AvP Outbreak

AvP Outbreak
Faneditor Name:
Fanedit Type:
Original Release Date:
between 1985 and 2007
Original Running Time:
Avp 98 and AvP:R 90
Fanedit Release Date:
Fanedit Running Time:
Time Cut:
See "changes"
Time Added:
See "changes"
Brief Synopsis:
This aims to turn the ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR movies into a single and WORTHY member of BOTH franchises.
AIM to turn the AvP movies into a single and WORTHY member of BOTH franchises by

removing over exposition
removing repetition
removing misplaced humor
removing all teenagers as much as possible
injecting better pace by reordering and trimming scenes
adding more plot using footage from Outbreak
scoring a FEW dead sections with music to add atmosphere and tie into franchise
Release Information:
  • DVD
  • Digital
Special Features
release information:
NTSC Release at 6000 kbps and at 448 kps 5:1 surround DL
A movie and trailer only SL version is also available.
An MP4 version is also available

DVD details:
Single DISC DUal Layer
Main Film AvP Outbreak 2.02c
Movie and About this edit
3 Trailers
Abandoned opening titles and trailers.
Editing Details:
AvP 1 hr 14min 49
AvPr 1 hr 09min 29
New Title Sequence 2 min 14 sec
Apocalypto footage 1 min 59 sec
Cocoon footage 20 sec
Outbreak Footage 3 min 41 sec
New End Titles 4 min 29 sec

AvP OUTBREAK v2.02c Extended opening PLUS faneditors feedback changes.

THIS VERSION replaces the original 1.061 and 2.02 release which are no longer available.
It now incorporates an additional 46 trims and changes plus over 70 score enhancements including both Predator movies which were not previously used.
This in fact makes a HUGE difference and am suprise I did not do this until pointed out to me by the faneditors…DOH!
This very much turns this into a worth franchise memeber in my view.

This also includes the re-enstatement of the elaborately concieved and reluctantly dropped Myan concieved opening which originally drove me to undertake this fanedit.
I have made a few minor tweaks to this as well and removed a number of rendring glitches and made other corrections etc and additional trims spotted by fellow faneditors totaling just under 3 minutes.
Overall running time though is identical to the previous version due to some re-incorporated scenes and slightly longer end titles.
These additional changes are marked* in the description below which is followed by the score enhancements seperately in order NOT to confuse.
Cuts and Additions:
Completely new Opening Titles

