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Firstly, let me say that the passion you have for this edit, the number of variations and the attention to detail you have put into this film is breathtaking. You have created a distinct version of the Hobbit that possibly the most unique of any fan edits,

My thoughts on the edit are as follows:

I watched the 5 hour version of your cut, split into 2 films, and I have wildly different thoughts about both of the films so let me start with the beginning film: The Quest for Erebor

- I loved the opening at the prancing pony, giving a frame for the story that encourages the audience to pay attention and draw them in with mytery; I would've cut the flashback to the battle of moria as it seemed a little too early in the story to include that, but otherwise brilliant!
- the editing of the dwarves arriving at Bag End is just wonderful! Removing the over the top antics, the clumsy 'comedic' moments, dwalin's head but with Balin. My only complaint is the way you removed gandalf saying 'he's here', which makes Thorins introduction a little rushed
- the introduction of the quest and the way you edited the dialogue, it's an improvement over the original scene, but I felt it was a little truncated, could've had a little more breathing space.
- LOVED the removal of bilbo running through bag end and the removal of 'I'm going on an adventure', really helped the tone of the film.
- The flashbacks to Thrandual were fantastic, more of that please!
- However, I thought the 'Riddles in the dark' scene, was a little chopped up; preferred the original version.
- The Barrel Chase scene was good, until Kili is shown to be hurt without having any context, maybe that could be removed?

PART 2: An Adventures End

- The dol guldur scenes are wonderfully edited, giving them far more intensity. Something I WISH somebody would do is include the 'Revelation of the Ring Wraith' them music into that scene as I believe it would make it near perfect!
- The introduction of Smaug intercut with Gandalf is good, but I preferred Adam Dens version where the entire battle happens before Bilbo meets smaug,
- Smaugs death was a little too short, to edited, should've allowed more time to breath during that section!
- The BOFA was very well constructed, only wish you had included the 'Bilbo plants the acorn' scene as it's one the best ones
- The ending using old bilbo and frodo was wonderful! That was my favourite part of the edit,

Overall, Wraiths edit is worth it if you want a different and unique take of the world of Middle Earth, Thank you for all you effort :)

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Owner's reply March 20, 2022

Thanks for the review. I can let you have a bigger file which has better video quality. A lot of request were for a smaller file, hence the slightly softer image that may have been your issue. I appreciate the constructive points. I may revisit later this year. Thanks

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