Superman 2 – The Deja Vu Cut

Superman 2 – The Deja Vu Cut
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Brief Synopsis:
This is a totally different, alternate version of the movie. It was created using both the Lester and the Donner cut.
This version is not an extended “best of both worlds” cut. I wanted to try something a little different using the wealth of footage out there. I chose the title Deja Vu because in my cut, Superman turns back time right after the Metropolis battle. Then events repeat in a different way, starting with the villains released in the Paris sequence. Ultimately, Superman must face his problems rather than escape them by turning back time again.
Release Information:
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Special Features
Special Lester Cut (Parody)

Editing Details:
Each of the 2 timelines is edited differently, with scenes and parts of scenes from the Donner Cut and the theatrical Lester Cut. Many scenes are completely re-edited, some are basically unchanged. Much of the music and sound has been remixed to make it more consistent with the original John Williams score. It is not meant to be a replacement for either of the 2 official cuts, but a totally different, alternate version of the movie.
Cuts and Additions:

LC – Lester Theatrical Cut
DC – Donner Cut
STM – Superman the Movie
RIC – Restored International Cut
Deleted DC – Deleted DC scenes
Deleted LC – Deleted LC scenes
WB Logo – 1978 Black and White, added music.
Krypton Approach – LC/STM footage, STM Sound, added music.
Trial Recap/Phantom Zone/Trip to Earth Re-edited LC/DC/STM, added 1978 sound effects, extended Guilty verdict, added music.
Missile/Release of Villains – Re-edited DC.
Credits – DC
Daily Plant/Lois jumps out window – DC
Lex in prison – DC
Moon 1 – Re-edited DC footage, LC soundtrack. Added RIC dialogue.
Lex escapes in balloon – DC
Niagara hotel intro – DC
Lex heads north 1 – Re-edited DC/Deleted DC, added music, enhanced picture.
Lex/Eve at fortress with Jor-El – Edited DC
Lois and Clark by Niagara Falls – Edited LC
Lex heads south – Deleted DC, added music, enhanced picture.
Villains land – Re-edited LC
Niagara rescue – Re-edited LC. Remixed with enhanced march music, dialogue.
Villains meet cops Re-edited DC
Blank Bullets Re-edited DC. Eliminated hair continuity problems.
East Houston news report/Military attack – Re-edited DC
Supes and Lois fly north/Enter Fortress – Re-edited DC, added dialogue.
Zod’s speech/Villains destroy Rushmore and Wash Monument – Re-edited DC/LC, remixed sound, added music, added sound effects.
White House Invasion/President – Re-edited DC.
Supes shows Lois fortress – Re-edited, Remixed LC.
Lex at White House – DC, adjusted pitch of Zod’s voice.
Lois and Supes return to Metropolis Re-edited, Remixed LC.
Daily Planet Invasion 1 – Re-edited DC. Adjusted pitch of Zod’s voice
Superman Arrives – Re-edited DC/LC mix. “Freedom of the Press”, Remixed sound, added march from STM.
Metropolis Battle 1- Re-edited DC/LC mix. Aerial battle, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, no super breath. Added music,
sound effects, dialogue.
Supes turns back time – DC footage, new time reversal footage, added music, remixed sound, 1978 sound effects.
Deja Vu at Daily Planet – DC
Lex Escapes in car- DC deleted scene, re-edited, sound remixed, added music, added sound effects, enhanced picture.
Daily Planet Paris setup- Re-edited LC, remixed sound.
Alley change LC, remixed sound, added march.
Paris – Re-edited LC, removed dialogue, remixed sound.
Villains released – Edited LC, added sound effects.
Clark hit by taxi – LC
Moon 2 – Re-edited DC/LC, remixed sound.
Niagara hotel room Re-edited LC.
Luthor/Eve in fortress with Lara Ã�â‚�” Re-edited LC
Lois and Clark by falls Re-Edited LC
Lois jumps in river – LC
Villains Land 2 Re-edited DC
Pink bear reveal Re-edited, Remixed LC
Flying north Re-edited DC.
East Houston/Boy on horse – Re-edited, Remixed LC, Deleted LC, added music, added sound effects, enhanced picture.
Supes gets dinner Re-edited LC.
East Houston military attack 2 Re-edited LC.
Fortress Dinner Re-edited DC.
President sees destruction on TV Re-edited LC.
Supes and Lois in bed DC
Mt. Rushmore/President Re-edited LC.
Depowering – Re-edited DC/LC mix, features Jor-El and Lara, Remixed sound, added music.
White House Invasion 2 Re-edited LC.
Driving south/Diner – DC
Repowering – Re-edited, remixed DC
Lex at White House 2 – Re-edited, remixed DC
Superman recharged at Fortress – Re-edited DC, STM, added music, added sound effects.
Daily Planet Invasion 2 – Re-edited LC/DC, remixed sound
Superman Arrives 2 – Re-edited DC/LC mix. “Care to step outside”, Remixed sound, added march from STM.
Metropolis battle 2 – Re-edited DC/LC mix. Heat vision, street fight, super breath. Added music, sound effects, dialogue.
Villains at Daily Planet Re-edited DC, adjusted pitch of voices.
Villains fly north DC
Villains try to enter fortress Deleted DC, remixed sound, added music, enhanced picture.
Fortress confrontation DC, adjusted pitch of voices.
Arctic Police Re-edited deleted DC, remixed sound, added music, enhanced picture.
Destroying fortress – DC
Lois’ apartment – DC
Jimmys new camera Deleted DC, enhanced picture.
Return to diner DC, remixed, added music.
Flag to White House LC, remixed, added music.
Credits DC, added music.
Cover art by CBB (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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This edit is outstanding. It's so amazingly creative. This is a prime example of what can be accomplished in a fanedit if enough material is available. As much as I love this edit, though, I can't make it my go-to. It's not compatible with ADM's Superman Redeemed. You can't have everything, I suppose.

My favorite part about this edit is how it has a new theme, that things will always happen in some way shape or form, and destiny does call your name. Well done!

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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by nexus1983 — October 16, 2011 @ 3:37 pm

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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by Phlegmbot — December 15, 2010 @ 9:49 pm

I think this is very fun and creative. There are some small edits I was very appreciative of — changes to Lois falling from the Planet building, the removal of the super-breath from the Metropolis battle, and — if I’m recalling correctly — the removal of the toilet flush sound from the Fortress.

Unlike the other Superman II re-cuts, you’re not looking to replace Superman II, you’re just giving us a fun, new take. And you achieve that. This is especially perfect for those who like the Lester cut (I’m actually not part of that crowd…even as a young boy I didn’t like much of the Lester cut [the pink bear scene was always bothersome, as were lots of other parts...yet somehow still loved the film overall. Kids are very forgiving]). The addition of Lara in the Fortress scene when Superman has is powers removed is utter genius. The re-edit of the White House scene (in your second half), with the quicker pacing, is also terrific.

What doesn’t work, however, is that since Superman is aware that he turned back the world to avoid the evil villains coming to Earth, having him release them accidentally the second time around kind of implies that Superman is a complete doofus. If there was some way to have them escape OUTside of Superman’s involvement with the Paris bomb in the second go-round, that is to say, if something somewhere else occurred while Supes was in Paris, then perhaps this major plot point could be overlooked. But, hey, this is still a fine piece of work. And, it should be pointed out, you’ve done some really smart, tight editing.
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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by zackepple — December 15, 2009 @ 12:34 am

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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by r8s8fr8 — November 27, 2009 @ 7:40 pm

What an awesome version of Superman 2. This seems to be overlooked a lot and it so should not! Litemakr: great job! Thank you.
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