001 opening from ALIEN 3 up to FOX FADE
002 segues into slowed section of green hue with new title overlay
003 Title opens with Alien 3 music for about 20sec,
004 segues into theme from AvP the Game with BOTH tracks going at the same time,
005 with an overdubbed fade motif from ALIENS and ALIEN
006 Flash at title name overlaps 3 audio effects from Aliens, AvPgame and AvPr the movie
007 TITLE is in the ALIEN font but crashes in a reverse zoom
008 and segues into the opening from Alien and track 12 of Avp Game
009 Opening Zoom from Cocoon 2
010 Transition to B&W
011 crossfades into shots from Apocalypto all trimed. and condensed. B&W solves the blue colouring issue of the Natives.
012 The AvP backstory is moved up to the opening and expanded as follows
013 48 shots are taken from Apocalypto and cropped to the correct aspect ratio
014 This sequence competely restructures the sacrifice into a tighter sequence and virtually no 2 consequtive shots appear next to eachother in the source material
015 Objective to show mans depravity in worshipping the gods with extensive audio work to tie the sequence together and retain key portions of synched sound.
016 AvP flashback shot of the temple pre-explosion is used twice. Once reversed play and contrast corrected to tie into the eclipse
017 Avp second shot is as in the AvP flashback but moved to the front of the sequence to act as a bridge
018 Eclipse flashes to Predator ship
019 Nuclear flash segues into the arrival of the “gods” in the Myan sequence and is not the conclusion of the flashback.
019 Myan sequence from AvP has one shot trim and deletes the nuclear explosion.
020 Voice over from the AvP flashback also removed since it is incredibly annoying.
021 Extensive audio and remade soundaffects for the sequence.
022 The myan opening and AvP flashback are then tied together thematically using music from Goldeneye soundtrack, track 11 Fatal Weakness and Tracck 12 from the AvP predator PC game.
023 Transition from sequence to Myan dig
024 includes back to colour segue
025 Additional scoring acts as bridge
026 Over exposition at the dig and cheese removed.
027 present day dig is split into two and is divided by the
028 relocated Predator ship sequence when the beam drills the hole cutting to
029 de-cheesed satatelite station sequence which is trimmed.
030 which acts as the trigger for the heat bloom detected by the satelite is relocated to here as well
031 voice overlap at tail end ties back to the dig
032 The end of the dig cuts to the helicopter ride which is the first time we meet Miss Woods the intro being deleted as contrived and unrequired.
033 The chopper ride is also de-cheesed and
034 the point of no return crap is removed
035 and cuts back to the Piper Maru
036 Aboard the piper maru Weylands line SEVEN DAYS AGO is deleted and a number of cheesy over expositions are removed from the next 5 minutes (spot them…go on)
037 Contemplative discussion on Piper Maru looking aurora removes more kids refs chees and scientific description of the aurora….do we really think these people have degrees and do not know what it is!!!!
038 At the whale station mre cheese removed and part of the walk thru trimmed (penguin crap) for pace and for adding tension too soon
039 Score added from expanded Star Trek Motion Picture soundtrack, track 13 Spock Walk intro played at 50% speeed
040 Rim Sequence at station overexposition trimmed and *winch fall removed
041 Inside the pyramid over exposition of glyphs removed.
042 During reveal of sacrificial chamber score overlay from Alien 3 added, track 4 Lento to highten atmosphere
043 Sacrificial chamber dialogue trimmed for Cheese (C) and Overexposition (E) and reordered some sequence moments
044 Ante chamber sequence deleted and departure from sacrificial chamber moved up for pacing and
045 Predator killing of man on surface delayed by 1 scene which cuts better with following scene
046 deleting the line “this is below the sacrificial chambver.
047 deleting “it’s a sarcofigous”
048 calander exposition deleted and references to dates not required…apart from it also dates the film plus one line from fan feedback.
049 “oh my god” deleted
050 Weyland cough resequence of shots to facilitate dialogue removal of exposicton
051 “dont touch them” deleted
052 continuation of cavern walk and predator scene swiched and reedited.
053 Soldier panic and 2 discussions in cavern with scots scientis removed…cringy
