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Consider that a divorce!
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A cut of Paul Verhoven classic film, Total Recall, that aims to make the film a little more fast paced, and solely focused on Quaid.

I don't hate the original film at all, but I felt that there was an alternate cut somewhere that removes almost all of the villianous solo scenes, getting the film going faster.

This isn't trying to be any sort of definitive cut or replacement, but when you wanna watch Total Recall, but don't have the 113 minutes needed to watch it.
I wanted to see a faster cut of the film without all of the Michael Ironside and Ronny Cox side scenes. Not that I hate them or their acting or anything, but if the film really is a dream, then Quaid wouldn't dream about scenes he isn't in.
Other Sources:
- Total Recall (1990) Blu-Ray: Regrade inspired by a 35mm scan done in 2021
- Soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith
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Cuts and Additions:
- regraded entire film, scene by scene, inspired by a 35mm print from 1990, scanned in 2021
- cut bedroom scene to end just as they start making out
- trim breakfast scene to make Quaid look more eager but frustrated
- cut Quaid walking in and entering Rekall into the directory
- cut Quaid talking to the receptionist
- added new dream sequence to replace Rekall employees dealing with the schizoid embolism
- trim Sharon Stone's hologram intructor
- cut Stone calling Ricter
- Trim the Quaid/Stone fight so that her hits repeat a little less
- cut Ricter and the gang coming into the apartment and them tracking Quaid
- trim bits of Ricter's gang tracking quaid
- cut Quaid on the train seeing the Mars shuttle advertisment
- cut Helm tracking Quaid from the car
- trim JohnnyCab not understanding Quaid
- cut JohnnyCab quirming in the back
- cut all scenes of Ricter's gang about to intercept Quaid at the factory, they now appear unexpectedly
- trim everyone being blown around the Mars terminal
- trim last shot of the Officer sizing up Ricter
- cut Ricter going to Cohagen's office
- trim Quaid being confused about the fingerprint ID thing at the hotel
- trim the Hotel attendant staring at Quaid leaving
- fix continuity as Benny shuts the Taxi twice when the explosion goes off
- cut convo with Benny and Quaid about Venusville and getting off to an early start
- cut Benny's comment about Venusville as they pull in
- cut reunion between Quiad and Melina, with Tony interjecting, scene cuts right away to inside her room
- cut Benny fondling the 3 Breasted Woman
- cut the crosscutting with Ricter/Helm in the hotel lobby
- cut Ricter getting all emotional over Sharon Stone dying, and the brief chase on the dome structure, scene now cuts right to them in the street
- cut the whole scene with the Last Resort being shot up
- cut the Rebel Base shooting after Quaid and the gang leaves
- cut Cohagen ordering Quaid's death
- cut Quaid putting on the hologram watch before going into the reactor to preserve a bit of surprise
- trim a lot of the Mars residents blowing around and the walls blowing out and all that
Schizoid Embolism Dream Sequence

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(Updated: March 15, 2022)
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Quality is decent, but not peak for an HD source. Visual is a little soft in places and the rich reds of Mars betray some of the compression.


Bobson regraded the whole film. Some shots looked better and less washed out to me, others were a bit too dark or warm for my liking. The new dream sequence is a nice bit of editing and a really creative addition to the film. The only thing that felt a little off to me were the occasional dips to black, which felt a little random in the midst of the other crossfades.


I hate to mark this down as much as I have but during the conversation between Qwaid and the Recall manager at 00:11:14, the audio completely drops out.

I also noticed a small audio hiccup at around 58:57. But otherwise, transitions came across solid.


I think that Total Recall is already open to interpretation in terms of whether or not we are witnessing recall or reality, but Bobson's makes a good point: if we are to believe in the possibility of it all being a dream, why isn't it only from Qwaid's perspective? Doesn't cutting between that and the bad guys break that illusion? Unfortunately, Bobson doesn't commit fully to this idea and neglects to cut out several moments that aren't from Qwaid's perspective. But if, like me, you already consider the "it's all a dream" a valid interpretation of the original film, then arguably what's been cut here only aids that interpretation a little more.

A narrative hiccup I picked up on was that when Qwaid is being told he is still in recall and needs to take the pill, the man mentions that Qwaid's delusional adventure started mid-procedure - except it doesn't in this version. Instead of him waking up part way through and it all going wrong, like in the original, he instead drifts off to sleep and we have a new dream montage to help transition to his "recall" adventure. This line should ideally be changed to reflect that.


I like the original film, but Bobson has made some good cuts, and it's amazing just how well it still functions with so much material gone. The film does move at a brisker pace and I wasn't bored for a moment; for a new viewer this may not be ideal, as it storms through the plot points, but if you're returning to the film I think it works fine.

In one sense, it is a shame to have less time with the bad guys, and I would have liked to have seen a stricter take on the "dream"/Quaid perspective angle; but what's here works and makes for an enjoyable alt take. My biggest issue overall is the audio dropping out early on.

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Total Recall is one of my favorite Sci Fi flicks, something I like to rewatch from time to time. Arnold gave a very good performance in this one and this FanMix is putting all the spotlights on his character, Doug Quaid. It's a fresh experience, something you as a fan must watch and appreciate. And the most important idea that this movie is trying to convey is that everyone's existence might just be a vivid dream. Watch this one guys, you wont' regret it!

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