Tarantino Tales: Episode 3 - Jackie Brown

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Brief Synopsis:
To create ten 60 mins Episodes from Quentin Tarantino's 10 films to date.
Play with the timeline a little bit. Keep people guessing.
Replace much of the music, but retain the feel. Should feel like Tarantino picked the songs...
Tell a complete story in < 1hr.
Additional Notes:
Link to the main Tarantino Tales listing on ifdb

Tarantino Tales by The Red Apple Crew (600 minutes)
Special Thanks:
Special thanks to INIGHTMARES for being a sounding board for my ideas, pushing me to try it even though it felt weird, and making some solid suggestions for improvement, in particular where to cut on the final scene.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
- Play with the timeline a little bit. Keep people guessing.
- Replace much of the music, but retain the feel. Should feel like Tarantino picked the songs...
- Tell a complete story in < 1hr.
- Removed scene with Jackie at the airport.
- Removed scene with Ordell, Melanie and Louis (talking guns).
- Show opens with Louis and Melanie (from third act of movie) looking for their car. Argument escalates until Louis shoots Melanie-
- Crash zoom and cut to CO.
- After CO, begin at Cherry Bail Bonds scene one (Beaumont).
- Significant cuts to Bail Bonds scene one (eg. discussion re: Winston, Louis walking to car).
- Cut to shortened Ordell/Beaumont scene (Beaumont's murder)
- Removed Louis/Simone scene.
- Removed Louis/Ordell scene.
- Removed scene where Ray and Mark pick up Jackie with the money (and cocaine).
- Removed Jackie going to jail.
- Removed Jackie's bond hearing.
- Cut to Mystery Scene #1 (more on these later)
- Cut to Cherry Bail Bonds scene two (Jackie Brown)
- Significant cuts to Bail Bonds scene two. Now ends on, "More power to you"
- Cut to the Jail (dropping off Lopez, picking up Brown).
- Shortened Jackie walking to Max. This is the first time we see Jackie Brown.
- Replaced "Natural High" (Bloodstone) with "Lovely Day" (Bill Withers).
- Shortened discussion around where to stop for cigarettes.
- During discussion in the bar, used quick flashbacks to Ray and Mark stopping Jackie as Jackie tells Max about being picked up for possession of the cocaine.
- Cut to Ordell at Jackie's, as before, with Johnny Cash left intact, but removed his walk from car to house.
- Cut to Ordell questioning Jackie in the living room after door closes. Kitchen scene removed.
- When the gun is revealed (via click), cut on Ordell's line, "Is that what I think it is?", then cut to:
- Mystery Scene #2
- Discussion between Ordell and Jackie removed.
- Cut to Max coming back for his gun.
- Shortened scene in several places (eg. removed discussion about records).
- As Jackie tells Max Ordell visited the night before, show brief flashbacks to their interaction.
- Replaced Delfonics' "Didn't I Blow your Mind This Time" with Delfonics' "Hey, Love!"
- Removed discussion re: Delfonics
- Scene ends at "fuck him". Discussion around getting old removed.
- Removed scene with Max buying a Delfonics cassette.
- Cut to Ray at police headquarters, but he enters the office right away. Discussion between Ray and Mark removed.
- Shortened discussion between Jackie, Ray, and Mark. Scene ends on, "...help you get Ordell".
- Removed scene with Melanie and Louis (having sex)
- Cut to Ordell entering the bar.
- Added Foxy Brown "Letter to the Firm" as Ordell enters bar; becomes background music as Ordell and Jackie talk. This is the music from Max's removed scene at the record store.
- Shortened scene with Jackie and Ordell; ends on "...I'm gettin' 15%".
- Added "Ready or Not" to transition from this scene, to the Mall.
- Removed scene with Louis and Melanie (discussing taking the money)
- Removed scene with Louis and Ordell at the bar (discussing Melanie)
- Mystery Scene #3, then cut to Del Amo Mall.
- "Ready or not" switches to background radio.
- Shortened discussion between Ordell and Jackie at the mall.
- Sped up transition to Jackie and Max (removed part of Ordell seeing Max and ducking into the store).
- As Max leaves the theatre, we now hear Misirlou (pulp fiction)
- Cropped discussion between Jackie and Max in the food court. Ends on, "50,000 dollars will always be missed".
- Mystery Scene #4
- During "trial run" added Delfonic's "Funny Feeling".
- Removed Ray marking the bills and discussing the shopping bag.
- Trimmed cuts to align with music better.
- Shorted discussion between Jackie and Sharonda (they barely said anything in the original, now they basically say nothing).
- Cropped scene slightly; ends on "Could work".
- Mystery Scene #5
- Cut to Jackie and Ordell arguing on the balcony; Scene with Melanie removed.
- Hard cut to Jackie and Ordell discussing the plan, because I think it's funny.