054 Exposition of 10 minute shift theory removed and cheesy look from Miss Woods removed.
055 Cohagem no longer a coward and death reflects this in extensive re edit
056 Further refernces to the 10 min timer sequence of shifting blocks removed.
057 Sebastian and Miss woods now just power run thru and blocks start to shift.
058 Predator zoom on Sebastian trimmed….we get it. An”hes marking himself” deleted.
059 Myan flashback removed and used in intro
060 Exposision before and after flashback trimmed and underscored by Track 7 from Aliens soundtrack
061 Dialogue on returning gun is shifted to walk thru tunnels to avoid visual continuity error.
062 Sebastian in coccoon trimmed and scottish fellow reoved completely as is the shooting of a facehugger.
063 As a result, Miss Woods now just pulls a gun from holster and does not pick one up.
064 Dialogue swearing when Miss Woods sees predator bomb removed.
065 Alien attacking Predator when Miss woods shoots is reedited to remove crap dialogue but keep a great over the sholder shot of the Alien
066*Predator demasking and face minimised and take off at end reworked to not feel like a movie end including rescoring
067*Transition between movies AvP to AvPr transition is completely reworked in this version.
068 Kids line in forest trimmed…lets keep it gfrown up HUH!
069 Sherrif and Pizzareia scenes at intro cut and replaced by early intro of miltary woman
070*added Cedar Creek caption, Colorado to ensure continuity
071 Tenage scene at house and bullying removed, cut to sheriff.
072 Interior scene of mum coming home cut
073 Face hugger running into tunnel truncates and cuts to
074 moved up predator crash but
075 split predator arrival into two by inserting tramp death but
076 the second tramp death is removed.
077 Tramp death score with track 7 from AvP game at 80% speed
078 contiuing with a trimmed hugger shot with the second half of the predator’s arrival
079 Sherrif and eddy wife moved up to divide the Predator ship sequence and avoid hard cut ni the sequence.
080 Search interruption with Eddy’s wife deleted
081 First nightsite sequence deleted amd
082 First sewer sequence with kid looking for keys is deleted
083 Buddy’s wife trimmed in street and
084 Breakfast intro reordered to remove molly and family including
085 reversed shot of Dallas to eliminate gaze to Molly’s mum.
086 *Diner Alien attack on Carrie shortened and following power station scene trimmed following fanedit suggestions on continuity
087 pool opening fight scene removed…aftermath left in only
088 Night Sight Alien and Molly run out moved up
089*Power plant at police splits re ordered so that Predator draggin off corpse happens after
090*Troop deployment from Outbreak is now split for pacing and refernce to Californiaa removed from Presidential Briefing
091 Next 8 mins as per AvPr until gun shop two found where scene is trimed and cuts to the first half of Outbreak briefing.
092 second half of the whitehouse briefing from Outbreak which cuts to the hospital shots in AvPr and scene is unified with the alien killing and flatliner for pacing.
093 This means that the scene in the gunshop is also unified for pacing removing one cheesy bit.
094 The previously unified hospital sequence is split by moving some scenes up and splitting the call for help creating a nice moment with a red monitor screen and includes a new scene constructed with Donald Sutherland and the Military giving the green light for clean sweep.
095 single shot removed to cut better to truck departure which no excludes the cheesy internal dialogue and Eddies re to Gunnisson county is removed#.
096 Film plays out as per original with a few minor dialogue deletions and post crash coda removed. Everyone MUST die to maintain continuity EXCEPT the company who obviously now move to ALIEN etc.
097 End titles play out frmo both movies with a combined truncated score combining both sets of music.
098 Finally 3 additional scoring changes made using portions from Alien, Aliens and Alien 3…each in a seperate scene. go on…find them!!!
099….other choice lines removed include
“what did you say its called”
“Can you drive ” deleted
“motherfuckers” deleted
“let’s look at pictures of other peoples children”….(that will get you locke up these days)
“the government doesnt lie” deleted
“we’re not going to make it are we”
“what is this, the Titanic” DELETED
“what’s your loction” and response, deleted for continuity of Cedar Creek
and finally…..”god help us all” deleted….

