Pale Halo Vignette surround added to the Moria flashback in the BE TE
0038 The Beheaded head foley is replaced in the TE and the bouncing head removed from the BE and relocated to the later Balin recollection of the same event
0041 The Opening Title "The Hobbit" is newly made
0042 The opening sequence where Bilbo strikes a match and walks down the corridor has complete new audio build to accommodate re-scoring
0047 Isolated Bilbo voiceover is used to narrate opening
0046 Bilbo looking at himself and contemplating the past is completely rebuilt to accommodate scoring change and voice over changes
0062 Caption "Chapter 1: An Unexpected Party" added
0063 Opening stroll through Hobbiton, shortened
0071 There is no vocal interaction between Bilbo and any other Hobbit
0067 The whole nonsense with the Grey cushion is removed, a few shots are retained
0081 All interaction with Frodo is removed, though a few Bilbo shots were retained for use elsewhere
0077 Bilbo's first meeting with Gandalf is significantly re-edited with no captions
0095 A number of Bilbo's double takes and twitches are removed as are a number of redundant and clumsy lines
0102 The arrival of Dwalin is shortened and his manners at the table tidied up somewhat
0096 The arrival of Fili and Kill is shorter and comedic elements removed
0114 The arrival of Balin is trimmed and the head-butt with Dwalin removed
0117 All material of the dwarves pranks prior to Thorin's arrival are removed
0123 Thorin's arrival discussion with Bilbo has the reference to "experience of fighting" and "conkers" are removed
0126 The post Thorin arrival dinner antics up to Gandalf discussing the mission are completely removed
0127 Gandalf's briefing of the dwarves is shortened and kept to the point
0136 Contemporary idiom "I'm up for it" and "up his jacksie"from the dwarves and most outbursts during the mission briefing are removed
0139 Thorins briefing to the Company omits the reference to Dain in FE. Minor trims to Bofur in FE.
0142 2 shots are flipped, and one is played back in reversed (Thorin Standing) to establish and maintain continuity
0146 Balins "not the brightest" removed
0147 Reference to "we are fighters" and "Gandalf will have killed hundreds of dragons" removed
0149 discussion about Bilbo being a burglar is trimmed and Bilbo's double take removed
0151 Contract review is trimmed and the warning about "fire breathing dragon" in order to keep it serious
0156 Bilbo and Gandalf’s fireside chat shortened, removing Bilbo's outburst and Gandalf history of Golf
0158 Additional foley work to fireside scene and additional scoring so music starts earlier
0161 Dialogue during the fireside discussion is placed over a few shots "also a Took" from the rear to preserve continuity
0165 Balin and Thorin's discussion of losing their burglar is shortened and now scored
0169 Bilbo searching for dwarves in the morning is slightly shortened to accommodate a scoring segue
0170 Bilbo running down the hill to go on "An Adventure" is removed
0172 Gambling references removed from the tightened up sequence where Bilbo joins the company of Thorin Oakenshield
0176 The voiceover as the Company depart where Bilbo is briefed by Gandalf is removed (it is superfluous and clunky)
0177 Company departure is re-scored
0178 Caption "Chapter II: A Short Rest" added
0179 The Company's first camp night is slightly trimmed to keep it serious (slightly shorter in FE and BE)
0183 A vignette halo is added to Balins telling of the Battle of Moria and the search for Thrain
0184 The FE has a close up shot of Thrors head added in from the deleted prologue
0185 The first reveal of Azog post the campfire differs in the 3 edits
TE is per the H1X but the end portion is removed (save for later in TE) and subtitles are replaced
BE & FE an alternate Azog scene is used with altered subtitles
All versions have scoring changes and the alteration of subtitles is to establish Azog is in pursuit of the Dwarves
0192 The Company riding in the rain exists in 3 versions:
FE no reference to Radagahast who is not in the edit
BE Minor ref to radaghast, who is not in the edit
TE Radaghast described and sequence is followed by significantly less silly Radaghast in the wood sequence which is score enhanced
0196 The stop at the farmhouse where "a farmer and his family" is the same in all 3 edits, and follows Radaghast in only the TE, since Radagast is not in the BE & FE edits
0197 The scene is now scored with music which has a "fellowship" motif to foreshadow that motif. This the first of two such motifs uses.
0198 A new flashback sequence was created which is underscored by Thorins Narration, which tells of the elves betrayal.
0205 The new flash back has bespoke color timing and vignette Halos and Moria drum underscores
0212 Caption "Chapter III: Roast Mutton" added after the discussion with Thorin about seeking help from the elves
0213 The nighttime intro is trimmed and contains a flipped shot to ensure continuity
0218 The trolls dialogue has all contempory idiom removed and is made significantly less silly (less soup, chicken and snot discussions)
