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FanMix October 29, 2009 9252
(Updated: October 19, 2023)
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This fan edit definitely succeded at what the editor wanted it does bring the best out of both films, but it doesn't make a good movie.
If you are a fan of those movies and want to rewatch them, watch this instead because it is just the two AvP films shortened and then combined,

However, as a single movie, It feels really wired that the movie wastes time building characters at the beginning of the film only for them to quickly die, and then the protagonist from the first half doesn't show up in the second film.
You either want to split it into 2 different movies each will be 80 minutes or reduce the focus from the characters of the first part, together it just doesn't work.

The video quality also has some issues aside from being available only at 480p there are also some big changes in colors from scene to scene and the parts from the other movies aren't in the same quality, but to be fair this is an old fan edit and Wraith has a lot of other fan edits that proves he is one of the best fan editors out there.

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