Dune '84: Part One

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• Disclaimer: Another edit admittedly for a small audience – those that likes Dune 2021 but thought the 1984 version was too confusing. Not for Lynch fans as probably too much is cut for them.

Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny beyond his understanding, must travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe to ensure the future of his family and his people. As malevolent forces explode into conflict over the planet's exclusive supply of the most precious resource in existence - a commodity capable of unlocking humanity's greatest potential - only those who can conquer their fear will survive.

This edit focuses on Paul’s journey to awakening, telling only a part one story while avoiding Lynch's wild third act altogether, leaving the weirder parts for the theoretical Part 2 and avoiding the audience-distancing elements until they would have better understanding of the Dune Universe.

This should just be an exciting teaser, using Lynch's visuals, into the world of Frank Herbert's Dune and make you want to learn more. There are many nods to deeper meaning of motivations that can be found in the book for the other characters, but if their arc is not fully filmed in high quality, I try to just give them enough to be interesting and warrant a deeper dive into the source material.
I have always had a love/hate relationship with the original Lynch production - as much as I want to love it, there are so many reasons its not what it should be. I have thought about my own edits before, but the wild third act was, IMO, always beyond saving. Too rushed. So I watch Spicediver's edit whenever I've needed to calm my ambitions.

After playing with a de-greened Baron Intro scene, I couldn't help but start diving into a more modern retelling of the 1984 movie, inspired by Villeneuve's sensibilities: telling only a part one story, while avoiding the third act altogether.
Additional Notes:
This edit begins with new intro text, skipping the Princess’s prologue and the Emperor scene, and straight to Paul studying on Caladan. It ends when Paul meets the Freemen in the desert for the first time.
Other Sources:
Dune 2021
Special Thanks:
ArtisDead and Dwight Fry for great feedback notes and also great support!
Release Information:
Editing Details:
Major Changes:
• New planet animations
• Removed most voiceovers, leaving only a few when it helps the narrative.
• Rebuilt the dreams Paul has before they meet the Freemen, inserting footage of the future slaughter that awaits the jihad, slowly revealing his dark purpose.
• Tightening dialogue to remove extra exposition, leaving some of the mystery when possible
• Leaving Navigators navigating out, (too weird) and all the Emperor scenes out, except until the mid-credit scene of the Guild visiting and threatening the Emperor over developments on Arrakis.
• Added in the Dune 2021 Spacefolder ships, which lets us bypass the navigators for now.
• De-greened the scene with Baron on Giedi Prime.
Cuts and Additions:
Change List:
• Mixing theatrical release with some Smithee footage.
• Replaced intro credits background with black background.
• Built new intro text with lettering pulled from intro and end credits
• Skipped Prologue and Emperor scene, replacing with Intro Summary Text
• Added new CG planet Caladan establishing shot
• Removed initial Caladan waves shot.
• Rebuilt tablet display to fix stretched planet shot, reversed shot so carryall is lifting harvester, added picture of desert mouse, added some voiceover from 2021 lesson scene.
• Removed most “thoughts” dialogue from intro scene.
• Tightened Paul and Gurney’s shield fight.
• Fixed Gurney's face articulating too much before saying “Soon we leave...” It's not perfect, but it's less distracting than before.
• Tightened some of the interaction between Paul and Yueh
• Tightened fighter training, removing Paul igniting the metal.
• Removed Paul’s interaction with Duncan. Now Duncan is mentioned but only seen once on Arrakis
• Tightened dialogue with Paul and Leto
• Edited dream sequence for first Paul Dream
• Added shot of Reverend Mother Mohiam coming to Caladan from 2021
• Removed thought dialogue from Jessica in rain
• Tightened dialogue with Jessica and Reverend Mother Mohiam in her chambers to avoid the worst quality visual shots
• Removed most thought dialogue from Paul and Reverend Mother Mohiamr’s scene, leaving only during the pain sequence
• Tightened dialogue with Paul and Reverend Mother Mohiam
• New planet establishing shot for Giedi Prime.
• Removed green from Baron scene on Giedi Prime. Tightened dialogue and reordered sequence of events.
• Added shot of ship leaving Caladan from 2021, added FX to add clouds
• Added new Spacefolder ship for trip to Caladan, removing the Navigator sequence
• New planet establishing shot for Arrakis
• “Binocular view” effect used on Paul’s arrival, removed Fremen in the hills shots.
• Some exterior and internal Palace shots on Arrakis removed.
• Thought dialogue removed from Yueh and Jessica scene.
• Paul eating Spice is removed. Paul now just feels effects upon his arrival to Arrakis
• Paul’s second dream sequence edited
• Hunter Seeker scene trimmed and thought dialogue removed, FX for wire removal and more ambiguous movement.
• Yueh looking out his room at alarm removed.
• Military meeting scene trimmed.
• Yueh examining Harkonan bodies removed
• Thought dialogue removed from Leto and Pauls introduction to Dr. Kynes
• Group leaving palace trimmed.
• Third dream sequence added when Paul smells pure spice.
• FX to replace Spice Miner looking directly at the camera
• New music added for Gurney’s baliset scene (Tycho - Spectre). Blue eyes added to Dr. Kynes
• Leto and Paul dialogue in Paul’s room removed
• Yueh and Leto’s dialogue trimmed
• Sound FX added for Feyd’s patch rip and Yueh getting stabbed
• Baron and Leto’s scene trimmed, more gas added when Piter dies.
• Baron found alive scene removed
• New shot of the sand dunes outside the crashed ship.
• New dream sequence for Paul in the desert
• Jessica and Paul interaction in dessert adds dialogue from deleted scenes so Paul recognizes a dark path ahead.
• Tightened Rabban’s dialogue with Dr. Kynes
• Baron and Rabban scene edited to add Baron’s happiness at still being alive
• Paul and Jessica’s worm chase tightened
• Paul’s fall from cliffs tightened, and dust clouds added to when he is sitting watching the worm.
• New sequence when Paul and Jessica meet the Fremen. Cut to credits.
• Credits rebuilt for text over black background
• Mid credits scene with Reverend Mother Mohiam, Emperor and Navigator.
• Post Credits Trailer for Part 2 using original “epic voice guy” voiceover narration from original DUNE trailer.