- Trims to discussion, especially Louis being stoned.
- Background music replaced with Bill Withers "Use Me".
- Cut to Jackie and Ray discussing plan in the restaurant.
- Removed discussion about Louis, Simone, and Melanie. Ray and Jackie just discuss the plan.
- Removed flashback to Max during their conversation.
- Shortened discussion between Jackie and Max. Removed mention of Mr. Walker.
- During call with Ordell, end on "This time it's going to be Melanie". We see Melanie in the background very briefly.
- Cut to money exchange "for real".
- Music replaced with Delfonics "Round Round".
- Trimmed scene with Jackie preparing bag.
- When we cut to Max, "Round Round" playing on the radio.
- Cut to Jackie and Max driving to mall. Same Randy Crawford music.
- Removed Melanie and Louis driving to mall.
- When Jackie gets to mall, music replaced with Randy Crawford's "Same Old Story".
- Trims while Jackie walks to Billingsley
- Removed "Booya" when Jackie gives Melanie the bag.
- Removed music while Jackie prepares the bags.
- Added music "Ball of Confusion" when Jackie leaves the dressing room to find Ray (faking distress)
- Cut to Max getting to the mall.
- Removed shot of Louis seeing Max.
- Fixed the audio for the sales clerk. When she says, "Wait, your change!" it's clearly a different take and it's always bothered me. I've layered in the audio from the first scene (with Jackie) so it matches 100%.
- When Max gets the bag, changed music to Earth, Wind, and Fire "Fantasy"
- As Max leaves the mall, added very faint gunshots (Louis shooting Melanie)
- As Max closes car door, cut to Ray slamming door at police station.
- Several cuts during discussion between Ray and Jackie (re: Melanie and Louis, mostly)
- Scene ends on "...pick up Ordell".
- Cut to Ordell calling Cherry Bail Bonds (call with Mr. Walker removed).
- Cut to Max at Ordells. Scene ends when Ordell calls Jackie, cut to:
- "Damn, I ain't never heard her so scared".
- Removed discussion re: Delfonics as Max and Ordell drive to Cherry Bail Bonds. Instead, drive is 100% silent.
- Added music: Bill Withers "Better Off Dead" during drive to Bail Bonds.
- As Max and Ordell arrive at Cherry Bail Bonds, we connect to the mystery scenes. Switch to B&W on exterior shot.
- After Ray shoots Ordell and the lights turn on, switch from B&W back to color.
- Scene ends on long shot of Ordell.
- Cut to Cherry Bail Bonds.
- Made the toilet flush louder to reinforce the pattern/joke.
- As Jackie is about to kiss Max changed music to Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine".
- Show ends just as Jackie and Max are about to kiss (INIGHTMARES' suggestion)
- Custom end credits
- Brief post-credits clip.
- ALSO: Replaced "Money Exchange" cards to match the font we're using for credits, and added cards for act 1, 2, 3, 4.
- The Mystery Scenes are brief clips of Jackie at Cherry Bail Bonds waiting to spring the trap on Ordell at the very end of the movie. They are shown in B&W. Some have alternate music. They are told out of order, with the placement used to convey Jackie's feelings during the part of the main timeline when they are shown. When the main timeline catches up to this moment it switches to B&W, then back to colour as the scene ends (Ordell killed).
- Regarding Melanie: We see her with Louis at the very beginning, but we don't see her again until the mall. Someone coming to this fresh won't realize the opening scene is from the 3/4 mark of the main timeline (I hope).
Music Removed:
- "Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)" by The Delfonics
- "Natural High" by Bloodstone
- "Monte Carlo Nights" by Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods
- (several other songs removed by virtue of their scenes removed)
- "Aragon" by Roy Ayers.
- "Escape" by Roy Ayers.
- "Vittone's theme - king is dead" by Roy Ayers.
- Whatever song that is in the mall when Simone walks away.
Music Retained:
- "Tennessee Stud" by Johnny Cash
- "The Lions and the Cucumber" by The Vampire Sound Incorporation
- "My Touch of Madness" Jermaine Jackson
- "Exotic Dance" by Roy Ayers, but only one scene. This song is scattered through the whole movie and it's just too much, lol.
Music Repurposed:
- "(Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm" by Foxy Brown
Music Added:
- "Hey, Love!" by The Delfonics
- "Ready or Not" by the Delfonics
- "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers
- "Stop and Look" by The Delfonics
- "Funny Feeling" by The Delfonics
- "You Are Gone" by The Delfonics
- "Use Me" by Bill Withers
- "Round Round" by The Delfonics
- "Same Old Story" by Randy Crawford
- "Ball of Confusion" by The Temptations
- "Fantasy" by Earth, Wind, and Fire
- "Better off Dead" by Bill Withers.
- "Ain't no Sunshine" by Bill Withers.
- "Barrel of a Gun" by Depeche Mode

