Do Androids Dream of Funkadelic Sheep? (Blade Runner Grindhoused)

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Wake up. Time to get funky.
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Brief Synopsis:
In a funkadelic future Los Angeles, a jaded ex-cop hunts down three androids designed to look human, and he isn’t too concerned about killing a human by “mistake.” Whoopsie.
This edit converts Blade Runner 1982 into a “bad” Grindhouse flick from the 1970’s.
Other Sources:
Fake Trailers: Star Wars A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and Grease.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
SD footage upscaled to 1080p in Topaz, converted to Prores
Source films converted from HEVC to Cineform using Hybrid
Color grading and editing in Resolve
VFX in Resolve and Premiere
Additional audio processing in Audition
Exported to Cineform and encoded in Handbrake
Cuts and Additions:
Major Changes:
1. The film now has a grainy old Grindhouse look with film dirt and glitches
2. Added two fake trailers for Revenge of Luke Starbreaker and Sandy… Killer Alien
3. Nearly all the musical score is replaced with 70’s vibe music and scoring
4. Scenes rearranged and badly cut as needed for bad dramatic effect
5. New subtitles to add humor
6. Scenes recut for humor and various gags
7. JF Sebastian’s toy companion has a new voice and dialogue
8. Deleted and alternate footage is added throughout, changing the feel and tone
9. Various cuts made to speed up the very slow tortoise pace
10. Deckard is depicted in a more negative light, a sloppy, crude jerk
11. Deckard’s bad narration is embraced and expanded
12. Zhora (a.k.a. Miss Salome) isn’t a Replicant. She’s just a stripper that Leon apparently likes.
13. Added an alternate Unicorn dream
14. Deckard and Rachael deleted love scene reinstated
15. Pris is not the best acrobat
16. Rachael is extra weird and a little creepy
17. Blood VFX added when Leon is shot

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(Updated: May 16, 2022)
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As for the last 10 months I am doing only more or less grindhoused edits I had to check that one out.
First thing - very nice trailers (what was the voice?), especially the second one, and opening grindhouse footage as well. As for the look - sometimes I felt that some of the print damage looks a little too soft compared to the actual footage (and some of the overlays felt like being on quite a short loop), but it didn't really diminish the experience.

Even if it was shorter (and different as there is some deleted footage incorporated) I've felt somehow that it was as long as original Also, it looks like (and I was expeting that) Krausfadr was going for more accurate grindhouse feel than I usually do. So, all the music from 60-70s etc (or at least sounds like that). That's not a bad thing at all, but I feel that using more variety of music sometimes helps to highlight some scenes a little. Here, sometimes I felt that there is a similar feel most of the time which was a little bit tiring sometimes. On the other hand, the music worked well most of the time, sometimes even great. Also, I'd put some more music into the ending, because there was quite a long period of time with no music at all if I remember correctly.

I've also felt, that the music used fits Blade Runner and the mood of the movie a little too much. Almost like something that could be there originally, that is an advantage (because, well, it works) and disadvantage at the same time, because when the change of tone isn't that big, the experience doesn't feel so much different than watching the original.

That being said, it is still quite interesting and enjoyable experience, especially for fans of "grindhousediting" ;). Some nice touches here and there make me laugh, like some of the dialogue from long-nosed JF Sebastian's little friend, or Pris acrobatics.

So, what we got here isn' an upgrade (which was to be expected), but still very nice, stylish version of the all time classic, with some nice ideas included, but maybe just a little too close to the original movie's feel.


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I'm a die-hard fan of Blade Runner (or the Final Cut, if you're looking for specifics), and I also consider its sequel, 2049, as one of the best films of 2017. So of course I was excited to see Blade Runner get turned into what is slowly becoming a sub-genre of fanediting: A.K.A. the grindhousing of all your favorite movies. I'm not sure how this one will compare to other grindhoused edits (I've only seen The War of the Stars as of this review), and there's a part of me that feels like this sounded better on paper, but with that said, I still enjoyed it, and I think it's worth a watch if you're already going down the grindhouse rabbit hole.

I guess I'll start with my issues with this edit before I jump into the good stuff. First off, this is not intended to be a "perfect" version of Blade Runner. Of course, this being the grindhouse version, that's to be expected. This means that a lot of the editing choices made are from the much maligned theatrical versions of the film. Harrison Ford's bad narration? Check. Happier ending? Check. Censored content? Well, that's a little more complex (We get to see Sean Young's breasts in this cut, and it had more offensive subtitles, so there's that, I guess), but I'm leaning towards check. I suppose most of this works for the intentions of this edit (Although I wish more of the violence was uncensored, specifically on Tyrell's and Zhora's fates), but if you're hoping that the storytelling is gonna be top-notch, let me just say you're looking at the wrong edit.

Storytelling aside, though, the edit does a good job of making you feel like you're watching a grindhouse film. I would say that parts of the dirty film look clearly have a filter on, but having done my own editing on DaVinci Resolve (the free version, mind you, because not everyone has $300 to spare), I know how hard it is to achieve that kind of look, so I'm more forgiving on that aspect. I loved both of the fake trailers and I now want to see a version of Grease where Sandy is an alien from outer space who will explode and turn our planet into a million little pieces if some John Travolta-looking stud takes away her virginity! Good stuff! The roughed-up cuts look accurate, and the 1970's funk and jazz soundtrack does a good job of making this film feel like a product of its time. For me, this edit is more about the experience of watching one of these grindhouse films, and less about the film itself. So if you want to see an edit that gets you as close to watching a grindhouse film as possible with the editing and color grading technology we have, and you're fine seeing these effects done to Blade Runner, then this is a good watch!

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