0239 Bilbo is more decisive when dealing with the trolls
0245 The fight sequence is slightly tighter and the threat to tear Bilbo is more menacing and scored
0253 The discussion to "plate up" is altered, and there are no references to parasites or tubes
0254 Gandalf reveal is slightly tighter to ensure a good pace
0256 Gandalf’s reference to Thorin of a "darker power" is removed and comment about Bilbo using his "nouce"
0258 The Troll cave has some silliness and refines to "long term deposits" removed
0260 After Gandalf gives Bilbo the sword, the sequence next sequence differs as follows
0261 FE Bilbo does not get to unsheathe the sword and this continues in the walk through the chasm to Rivendale, directly seguing with a music underscore
BE Bilbo unsheathes the sword as music builds and howls encroach, and the Warg attack ensues.
TE Bilbo unsheathes the sword, some shouts "someone’s coming" and Radaghast arrives
0262 TE Radaghast scene has ALL silliness removed, and is more dramatic, no "old Toby", no stick insect, etc.
0274 both the Te & BE continue with the Warg chase, but Radaghats part is eliminated completely and the company ends up in the ravine/chasm.
0288 All edits continue in the journey to Rivendale with some minor dialogue rims to the BE and FE to tone down Thorins hostility.
0292 Caption "Chapter IV: A Warm Welcome" added
0293 The initial meeting with Elrond on horseback is trimmed to shorten the dwarves incredulity and trust issues.
0296 The reference to being chased by Orcs is removed in the FE since that sequence was dropped. The dialogue is retained for Te & BE
0298 The stay at Rivendale is different for all 3 edits to accommodate the degree of LOTR foreshadowing.
0299 In LOTR the portrait of Sauron and Isildur, Sauron is NOT wearing the ring. In H1T/X he is. The NO RING shot is used for the FE
0300 The dinner is removed from the FE, quite short for the BE, and a little longer for the TE with discussion about the swords.
0308 All silliness and songs removed from the dinner in TE & BE (no dinner in FE)
0314 There is slight variation of sequence order across the 3 edits to accommodate pacing
0315 The discussion about the moon runes is trimmed in all 3 but only the TE includes Elrond’s reference to "watching over middle earth"
0322 Elrond’s discussion with Bilbo about staying in Rivedale is trimmed
0326 FE Elrond’s discussion with Gandalf about Thorin is removed, but retained in the TE and BE in differing versions to ensure continuity
0335 The encounter with Saruman is different in all 3 edits
0348 FE, Sauron only expresses concern about the dragon, no mention of the "enemy" and no Morgul blade, which is removed by shot replacement to avoid continuity issues
BE, The enemy is discussed, but no Morgul blade is seen or discussed since Radaghast is not in this version
TE, This plays out closely to the H1X with some deletions, which are used later in the BE and TE to create a new epilogue in Reivendale
0349 The meeting with Saruman is score differently in the TE & BE
0350 TE The sequence discussing the burial of the enemy in the tombs is located here and NOT when Gandalf speaks to Beorn later in the TE
0351 TE Vignette halo added to the Tombs discussion with additional scoring
0354 TE The departure of the dwarves is only announced in the TE and removed from the BE & FE
0355 TE Galadriels discussion with Gandalf post the dwarves leaving includes the offer of help, which is removed from the BE & FE since that event never occurs
0356 All 3 edits continue with a modified departure from Rivendale
0359 The stone giants are removed
0360 Caption "Chapter V: Riddles in the Dark" added
0361 The scene in the cave where the company falls into the Goblin caves, plays in 3 versions.
FE no discussion with Bofur
BE Short discussion with Bofur & Bilbo
TE Longert discussion with Bofur & Bilbo
0365 The Goblin Tunnels section of all 3 versions have the songs removed, silly humour, and the creature on the pulley, etc. It is far more serious and threatening
0396 The escape from the Goblin tunnels is significantly re-edited and has silly moments removed
0402 The differences between the edits:
FE Splits the escape into two sections alternating with a slightly shortened Gollum section
BE & TE Same escape, not divide and a longer Gollum section
0411 Goblin King sends message to "the pale Orc" with no silly messenger in all 3
0412 Caption "Chapter VI: Out of the Frying pan" added
0413 The scene following the escape from the Goblins has a few minor trims, an enhanced ring effect (audio), and modern idiom removed
0420 The 22 min which follow the company and Bilbo meeting up is effectively deleted, the pine cones and the walk to the ridge to view The Misty Mountain (which is too close frankly)
0421 A new bridge between H1T/X and H2T/X is created where Azog and his pack chase the company but do not find them, with significant audio work and footage from H1T/X and H2T/X
0438 Now the edit is firmly in H2T/X and all captions are removed
0439 The discussion about there being "a house near by" has some Bilbo double takes, silly statements etc. removed to play more menacingly