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Overall rating
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Highly Recommended. Loved the edit! Very much enjoy this series. Thank you to all the editors.

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(Updated: September 20, 2023)
Overall rating
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Tarantino's "Jackie Brown" is for me his second-weakest film, with the weakest in my mind being OUATIH. Now to be fair that's because his other movies are so so damn good that even his middling-successes are still among my favorite movies. The problem with Jackie Brown is that it feels overly full in the same way OUATIH does. Too much talk, not enough movement, slightly bad actor choices. Obviously I'm not talking about Pam Grier and Robert Forster (RIP), they're absolute dynamite.

Somehow this edit manages to take out 100% of the Tarantino-fluff and leave a really nice tight story. There are a few moments that feel very slightly rushed but I think that's because in the original they're Tarantino'd to the fullest.

This edit is tight, the music changes are amazing (I loved that Max was seeing Pulp Fiction in your edit haha), and MOST OF ALL...

I loved your ending! Man!! Instead of leaving "Jackie Brown" with this semi-heartbroken-but-I-get-it kind of feeling, I was ear-to-ear smiling! What a fantastic cut, and watching it has actually made me appreciate the original more.

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Overall rating
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I watched this episode first, I could not wait to see how Futon88 edited this movie I kn0w quite well.
Right from the start, it's very strong. The opening scene is more reminiscent of the previous Tarantino films than the original, and quite nice to set the tone. I always felt like Jackie Brown lacked that aspect of the Director's catalog. Over the course of the movie, we are given almost everything from the original, but it gets to the point more rapidly. I would say it can sometimes feel a little bit rushed, but it gives a very fast pace compared to the original. I guess it was to be expected due to the nature of the project but it lessens ever so slightly my enjoyment of the movie (I have to guess that I will get used to it by the last episode I watch, sorry for that...lets call it the early adopter penalty).
Overall it is a great episode especially regarding the narrative. it is segmented, emphasizing the fast pace again. all sections are intercut with a story-telling device created by the faneditor from short clips taken from one scene. It gives the movie a specific color and feel.
Very well done Futon! I recommend without hesitation.

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