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(Updated: January 15, 2023)
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Recommend.... an Ultra-HD remastering for this intriguing rehash of 'Blade Runner'. Its good but it could be great.

I see alot of people quite like low quality picture (as seen here). The sunny room projection in a grimey house trash appeal. It quite escapes me where they are coming from on this one. Surely the humid summer night projection on dusty screens using old reel and unstable equipment at trashy Drive Ins is what Grindhouse means. Like this, its a Drive Out for me.

Subtly subversive. The narration using some sort of AI voiceoverer is brilliant (particularly funny bit driving on the open road in the flying car at the end). Its the unfinished, slapped and dashed film rife with imperpections being thrown in the arena that does Grindhouse for me. Mish-mashes. Clever ways to smooth things out. And talking about smoothness the soundtrack it exactly that all the way.

'Funkadelic Sheep' was a 1977 underground smash hit. It just needs a modern digitalization.

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Owner's reply January 22, 2023

A score of 1 on the audio and video quality!!!! After all this Funkadelic Sheep was played on the dirtiest movie projector from the 70's. : )

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