0453 Beorns morphing is re-edited and relocated to here rather than playing later
0458 The chase across the fields to Beorns house is unchanged, but the night sequence has tweaks to Bilbo looking at the ring
0462 Caption "Chapter VII: Queer Lodgings" added
0463 The 3 versions play the differently until the Company leaves Berons house, as follows:
0465 FE The scene where Gandalf introduces the Dwarves to Beorn is removed only in the FE version The BE and TE the scene is unaltered.
0468 FE opens with the H1T version of Bilbo walking towards the dwarves, the BE and TE use the extended edition version
0473 The discussion with Beorn at the house is shorter in the FE
0475 DEPARTURE of COMPANY from Beorns house FE: No reference to an alliance nor the tombs, BE alliance mentioned, but no tombs, TE Alliance and tombs mentioned
0481 The scene where the tombs are discussed has a shot removed of the flashback of the incarceration which was relocated to the discussion at Rivendale, increasing g the known peril earlier.
0484 The approach to the MIrkwood is slightly shorter in the FE with audio and enhanced scoring
0487 Caption "Chapter VIII: Out of the Frying pan" added
0488 FE When Gandalf enters the forest he and Bilbo do NOT see Sauron’s eye in the FE, they do in the BE/TE but not the discourse with Galadriel
0489 Gandalf’s departure is slightly short in the FE,
0491 The journey through the forest is extensively modified for pace and silliness removal, playing to 3 lengths in the edits. No major tonal differences
0512 After the Butterflies, the encounter with the Spiders differs as follows
FE Shortens, with Bilbo not dropping the ring and searching for it
BE drops and finds ring but no heavy significance
TE plays as in TE but score enhanced with a slight trimming of overacting
0529 All 3 versions have additional score enhancements, trim to overlong fight with spiders, less silliness and far less spider talking
0543 Legolas has a short cameo in order to capture the dwarves, Tauriel is insignificant and the scene tightened up for pacing consistency
0551 TE contains an additional Azog scene where he confronts the Necromancer, with new scoring, removal of Bolgs task. This is absent from BE and FE
0558 Caption "Chapter IX: Barrels out of bond" added to Azog opening in TE and to Bridge crossing in BE FE
0559 Entry to Tharnduils abode is trimmed and dwarves are not seen to be incarcerated.
0565 Thorin / Thranduil discussion re-worked , scored and subtitle added to Thorins line (source: The One Ring.net)
0575 NEW FLASHBACK: While Thorin and Thranduil meet, a new flashback sequence illustrates Thranduils words regarding the white gems sing footage from the deleted prologue. New special FX, vignette framing, bespoke audio and scoring and foley are all added
0602 Subtitle added to Thorin'S insult to Thranduil. Translation sources from Onering.net
0604 This entire section of the film completely removed Legolas and Tauriel keeping the focus on the dwarves escape
0632 Bilbo's appearance is enhanced with a whoosh of the ring being removed.
0683 A number of minor trims to the escape leading to the barrel ride to remove Tauriel in all but one shot
0690 The book and folio edits have slightly shorter ends to this sequence. General tomfoolery is removed throughout.
0729 The Barrel ride removes Tauriel, Legolas and the orcs completely.
0731 All three edits play out identically until Bard draws his bow on the dwarves
0733 The two part version of the TOLK edit ends here on a cliffhanger as originally envisaged when The Hobbit was going to be two movies. Part 1 is The Quest for Erebor
0734 TOLKIEN edit only, continues with Chapter X Caption "on the doorstep"
0741 This sequence is Gandalf at the High Fells here he visits the tombs and meets Radaghast. The sequence is score enhanced, Radaghast less silly. This sequence also serves as the Pre title opening to the second part of the two part version of the TOLK edit, namely The Hobbit Part II: An Adventure's End
0752 All 3 versions continue with the dwarves hiring Bard's barge with the family banter removed. The folio edit is the shortest with no extended elf related chat
0753 Book and Folio edits caption added, "Chapter X Not at Home"
0760 All versions have trims across the lake, with Bofur's "watch out" only present in the TOLK edit.
0763 Some silliness removed and trimming to make the Lonely Mountain reveal a tad more dramatic
0766 All 3 edits play out identically until the fish are poured into the barrels with minor trims for pacing and silliness removal.
0770 The TOLK edit carries on at Dol Guldor with minor trims for pacing and continuity.
0774 All 3 play out into Laketown the same with the TOLK edit having the caption CHAPTER XI Not at Home added.
0791 The walk across town and all the annoying people Are removed
0823 Bard has no children
0829 All references to the prophecy are removed
0832 The flashback to the Smaug attack removes the phrase "fired from a wind lance" since Bard does not use wind lance and this sorts a plot hole issue
0839 The raid for weapons is shortened.