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TLDR: If you are a Dune fan and want a new perspective on this film, check it out.

I originally saw the theatrical cut around the age of 11 or 12 at a screening (Dad was in the business). I had not read the books and knew nothing of the movie as they hadn't even started advertising it yet. I was old enough to understand the plot and young enough not to notice how crap some of the movie is. As a kid, this movie blew me away and I enjoyed it very much, so I have a soft spot in my heart for this film even to this day. Of course I now know how crap it really is, especially comparing it to the books and other iterations that have been made.

I really enjoyed Dune 2021 and I like the idea of using the pacing of that for this edit. I also appreciate the additions and trying to make things as seamless as possible. It fluctuates from perfect and unnoticeable to very noticeable. Considering the source material though, I'm impressed how well it came together with Keo's editing.

This version definitely helps the story narrative, but it also highlights just how bad some of the screenplay, dialogue, directing and acting are. Unfortunately, because of that it is not very enjoyable as a stand alone film and if you aren't already a fan of the original.

As Wakeupkeo stated, this is for a very small audience, but for any fellow Dune 1984 fan this is definitely worth a watch!

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David Lynch's DUNE.... I am not a fan.

Out of love for the book, I have watched... or make that... TRIED to watch many, many times over the ages. But every time I do, I either continually hit the fast forward button or just turn it off in frustration and confusion.

At it's core, the first two thirds, is a fairly faithful interpretation of the book, but much of it becomes lost or muddied by Lynch's Weird For Weirdness' Sake. And what good grace's the original movie does earn, become obliterated by a disastrous, rushed, convoluted third act.

Since 1984, we have been amazingly blessed by no less than TWO remakes of DUNE. Both, in my opinion, vastly superior to Lynch's version and I was content I would never have to watch the 1984 adaptation again.

But then something happened.
Wakeupkeo posted his outline for his newest project -- re-imagining Lynch's Dune in the style of Denis Villeneuve Dune Part One.
And I was intrigued.

So I watched. And while it is still a weird movie, it is now at least a watchable one for me.

The new run time is little more than 70 plus minutes (not counting the end titles) but still retains a very dense and layered story without the many bizarro distractions that caused confusion in the original or for it to feel too plodding. This alternate vision, much like the Villeneuve movie it tries to emulate, ends on cliffhanger that leaves the viewer wanting more. Though some things do feel a bit loss in this new version, particularly the relationship between the Duke and Jessica. While the political drama remains, much of the rare human element felt missing to me.

Technically, as one has come to expect from Wakeupkeo, this is very impressive. Because of some cut/rearranged dialogue, the audio does not always sound completely natural. There was one minor moment where I could hear another audio track buried underneath the main one but I believe Wakeupkeo has since corrected this. Some of the used footage from 2021's Dune stood out a bit from the original and did not feel completely organic. The new title cards created by the fan editor are GORGEOUS! Though the "84" card looked too small to my eye side by side the main DUNE title, giving it a slight unbalanced look. But otherwise, very impressive and professional looking.

For me, this is definitely a Bad Movie made Less Bad.
The plot is more linear, less confusing and faster paced.
But it is still a weird movie! LOL!

An enjoyable watch and recommended.
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