Twilight Zone: And The Children Shall Lead, The

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Twilight Zone: And The Children Shall Lead, The
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Kirk and the Enterprise cross into the Twilight Zone!
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In the time of the Space Age, a Starfleet vessel from Earth arrives at the planet Triacus to discover their scientific group are all dead. Disturbingly, the children are unaffected.
Another fan edit adapting a classic Trek episode into a classic Twilight Zone episode.
Other Sources:
The Twilight Zone Season One opening and:
"The Little People"
"The Fear"
Release Information
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Editing Details:
Original footage edited down to 30 mins with a post-titles teaser and 1 x commercial break.

Converted entirely into monochrome.

Original TZ season one opening titles in place of the original.

End credits are left in tact, but with TZ season three closing music, and sped up to fit in with the TZ music.

Two of Serling's narrations used for the opening and closing, the latter is a voiceover only.

The original close of Act II is the commercial break.
Cuts and Additions:
Alterations to original episode:

Removed all exterior space shots of the Enterprise.

Removed Kirk's two Captain's Logs.

Removed the landing party beaming down to Triacus.

Removed the Kirk/Spock cave sequence and subsequent references to it.

Removed the ice cream/busy bees scene.

Trimmed the Professor's Log playbacks.

Trimmed the conference in Kirk's quarters.

The original end of Act II is the halfway commercial break, albeit truncated to just have the two shots of Gorgan.

Removed the two Kirk/Spock corridor scenes which sandwich their encounter with the affected Scotty.

Removed Chekhov's attempted arrest of Kirk.

Removed Kirk's 'Gorgan' references.

Trimmed the playback footage of the families on Triacus.

Additional Twilight Zone material:

A trimmed version of Serling's opening intro for 'The Little People' cuts in after the 'Ring-a-ring-a-roses' circle the children dance with.

The end narration for 'The Fear' closes the episode.

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When it comes to remixing Star Trek, The Warlord again provides a masterful service. He has carefully selected the right amount of TZ material to weave around another vintage Trek story (especially that cut away to Serling as the children played around Kirk, integration like that is a must for bringing two of these franchises together and I'm glad he made the most of the opportunity), as a story, it's one classic Trek's oddest and doesn't really 'fit' the series it comes from, but as a Twilight oddity it works splendidly.

The only niggle is that just as the end credits begin, it cuts away from a producer's credit all too quickly before lining up with everything else smoothly. Might want to take a look at that for future version. That aside, these Twilight Trek concept edits are a very unique method of enjoying downright bizzare entires into the Trek canon and I hope they continue.
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