0845 No orcs approach the town at any point and no attack takes place.
---- The town square debate WITH the mayor of Laketown is the same across all 3 edits.
0862 The mayor has 3 lines of dialogue only, Alfrid is completely removed from all 3 edits.
0875 All ethnic shots of towns people are replaced since this is consistent visually with LOTR
0892 All Alfrid and Mayor interactions preceding this and following this are removed.
0937 Since there is no Orc attack and Tauriel also does not appear at all, all the dwarves must make to Erebor in the boat. this required building a completely new departure from lake town, flipping shots, trimming shots to give the impression all the dwarves board the boat. The new sequence has a complete ground up audio build, crowds, water, oars, cheering , medieval trumpets " thus removal of Mayors speech", music, and many many more effects. A single shot of Alfrid from the rear is seen.
0945 The TOLK edit segues to Dol Guldur with minor trims, before returning to the lake. This uses the extended edition version as the base with Thrain, though slight trims for pacing.
0951 Continuing to cross the lake, slightly differing shot order of close ups, a truncated journey to the Overlook is accompanied by a caption for the Book and folio edits "Chapter XI: On the doorstep". This re synchronizes the chapter ordering for all 3 edits
0956 after Thorin say they will not wait pin the sized, the TOLK edit returns to Dol Guldor, with pacing trims.
0969 The trip to the hidden for is shortened and the entire exchange at the door removed.
0972 When he door opens and thuds, Smaug awakens in the Book and TOLK edits. This moment is taken from the closing scene of the first hobbit movie. This scene does appear in the folio edit later on
0976 The briefing to Bilbo has some minor trims and is shorted in the folio edit
0977 CHAPTER XII Added, “Fire and Water"
0982 Trims to Bilbo’s mound climb with the folio edit inserting the earlier Smaug awakens reveal to here, after Bilbo pulls the goblet from the mound of gold.
0988 Throughout the encounter with Smaug a number of Bilbo’s twitches and double takes are removed as they are throughout the edits.
0989 When we get Smaug's first growling close up the TOLK edit switches back to Dol Guldor
0992 When Sauron finally appears and is named some subtle intercut wipes of the eye of Sauron are overlaid on his reveal to foreshadow the eye in LOTR and this wipes to a close up of Smaug's eye to reiterate the evil of Smaug
0995 The location of the Dol Guldor sections is different than in the original versions to better accommodate pacing
0999 All edits continue with Bilbo’s exchange with Smaug from which some silly lines of dialogue are removed. Additional pacing trims are made to the BE and FE
1000 The first time Bilbo runs away from Smaug is removed from the folio edit then Bilbo runs away the second time having seen the Arkenstone, he is seen to immediately pick it up. In the original movie we do not know Bilbo has the Arkenstone till later when we see it flashback. This finished the tension and by seeing that Bilbo does in fact have it increases the peril in later interactions with Thorin
1010 Ring whooped are enhanced throughout since they are badly audible in the original versions
1014 after Balin tells Thorin "his name is Bilbo", the TE continues at Dol Guldur with a recut of Gandalf in the cage to better establish his seeing the hoards
1023 The entire section of the dwarves preparing the furnaces to kill Smaug and the ensuing chase etc. with the molten gold is removed completely
1026 Bilbo is chased by Smaug who crashes through the halls and finally flies off. Trims to clunky dialogue and pacing throughout. The attack on Laketown follows
1043 Bard's showdown with Smaug is as complete as possible with the removal of Tauriel, Legolas and all children. Bard defeats Smaug single handedly and gratuitous material with Alfrid and the Mayor of Laketown is removed.
1047 A few additional pacing trims in the FE
1052 In the TE this continues with the final battle at Dol Guldor . Some minor trims to poor dialogue including Elrond’s "you should have stayed dead"...are removed. What a poor idiom... There are a few pacing trims and Radaghast is minimized. A few weak Galadriel lines are also excised.
1059 All edits continue in the golden hall with some restructuring for pace and plot
1068 TE then has the sled stop sequence where Gandalf tells Radaghast he must warn Erebor. The scene removes silly moments and clunky dialogue, is re scored and now plays more dramatically. Shots from both the theatrical and extended versions were needed to make this work seamless as required.
1072 The refugees from Laketown at Esgaroth does not contain Alfrid
1076 Thorin questioning loyalty is tightened up a tad
1079 The sequences that follow remove lucky dialogue, and pace tightened with the Dragon sickness exchange between Balin and Bilbo being slightly tighter and enhanced with music for dramatic purposes.
1087 Thranduils arrival and Bards interaction to Esgaroth is recut to remove Alfrid and to heighten the tension build
