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All the interconnected Marvel Studios products become a massive, perfectly structured TV series, to make the journey of the Earth’s Mightiest superheroes the most epic adventure ever.

In order to enjoy the MCU in the most orderly, apprehensible and dynamic way possible, all the interconnected MCU becomes a TV show: reordered, reformatted, post credits scenes rearranged to avoid spoilers, detailed “previously” recaps created and some key deleted scenes added to each episode. Including all the One-Shots, Disney+ Marvel TV shows, Specials... even commercials! Plus, crossover with the X-Men (FOX) and Spider-Man (Sony) alternate universes in a narratively consistent way.
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After getting out of prison, burgler Scott Lang tries to reconnect with his daughter, as his ex-wife tries to keep him away. A desperate robbery gone askew puts him the radar of redacted government scientist Hank Pym, leading him down a path he could of never expected.

This is a tighter version of the film, cutting all of Hank's scenes until Scott meets him, as the film refocuses on his story and the journey he goes through to reunite with Cassie. A new deleted introduction to Hank has been reinserted into the film, other small elements have been cut, and one big infiltration sequence with an unneeded cameo has been entirely removed.
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