I have incorporated additional music cues from Predator, predator 2, Alien, Aliens and Alien 3

Please rate and comment…

Enjoy…and next…a James Bond reworking.

No piece of music was used twice, though different portions of same tracks used.

# denotes cue not used in original film
* denotes music retained from V1.061/1.071
T denotes “Track” on CD

AvP PC Game Extracted WAV file
Predator 20th Anniversary CD Score
Predator 2 CD SCORE

00 00 31 – Alien 3 : Opening Title T1
00 00 50 – segue into ALIEN Opening motif T1
00 01 55 – segue into opening from ALIENS
00 02 15 – segue back to ALIEN motif
00 02 25 – segue into T12 AvP PC Game
00 02 56 – segue into Goldeneye T 11
00 04 26 – Theme from Predator T31
00 04 31 – segue into T12 AvP PC Game
00 06 48 – Predator T2 Base Arrival
00 07 35 – ALIEN motif from DVD score
*00 18 21- Spock Walk from Star Trek the Motion Picture Score EXPANDED ED – Track 13 (HEY it’s Jerry Goldsmith, same composer, same year 1979!! same vibe)
00 23 05 – Predator T2 Space Sequence
*00 23 50- Section from isolated score from original Alien DVD release
00 26 24 – Infra Red enhancement
00 27 22 – Aliens T18 Queen to Bishop
00 27 46 – Aliens T8 Med Lab
00 28 44 – Infra Red enhancement
00 30 06 – Predator T26 Predator Visible
00 30 37 – Predator T03 Rope Down
00 30 42 – Infra Red enhancement
*00 31 10- Track 4 Alien 3 Score CD The Beast Within
*00 33 20- Track 1 from original AvP PC Game Score (from game file cache)
00 34 32 – Predator T27 ugly motherfucker
*00 37 30- Track 14 from original AvP PC Game Score (from game file cache)
00 39 39 – Infra Red enhancement
00 39 59 – Aliens T12 Face Huggers
*00 40 28- Track 3 Alien 3 Score CD
00 41 44 – Infra Red enhancement
00 43 19 – Aliens T02 Bad Dreams
*00 47 05- Aliens T13 Futile Escape plus *T24 Sting from Hyperspace Alternate
00 49 16 – Aliens T18 Queen to Bishop
00 49 44 – Predator T25 Dutch is Challenging
00 51 57 – Aliens T02 Bad Dreams
00 53 24 – Infra Red enhancement
00 55 03 – Infra Red enhancement
*00 55 48- Track 7 Aliens CD Score Atmosphere Station
00 56 22 – Predator T20 The Hunt is on
00 58 34 – Aliens T18 Queen to Bishop
*01 00 09- Track 5 Aliens CD Score Combat Drop
01 01 53 – Infra Red enhancement
01 02 27 – Aliens T18 Queen to Bishop
01 03 10 – Aliens T18 Queen to Bishop
01 03 52 – Aliens T18 Queen to Bishop
01 09 16 – Aliens T18 Queen to Bishop
01 09 32 – Infra Red enhancement
01 12 11 – Predator T16 Night Watch
01 17 07 – Predator T06 Skinned Green Berets
01 19 31 – Predator T25 Dutch is Challenging
01 23 07 – Predator T15 Predator’s First Aid
01 24 12 – Predator T14 Mac Mourning
01 25 36 – Predator 2 T11 End title
01 29 34 – Infra Red enhancement
01 31 04 – Infra Red enhancement
*01 32 00- Track 8 from original AvP PC Game Score (from game file cache)
01 35 01 – Predator T11 Anna on thr Run
01 35 15 – Infra Red enhancement
01 35 59 – Predator 2 T06 Rest in Pieces
01 36 48 – Infra Red enhancement
01 40 24 – Predator 2 T06 Rest in Pieces
01 40 36 – Infra Red enhancement
01 40 50 – Infra Red enhancement
01 41 05 – Aliens T10 Sub Level 3
01 42 07 – Infra Red enhancement
01 42 46 – Infra Red enhancement
01 46 30 – Aliens T10 Sub Level 3
01 46 40 – Infra Red enhancement
01 47 49 – Aliens T07 Atmosphere Station
01 50 46 – Aliens T20Bad Dreams (alternate) #
01 52 09 – Predator 2 T08 This is History
*01 54 22- Track 5 Alien 3 Score CD Combat Drop
01 58 02 – Infra Red enhancement
02 00 41 – Aliens T23 Combat Drop (percussion Only)#
020 1 12 – Aliens T24 Hyperspace (Alternate) #
*02 02 00- Track 9 from original AvP PC Game Score (from game file cache)
02 02 25 – Infra Red enhancement
02 13 17 – Predator 2 T11 End title
02 13 45 – Predator 2 T1 Main Title
02 13 47 – Infra Red enhancement
02 16 33 – ALIENS T23 Combat Drop (percussion Only)#
Predator T31
Predator T30
AvPr End Titles
Predator 2 T1
Predator T30

See deleted scenes on disc 2 to appreciate the enormity of it all.
Cover art by Wraith (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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I watched this edit with my wife who’d seen Predator, the Alien quadrilogy, Prometheus, and Covenant. It’s been ages since I dusted off the AVP movies so I went in having forgotten most of the details. My wife felt that things weren’t being explained and that the movie was just action piece after action piece with no real plot to speak of. I told her that’s how I remembered them unfortunately, but perhaps the decision to shorten and combine these two films made that flaw even more drastic. Paul W.S. Anderson’s movies aren’t exactly known for great character development.