1093 all edits play similarly from here with the only major differences being highlighted. Unnecessary build up and repetitive exposition is removed in all
1098 Gandalf’s arrival at Esgaroth is reedit end to accommodate dialogue changes and removal of Alfrid
1101 Gandalf discussion with Thranduil is longer in the TE with his warning of armies on the move being retained
1119 All edits continue with Azog at the tunnels. Subtitles have been changed to explain the tunnels by reference to the "Earth eaters" rather than wider worms, with a new sequence to show the coming hoards and then arguing back to Erebor. Custom sound and music.
1124 This continues with Bilbo being given the Mithril vest which contains trims and deletions either side.
1132 Bilbo's departure from Erebor removes his interaction with Bofur in the FE but the BE and TE contain this exchange which is shortened in the BE.
1137 Bilbo a sailing down the wall is trimmed slightly in the FE
1141 The BE and TE contain an exchange between Gandalf and Thranduil not in the FE
1145 Bilbo’s discussion when handing over the Arkenstone is trimmed of annoying gestures and is slightly shorter in the FE
1146 The transition to the next day is a cross fade in the FE
1153 The approach of Thranduil and Bard at the gates to offer the Arkenstone to Thorin does not contain Thorin firing the first arrow in the FE
1155 Dain's approach contains CHAPTER XI The Clouds Burst caption
1168 Dain's dialogue removes the section where he tells all to "sod off" and the word "bastards" is surgically excised.
1178 A number of awkward looking shots of goats are removed
1193 To tie into the earlier reference to the tunnels and "earth eaters" a new sequence has the gathered armies attention drawn to Azog commanding the armies to come forth from what we already know to be tunnels . No worms appear in this sequence.
1199 At this point, the FE has Azog command "they cannot fight on two fronts. The BE and. TE he commands "send in the war beasts". The section that follows is unique to these two edits for pacing issues and not in the FE. The fighting is trimmed for pace and better continuity.
1200 The war beast catapults do not feature in the FE, with all edits sync again at the breach of the walls of Esgaroth
1228 All children are removed from the edits since most are relatives of Peter Jackson and they just don't look like they should even be there.
1235 Alternative shots are used in the FE for continuity and pacing and the BE and TE run slightly longer.
1242 A number of shots of Dain calling for Thorin do not appear in the FE for pacing issues1149 Additional trims to the FE in the run up to Dwalin calling on Thorin to fight. The TE has a longer set up for that scene and all are score enhanced
1263 The scene plays out uninterrupted in the FE but the TE and BE have additional fighting and Dain still calling for Thorin
1264 Chapter XII The Last Stage caption added
1271 The dwarves emergence from Erebor is slightly quicker in the FE and is missing a command from Azog
1282 During the ensuing battle only a few moments of levity are retained, and Gandalf exclamation "they are rallying to their King' is removed from FE
1295 Thorins stating he will kill Azog the used the Theatrical version riding goats to reach Ravenhill, with many poor FX shores removed
1307 The BE and TE use the extended versions chariot attack which has 3 sections removed and tightened up action and less silliness
1324 Some establishing moments of Fili and Kiki removed from Fe and overall the biggest change from here is the removal of Tauriel and Legolas from the store proceedings
1339 A very difficult section was when Thorin is on the ground and his attacker is killed by Legolas with an arrow shot from afar. This no longer occurs and Thorin kills the assailant. Watch to see how.
1363 Kili now fights the Orc alone, no Tauriel
1386 The one on one fight with Azog has some trims and score enhancements
1388 When the Eagles arrive the shot of Radaghast is removed from FE.
1394 The aftermath is shorter in FE
1409 The funeral has the shot of Rhadghast removed in the BE and FE.
1423 TE return to Hobbiton has a few trims and Bilbo’s twitches removed.
1426 There are a few additional such trims in the FE
1439 The TE has an epilogue at the white Council setting up LOTR by saying the enemy is watching.
1452 The BE has a longer epilogue since the Morgul blade reveal does not occur at Rivendale, and is moved to hear...a real shock and again sets up LOTR
1472 The film ends with Bilbo writing again, thus book ending the film however, the
1481 FE ending with caption THE END and the BE and TE caption TO BE CONCLUDED IN LOTR
1499 Custom credits follow tin the eye of Sauron Turing up in the TE.
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In my view even better than Part 1, nothing missed from the source and all the additional baggage I can remember (albeit from about eight years ago) gone. It is amazing how the total runtime is three hours less than that of the theatrical trilogy despite adding some of the deleted scenes.

