Superman II: The RKS Edition

Superman II: The RKS Edition
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You’ll believe a sequel can fly!
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This is a COMPLETELY re-built version of Superman II using the best elements from both movies with a whole new opening credit sequence and many, many changes and edits.
After the disappointing release of The Richard Donner Cut many fans have decided to make their own movie using elements from the original theatrical release as well as the Donner Cut.

Unlike many other fan cutters of this movie I have attempted to edit a movie that simply tells a logical and more exciting story that will appeal to a broader audience rather than being made for any one individuals taste. The original theatrical release was a bit too jokey (Richard Lester’s fondness for slapstick had far too much influence on the story) and Donner’s version was woefully incomplete due to him being fired from the original shoot.

This is a COMPLETELY re-built version of Superman II using the best elements from both movies with a whole new opening credit sequence and many, many changes and edits.
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Cuts and Additions:
- Original Red WB logo
- (LC) space into DC kryptonian trial
- STM re-cap using DC credits (brando holds a green crystal instead!) - Opening credits end with PZ floating in space & fade into DC earth zoom
- (DC) daily planet up to Lois whistling at her ‘discovery’ (no jumping out the window etc.) we see the start of her suspecting Clark is Superman
- (DC) lex in prison with LC “life plus 25″ dubbed inâ€�.coz its better!
- (LC) daily planet up to “that’s why they call them terrorists”
- New paris sequence part 1 showing the terrorists etc just to set the scene
- (LC) Clark exiting daily planet to alleyway change (re-scored with music from STM)
- New paris part 2, Lois climbing tower, Superman arrives a bit quicker now! Music plays all the way through.
- (LC) lift into space with close up of Supes watching the lift fly off (taken from STM but substituted missile for lift)
- (DC) villains release ending with LC villains flying to moon
- (LC/DC) moon encounter with thorne/Williams music
- (LC) intro to prison then DC lex’s escape plus Lex’s balloon flying over the wall
- (DC) honeymoon haven intro then LC room interior minus vibrating bed
- (LC/DC) mix for Lex to fortress and fortress interior. I have done many things to this scene but it ends more like the RIC (and there is no toilet flush) I have also included an extra scene trying to show some of Zod’s insurrection’ as part of Jor-el’s tutorial
- (DC) Lois/Clark (gorgeous, gorgeous!) but when Lois sees Clark without glasses we see a close up of her smirking (concluding somewhat her earlier suspicion of Clark is Superman.)
- (DC) boy rescue minus “he’s jewish”
- (LC) Lois and Clark (where were you?)
- (DC) villains arrive (no Houston or strange surface talk) DC snake
- (LC) lois jumps in water but trimmed dialogue so that she goes straight into her accusation speech, cut Clark dialogue screeching “oh god!”…twice, why?? He surely has switched into rescue mode, it would be his instinct, so why flap like a normal person would do?
- (LC) lois and clark and YES... the pink bear (sorry to all who it offends!) but it just works and its well acted
- (DC/LC) police (no skunk sweat) music all the way through, I have tried to end this scene with a bit more of an ominous tone
- (DC) flight to fortress with thorne music
- (LC) east Houston re-cut to make the tone more menacing (no arm wrestling, no finger beams)
- (LC) Supes and lois, shopping etc
- (DC) TV guy but no “planet Houston” from Zod, an insert of the president watching this, we see ZOD on TV and TV guy mentioning that there are gunships on their way. (This shows that the whitehouse is aware there is danger here so they are going in guns blazing. Also some time has passed before the army arrive, they just don’t show up anymore.)
- (LC) Supes & lois having dinner
- (DC) TV guy cut with LC street battle, insert again of president watching on TV
- (DC) helicopter battle, re-cut so that the gunships fire a couple more times and Ursa starts to walk forward at the right time. (Initially she is stood still, then a long shot shows her walking, then she is stood still again!!)
- (DC) de-powering with LC close-ups of lois and closer chamber shots of Reeve, jor-el fades from view, ending with LC clark and lois
LC “I am general ZOD”re-cut for a more global TV audience feel, unfortunately no CGI!! Re-cut villains destroying Mt Rushmore & the Washington monument cut with LC lois & clark
- (DC) attack on whitehouse
- (DC) diner scene, fade to LC clark to fortress with exterior shot of the fortress glowing green slightly
- (DC) re-powering, lighting changed to make it more like LC and reeve’s voice lowered so he doesn’t sound so 'whiney'. Re-cut jor-el touching clarks shoulder we see a fading hand and a fading jor-el slowly disappearing into the background rather than ˜sliding off the screen’ like in the DC. No 'jerky' close-ups
- (LC) lex at whitehouse with DC mixed in
- (LC) daily planet intercut with DC villains trash the office (“use a door knob” back in)
- Re-cut Superman returning to metropolis, with LC/DC mix
- (LC) start of battle then DC “you are a fool” onwards.
- Re-cut ZOD blowing up cars (he faces the right way ALL of the time now.) Zod begins to heat up the tanker THEN Superman sees it and flies in. Previously its like he guesses Zod is about to hit the tanker
- (DC) 'blowing away' the streets of metropolis (minus the guy on rollerskates!)
- (DC) villains return to daily planet plus LC “the three of us will crush the son of our jailor” and “lets take his favourite”
- (LC/DC) villains flying to fortress
- (DC) villains fly into fortress and villains/superman encounter
- (LC) close-ups of de-powering cut with DC exterior of villains watching
- (DC) picture with LC soundtrack for this sequence, LC close-up grabbing Zod’s belt, DC Superman lifting Zod etc, LC Lex figuring out what has happened, re-sequenced close-up of Ursa watching what is happening.
- (LC) “too late luthor!” much more aggressive take as opposed to the smirky DC version
- (LC) Lex “got a proposition” then arctic police sequence with 'smallville strongboy' cut out
- (DC) destroy fortress and return to metropolis
- (LC) zoom out from Lois’s apartment then LC daily planet
- (LC) kiss memory wipe but used music from STM when Supes finds Lois dead, so this links the two movies in a subtle way, Supes is changing her life again!!
- Fade out to a dawn sequence fading into a metropolis cityscape to show a transition of time
- (DC) daily planet “north pole!” etc
- (LC) diner and flag ending with MOVING FOUNTAINS!
- (LC) fly over the earth (its longer AND better)
- (DC) fly by then DC credits minus the Donner fur and cigarettes apology (noble sentiment but do me a favour, this is a Superman movie not an eco-friendly, animal rights film)
- End title card against space background stating simply “Superman will return”
- Static black warner logo
Cover art by RKS (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
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Review by col.hutty — July 30, 2009 @ 3:55 pm

