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David Lynch's DUNE.... I am not a fan.

Out of love for the book, I have watched... or make that... TRIED to watch many, many times over the ages. But every time I do, I either continually hit the fast forward button or just turn it off in frustration and confusion.

At it's core, the first two thirds, is a fairly faithful interpretation of the book, but much of it becomes lost or muddied by Lynch's Weird For Weirdness' Sake. And what good grace's the original movie does earn, become obliterated by a disastrous, rushed, convoluted third act.

Since 1984, we have been amazingly blessed by no less than TWO remakes of DUNE. Both, in my opinion, vastly superior to Lynch's version and I was content I would never have to watch the 1984 adaptation again.

But then something happened.
Wakeupkeo posted his outline for his newest project -- re-imagining Lynch's Dune in the style of Denis Villeneuve Dune Part One.
And I was intrigued.

So I watched. And while it is still a weird movie, it is now at least a watchable one for me.

The new run time is little more than 70 plus minutes (not counting the end titles) but still retains a very dense and layered story without the many bizarro distractions that caused confusion in the original or for it to feel too plodding. This alternate vision, much like the Villeneuve movie it tries to emulate, ends on cliffhanger that leaves the viewer wanting more. Though some things do feel a bit loss in this new version, particularly the relationship between the Duke and Jessica. While the political drama remains, much of the rare human element felt missing to me.

Technically, as one has come to expect from Wakeupkeo, this is very impressive. Because of some cut/rearranged dialogue, the audio does not always sound completely natural. There was one minor moment where I could hear another audio track buried underneath the main one but I believe Wakeupkeo has since corrected this. Some of the used footage from 2021's Dune stood out a bit from the original and did not feel completely organic. The new title cards created by the fan editor are GORGEOUS! Though the "84" card looked too small to my eye side by side the main DUNE title, giving it a slight unbalanced look. But otherwise, very impressive and professional looking.

For me, this is definitely a Bad Movie made Less Bad.
The plot is more linear, less confusing and faster paced.
But it is still a weird movie! LOL!

An enjoyable watch and recommended.
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