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Firstly, let me say that the passion you have for this edit, the number of variations and the attention to detail you have put into this film is breathtaking. You have created a distinct version of the Hobbit that possibly the most unique of any fan edits,

My thoughts on the edit are as follows:

I watched the 5 hour version of your cut, split into 2 films, and I have wildly different thoughts about both of the films so let me start with the beginning film: The Quest for Erebor

- I loved the opening at the prancing pony, giving a frame for the story that encourages the audience to pay attention and draw them in with mytery; I would've cut the flashback to the battle of moria as it seemed a little too early in the story to include that, but otherwise brilliant!
- the editing of the dwarves arriving at Bag End is just wonderful! Removing the over the top antics, the clumsy 'comedic' moments, dwalin's head but with Balin. My only complaint is the way you removed gandalf saying 'he's here', which makes Thorins introduction a little rushed
- the introduction of the quest and the way you edited the dialogue, it's an improvement over the original scene, but I felt it was a little truncated, could've had a little more breathing space.
- LOVED the removal of bilbo running through bag end and the removal of 'I'm going on an adventure', really helped the tone of the film.
- The flashbacks to Thrandual were fantastic, more of that please!
- However, I thought the 'Riddles in the dark' scene, was a little chopped up; preferred the original version.
- The Barrel Chase scene was good, until Kili is shown to be hurt without having any context, maybe that could be removed?