We hadn’t even finished the AvP portion of the edit and both of us decided to stop watching, although we stuck it out to the resolution of the first movie. AvP was definitely a lot worse than I remembered. I’m going to go back and pick it up from the Requiem part, but sandwiching two bad movies together into a long edit wasn’t really the solution I’d hoped for. Perhaps these movies just aren’t able to be saved, but I give Wraith plenty of credit for trying.

My wife mentioned that making the Predators the protagonists in this one was an odd decision and didn’t really sit right with either of us. Same goes for the Predator-human tag team. I can’t even remember the humans’ names aside from Weyland and we just watched it last night, so that goes to show just how little the characters matter in AvP.

We watched a 2.68GB (SD) copy from the editor. I wish we could have watched an 8GB or higher version but I was happy to get my hands on the edit regardless. I had to play around with settings in VLC to get the a decent viewing size our 42" TV, but once that was done the edit didn’t look too bad considering the small file size. I didn’t notice any A/V or other editing issues, aside from the breakneck pace which I seem to recall was the same in the original movie, so my qualms are only with the source material. I’ll update my review after watching the Requiem part but wanted to put these thoughts on AvP down while they're fresh. My thanks to Wraith for sending the edit and trying to salvage a couple of misguided, big budget bombs. Even though the enjoyment factor doesn’t rank high for me because of the source material, I am grateful that editors take up the challenge with movies like these!

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Overall rating
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It takes true talent to take two epic disappointments, combine them into one, and assemble it all together to deliver a quality product. This is exactly what's been done here with AvP: Outbreak. At times, it does give off the feeling of two movies mushed together, but for the most part, this is an incredibly impressive edit with an engaging narrative and top-notch editing. For fans of both franchises that were deeply let down by the crossover films, this is a must-see.

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Truly a massive labour of love. The amount of work that went into this boggles the mind. Ultimately I feel like it produced the AVP version of “Australia” — a story that is two sub-stories and would have made two perfectly acceptable standalone 90 min movies. Which puts us back where we started with the idea that maybe all that was needed was some fierce red-pen work on the “AvP” films, instead of trying to weld them together. Though the tone of the new story is much more on par with the oppressive weight of the “Alien” franchise (good job), in the final analysis it doesn’t work for me, despite the pluses of getting rid of the teenage-nitwit nonsense from AvP2 and inserting the footage from “Outbreak”. Those two shrewd moves raise that arc of the story quite a bit. Concur about how dark it all seemed. I kept wanting to brighten my screen. Technically a fine effort, something that all fans of the “Alien” and “Predator” flicks should see once. But not something I’ll return to.
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This review is for the Dual Layer DVD version

Technically, video, audio quality and editing work is very good throughout. 10

Presentation is very good as well.
-Motion menu with audio, 3 trailers and 48 minutes of deleted scenes.

There is no chapter menu, but I rarely use that anyway. But still, it keeps it from getting a perfect presentation score.
What’s nice is that the deleted scenes is broken up into chapters as well, so you can just skip forward to scroll through each scene, just like when you’re watching the movie.
Presentation scores a 9.

About the edit itself.
This is a long edit and feels like 2 movies glued together, which is fine and enjoyable enough.
I did enjoy the first half more than the second half, but the editing work in the second half, with the insertion of the Outbreak footage, is impressive indeed.
The main thing that detracted from enjoying the second half is that it seemed to be always dark and raining. I just wanted to see the creatures – one in particular – up close and personal. I’m not sure if anything could be done about that though.
Enjoyment – 8ish.

This is a great effort with alot of time and work put into it.

Overall – 9 for the DL DVD

btw, if you aren’t interested in the deleted scenes or trailers, I had previously encoded a very good quality 1.9 gb avi (using the DL DVD) and is available at MU.
Avi specs: Video – 852×366 xvid 1500 Kbps, Audio 256 Kbps AC3 6 channels.
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