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When it comes to remixing Star Trek, The Warlord again provides a masterful service. He has carefully selected the right amount of TZ material to weave around another vintage Trek story (especially that cut away to Serling as the children played around Kirk, integration like that is a must for bringing two of these franchises together and I'm glad he made the most of the opportunity), as a story, it's one classic Trek's oddest and doesn't really 'fit' the series it comes from, but as a Twilight oddity it works splendidly.

The only niggle is that just as the end credits begin, it cuts away from a producer's credit all too quickly before lining up with everything else smoothly. Might want to take a look at that for future version. That aside, these Twilight Trek concept edits are a very unique method of enjoying downright bizzare entires into the Trek canon and I hope they continue.
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