PART 2: An Adventures End

- The dol guldur scenes are wonderfully edited, giving them far more intensity. Something I WISH somebody would do is include the 'Revelation of the Ring Wraith' them music into that scene as I believe it would make it near perfect!
- The introduction of Smaug intercut with Gandalf is good, but I preferred Adam Dens version where the entire battle happens before Bilbo meets smaug,
- Smaugs death was a little too short, to edited, should've allowed more time to breath during that section!
- The BOFA was very well constructed, only wish you had included the 'Bilbo plants the acorn' scene as it's one the best ones
- The ending using old bilbo and frodo was wonderful! That was my favourite part of the edit,

Overall, Wraiths edit is worth it if you want a different and unique take of the world of Middle Earth, Thank you for all you effort :)

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Owner's reply March 20, 2022

Thanks for the review. I can let you have a bigger file which has better video quality. A lot of request were for a smaller file, hence the slightly softer image that may have been your issue. I appreciate the constructive points. I may revisit later this year. Thanks

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Wraith has created a masterful edit which offers different versions, for different tastes. The visuals, audio and enhanced story are very well done. It was a joy to experience and I highly recommend.

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It has become rather difficult to review Hobbit edits here on IFDB and not be biased by one's own personal preferences, but I will try!

I think I watched the Tolkein Edit version of Wraith's project.

For starters, I'll say that starting the movie with the Prancing Pony scene was marvelous! It's a great introduction for Thorin; the scene was great, it just gets cut out of a lot of edits due to the 3-in-1 structure that most people adopt, or even the 3-in-2 structure that usually doesn't have a prologue at the start of part 2. You circumvented this by putting it at the very beginning!

Wraith states that he left no scene untouched, and that is quite apparent! He put a lot of love and careful consideration into every FRAME of these films, and has created a beautiful work of art as a result. I can't pretend to be anything other than a total amateur at this, and so I also can't pretend to think that I know how every single little scene and frame could/would be improved, so I mostly stay away from the micro-cutting. I think this led me to find the abundance of cuts here to be a little jarring, but overall I don't think most people will notice; I think it stems from the number of edits I've seen (not to mention the originals)

Other than that small nitpick, and my own personal preferences for what got cut/left in, I don't have any complaints! This is a wonderful 2-film edit of the Hobbit, and I think anyone and everyone who is interested should not only watch it, but I think they will find themselves quite pleased to see that Wraith here has provided different versions of his edit for people who desire different things to be cut or left in! "It's got a little something for everyone." Great idea here man, and great work!

