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Brief Synopsis:
Zack Snyder's Dawn of Justice aims to replicate the style of Snyder's Justice League, by breaking the story down into multiple chapters that give focus to the various subplots and streamline the movie.
Streamline Batman V Superman, making it more digestible by focusing the subplots into their own chapters. Each chapter title is named after a spoken line of dialog, as was done in Snyder's cut of JL and my previous fanedit, Suicide Squad: Made to Fail.
Additional Notes:
I used the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice The Ultimate Cut Blu-ray as my source. This fanedit has a companion piece in Suicide Squad: Made to Fail.
Special Thanks:
WakeUpKeo for the end credit text and mid credit scene idea.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I set out to make a fanedit of BVS that was something between the choppy theatrical cut and the bloated Ultimate Cut. Then Zack Snyder's Justice League finally released and I realized that to save BVS, it needed to be cut into chapters.

My goal was to focus the various threads and subplots and make a more coherent story that is less about the conflict between Batman and Superman and more about the need for heroes in this world.

Prologue [10 min]
Part 1: 18 Months Later [20 min]
Part 2: Stand For Something [17 min]
Part 3: Knowledge Is Power [23 min]
Part 4: What Promises Are Worth [20 min]
Part 5: The Future of The World [18 min]
Part 6: God Vs Man [30 min]
Part 7: Doomsday [35 min]

With new mid-credits and post-credits scenes
Cuts and Additions:
Most of the editing was simply rearranging scenes. Very little was cut

- Added Fanedit disclaimer
- Cut VO line from Bruce Wayne in the beginning over the funeral procession: "What falls... is fallen"
- Added "Fan Edit by Joe Quinn" credit
- replaced Dawn of Justice title card with my new title
- Changed font of "18 Months Later" to match the font I use for the other titles
- Trimmed shot of kid starring at the Kryptonian wreckage
- Moved Lois in the desert to after the introduction of Batman in Gotham
- Adjusted the pitch of some of Lex Luthor's lines, to be less high pitched and squeaky.
- Cut Bruce waking up next to a random model after a bad dream.
- Combined previous bad dream with the Knightmare timeline dream
- Cut The Flash showing up to warn Bruce and Bruce waking up in his lab, Knightmare scene now happens before Bruce meets Clark Kent at Lex's fundraising gala
- Trimmed a few of the more awkward lines from Lex's speech at his gala
- Rearranged scenes with Lois searching for the source of the metal used in the bullet she retrieved from Africa
- Cut Batman plowing through a semi in a fiery explosion and blatantly killing the goons shooting at him in the Batmobile. (A few probably still die in this scene, but none so obviously as was depicted in this shot.)
- Cut the JL cameos that Wonder Woman watches from the email. We see the logos for each character right before she shuts the laptop to join the final battle.
- Rearranged final scenes to have Clark Kent's funeral happen before Batman visits Lex at Arkham
- Cut the dirt floating off of Clark's coffin.
- Moved the cut cameos to the mid credits
- Added the Flash warning Bruce from the future as a post credits scene

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