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Joel Schumacher has never been ashamed or denied that the final cut tone of the movie was his vision, and in several interviews he develops and justifies his choices and style.

To this date, no fanedit has ever done this, as they always took liberties in cutting out small (or sometimes entire scenes) moments here and there that say more about the editor’s personal taste than about the director’s wishes.

So the only liberty i took as a editor is include the deleted scenes and alternate/extended shots to the theatrical footage.
The objective of this fanedit is to try to restore, with all the discarded material available to the public, what would be the most complete version of the film possible to honor director Joel Schumacher and his pop culture opera approach to the Dark Knight.
Additional Notes:
I used most of the original Virtual Workprint edit as a base to the deleted scenes audio mixing, but there were two scenes that used Elliot Goldenthal score from Batman & Robin (the hair salon and the ending shot with Batman and Robin running), which I considered to redo and select tracks composed for Batman Forever. A little bit of grain and scratches have been added. I also used a new shot created by Bobson Dugnutt in his recent Virtual Workprint HD Rebuild. Unlike the Virtual Workprint that reused some shots from the theatrical cut (the book opening with the wind, Bruce eyes extreme close up and the small bat flying) at the “Secret of the Batcave”, i chose to use all the original footage from the deleted scene itself. There are in two versions: a regular and a “35mm experience”, with the colours being based on the trailer scans by Denis-Carl Robidoux.
Other Sources:

The older Blu-Ray rip;
Batman Forever: The Virtual Workprint and his HD Rebuild version by Bobson Dugnutt;
Trailers and DVD Featurettes;
Seal “Kiss From a Rose” Music Video;
Both 35MM trailer scans by Denis-Carl Robidoux.
Additions and changes: Basically I restored the original timeline and added all deleted scenes, extended shots and dialogues available out there at trailers, music vídeos, featurettes and making ofs.
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to:
- Josh Jensen, the original editor of the Virtual Workprint cut. Your audio mix still impressive and essential to match the deleted scenes to the entire theatrical footage;
- Bobson Dugnutt, the editor of the Virtual Workprint HD Rebuild;
- ArtisDead and DonkeyKonga, who helped me with all stuff related to Fanedit.Org and gave me feedback on my first cut.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I used the original timeline present on scripts, novel and comic adaptations to insert the deleted scenes (which the Virtual Workprint also used).
However, i reworked part of the timeline events of the VWP cut. The original had a few inconsistent sequences occurring between daytime and nightime. I managed to edit all nightime scenes one after other and then the daytime.
Cuts and Additions:
- Original timeline restored;
= Alternate opening at Arkham Asylum;
- Extended dialogue at Wayne Enterprises;
- New Two-Face shot after "Let’s start this party with a bang’';
- New Two-Face shot at the elevator shooting;
- Extended Batman footage jumping out of the elevator;
- Batman ‘‘Going down?’’ line after the elevator shooting;
- New Batman shot with the grappling gun;
- Extended Batman and Two-Face helicopter dialogue;
- Batman crime scene deleted scene back in (using Bobson Dugnutt batmobile cockpit shot);
- Dick Grayson training deleted scene back in;
- Bruce talking to Alfred at cave deleted scene back in;
- Extended shot of Riddler throwing bombs;
- Mystery of the batcave deleted scene back in;
- Extended Robin hero shot;
- Chase and Alfred at car deleted scene back in.
Original Ending

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This is a very interesting one to review because it's essentially an improvement on someone else's edit. Full disclosure I watched Bobson's just before watching yours, to see if the work you put in created something new or unique, and I would say that it has. It would be impossible to review yours without mentioning Bobson / Jensen.

First, the color palette is closer to the original movie's color, which if someone is more of a purist they may enjoy more. Second, the additional minute or so of dialogue throughout was fun to see, even if it was very minimal, and some of the lines were pretty fun. Third and finally, the small changes to flow of the day/night scenes was interesting! It's not something I would have noticed on my own, but I can see why you would go through the effort to change them.

Overall, a very good and complete VWP, and which version people choose to keep is entirely dependent on personal preference: your cut that is "unbiased Joel with a comic book palette" or Bobson's "personal touch and more realistic palette." Personally I can't choose!

Great work!!

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