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This review is for both of Wraith's Hobbit edits.

There are moments in Jackson's three Hobbit films that bring tears to my eyes and moments that make me want to gouge them out. If any trilogy needed to be edited, the Hobbit is it. Other fan editors have tried to create a book version. I don't think those work. As much as I adore the Rankin Bass version, a film has different needs than a 1977 cartoon that was structured very differently. That said, Jackson would've done well to adopt the charm of that film and drop the excess.

Wraith goes a long way towards streamlining the films in a way that doesn't harm too much of the narrative, and has a good technical skill to make it appear seamless. The White Council scenes and Dol Goldur--which feature some of the most powerful scenes in all six of Jackson's Middle Earth films--are thankfully kept intact, if sometimes spread out in ways that are interesting. Same with Radagast. Without the silly stick creature and getting high scene, he's a much more believable as one of the Istari instead of being played as yet more comic relief.

The opening is a much better edit than the original in terms of setting up the story, introducing Gandalf and Thorin and the quest.

Freeman epitomizes Bilbo for me; he's not perfect (he's sometimes too modern), but Ian Holm was always too old for the role in LOTR ("You haven't aged a day," gasps Gandalf upon seeing Bilbo again). Minimizing him (and getting Frodo gone) was good.

Some of the early parts of the film go by a little too quickly now for my tastes. So, while I'm glad to get rid of the excess dwarf antics in Bilbo's home, I'm not as happy to lose the Stone Giants (I can't fathom why so many fan editors delete what is such a magical scene that's so well done) or the songs in Goblin Town. So, those parts feel a bit rushed for my taste. That said, I might've trimmed some of Gollum, if only because I don't like the direction Jackson and Serkis took with him in this film. He should've been kept creepier until the moment Bilbo decides not to kill him (and even that's slightly overcooked).

On the other hand, losing Tauriel and the very ill-advised love-triangle was a revelation! For one thing, Evangeline Lily was miscast. Unlike Liv Tyler, Lily feels like an actress playing an Elf. And the overt romantic aspects (meant to appeal to a broader audience) don't work at all. Kili himself doesn't work. Thorin looks close enough to a Human; Kili crosses the line entirely.

Cutting Bard's family was another smart move. Luke Evans as Bard was another miscast. When a character requires his kids to make him likable, there's something wrong. What should've been a noble loner was turned into an unpleasant curmudgeon. Jackson compounded the problem by having a goofy Master and the goofier Alfrid. Had Bill Nighy or Charles Dance been the Master, you'd have had a real sense of danger. Instead, it's cartoonish and there are no stakes. To make up for that, Jackson added a pointless and annoying fight between Legolas and the most ill-conceived orc in film history. By removing all of that (except Bard, who we're stuck with), it makes for a less annoying film, but unfortunately one that leaves Lake Town as an abstraction and mere stepping stone to the Mountain. So, the audience doesn't care as much about Smaug destroying it. But these are structural problems no editor can overcome.

Getting on to third act. I struggled with the original third film. It's so bloated and overlong that what should've been exciting is simply boring. Well, I'm happy to announce that for the first time, the Battle of Five Armies works! The trims create tension and dynamics, both of which were missing. Not sure why the giant worms were left out (as with the Stone Giants, they're a unique creature to the world), but the rest is glorious and much stronger!

Some minor nits to pick. The 2.0 audio isn't great. (I upscaled it to a DTS neural track on my system, but it's still unpleasant). And some of the color grading was muted to such a degree that it looked black & white (see the scene outside of Mirkwood). I'm an audio & videophile, so the occasionally degraded picture and sound quality are things I can't help but notice. For most people, it won't be an issue.

This was such a fascinating edit and I'm grateful to Wraith for creating it!

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