I am an extended edition buff and have a big collection of original ones and all the fanedits from here.
Many extended editions do not add anything to the movie, just add more useless scenes. I will rate the ones here.
Rating criteria: image quality, sound quality, 3x improvement, overall.
Image Quality: 9 of 10
Sound Quality: 9 of 10
Improvement: 8 of 10
Overall: 8 of 10
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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by tylerdurden389 — July 24, 2008 @ 6:43 am

Just finished watching. Let me just say ahead of time that I have seen a few fan edits of S2 in their entirety, as well as many clips of edited scenes on youtube. There were quite a few things I liked about this fan cut. Showing the moon sequence right after the villains escape is good just for continuity’s sake. Zod’s “Insurrection” was a nice way to use some of the opening Lester footage. The way you played out the scenes during the villains in Idaho, while Supes and Lois are at the fortress, along with the president watching was great. I loved how you used the Reeve close-ups during the de-powering and ESPECIALLY reversing the shot so that Lester footage fits in with the Donner footage. Bonus for having Lois stare at Jor-el and his head fading out. Much better job of Jor-el fading away during the re-powering, along with taking out the “jerky” close-ups. Again, great job of reversing Donner footage so that it fits with the Lester scene/Donner footage when Supes arrives at the Planet (the Donner cut shot of him flying away). I also like the little things like using the Donner footage of Non taking the shot in the face from Perry, showing Supes flying down during the battle sequence (to hide the obvious backwards S on his shirt), and using the Lester sound with the Donner footage when Non falls in the FOS. Lastly, the timing of the music when Clark gives Lois the memory erase kiss at the end was cued PERFECTLY.

Next, the things I wasn’t so crazy about. The deepening of Reeve’s and Stamp’s voices, a little too deep I think. The cutting of the opening DP scene and still using the Niagra jump. It’s kinda hard to believe that Lois would put something like that on hold. Some of the Donner shots that were better in the LC (Luthor you poisonous snake!, Too true to be good, etc..) And believe it or not my biggest shock was cutting out ‘Blast off!!”. I love that line.

Overall though, your fan cut is one of the best. A lot of the clips I’ve seen online you’ve put your own spin on (like cutting the Eiffel Tower scene, using Lester footage of Lois during the Donner re-powering, etc..). I give it a 4 1/2 out of 5. Thank you for putting in the time and effort towards making one of the best fan cuts of S2.
Top 500 Reviewer 13 reviews
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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by heavyg — July 12, 2008 @ 8:43 am

Wow.. My favourite edit of Superman II yet. After trying ADM and Booshman’s cut, I have finally found the version that sits right for me…. Great work RKS. I felt the other edits had problems with continuity and I had favourite scenes that were cut from them (Obviously my favourite scenes weren’t the same as theirs!) Anyway, I really enjoyed this cut, and found the additions worthwile (especially the more global feel to the world speech.. FANTASTIC! and pacing/timing of the Houston battle was greatly improved)… and moving fountains in the final White House scene!!! (Come on guys, cutting the fountain out in another edit doesn’t really count as a fix does it!!) Thanks for making this my official Superman II edit to show my kids!
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