Star Wars: The New Republic EP1: A Vergence in the Force

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This is a condensed edit of Season 1 of The Mandalorian. The intent is to use the footage to create a single movie edit that follows the classical Star Wars movie structure and focuses on the core plot of the season.
Star Wars was designed to be viewed in movie format. Following the performance of Solo, Star Wars movies have been paused and instead we are being treated to live action TV shows. Whilst I enjoy these, I really miss seeing Star Wars movies and having Star Wars in a format that I can readily re-watch.
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Tracks from the OST.
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Cuts and Additions:
Classical Star Wars Opening Crawl and Pan sequence. (2mins)

(Total Season 1 footage - 272mins to 151mins)

Chapter 1 (36mins to 12mins)
Cut first 21 minutes of Chapter 1…. includes Mytherol bounty capture and the whole of the first sequence on Nevarro.
Crawl pans to manufactured Razorcrest hyperspace exit merging into the approach to Arvala-7.
Arvala-7 approach re-scored using “Face to Face”.
Cut head-on shot of Mando in the cockpit to add impact to his “reveal” exit from the Razorcrest.
Trimmed Razorcrest exit sequence to speed up pacing.
Cut Mando saying “Thankyou” to Kuiil… not a great first line for our fearsome bounty hunter.
Extended end of the Mando/Kuill hut scene by reversing a shot of Kuill and adding in “you are a Mandalorian, your ancestors rode the great Mythosaur’. This line now cuts to Mando mounting and riding the Blurg, allowing the Blurg training to be cut. Used score track “You are a Mandalorian” to create a better musical transition”.
Cut Mando “Let’s come up with a plan” this again makes him appear slightly incompetent.
Cut IG-11 shooting Mando - he gets shot way too many times in this season.
Trimmed scene of IG getting shot as the CGI looks too animated.Cut exchange between IG and Mando where IG runs a diagnostic.
Cut the Nikto attacking Mando from behind…. Why didn’t the Nikto just shoot him?
Trim Mando trying to open the door and “they’ve got us pinned” - speeds up the pacing.
Cut IG-11’s second threat to self-destruct.
Cut Mando shooting enemy as they enter the building.
Used a reversed shot to extend the pause between the blaster shot and IG falling to the ground.
Re-scored the child reveal using “Farewell” to give a more natural transition into the first scene of chapter 2.

Chapter 2 ( 27mins to 21mins)
Rebuild sound mix to remove music from whole Trandoshan ambush scene - creates more tension and allows a better transition to the next scene.
Trimming of the Jawa chase to speed pacing.
Remove Mando returning to the trashed Razorcrest - he goes straight to Kuill.
Remove child eating creature.
Remove Mando & Kuill travelling to the Jawa camp - it’s unnecessary. Transition wipe and scoring from “Celebration” used to cut from Kuill camp to Mando & Kuill arriving at the Jawa camp.
Remove Mando travelling in the Sandcrawler. Instead wipe transition from Jawa camp to Mando and the child walking towards the mudhorn cave.
Remove Mando “arming his weapons” outside the mudhorn cave.
Remove Mando’s rifle getting clogged with mud.
Slo-motion edits when Mando is dazed have been cut.
Remove Mando going back into the cave to retrieve the egg - we dont need to see this.
Rebuilt audio of Mando leaving Arvala to allow a re-score of the scene - rescored with “Trashed Crest”.
Cut to Kuill-IG reprogram scene from Chapter 7. Audio rebuilt to remove Kuill narration and score extended using “Reprogram”. Reprogram scene upto the point where IG awakens is used, rest is cut.

Chapter 3 (31mins to 27mins)
Added Razorcrest cockpit shot of hyperspace exit from chapter 6 and immediately cut to hyperspace exit shot from chapter 3.
Cut Grief Carga line “I don’t know if he wants to eat it or hang it on his wall, but he’s getting very ansy”.
Trim Mando and child walking from Razorcrest to the Client.
Cut transition wipe as Mando walks through town.
When Mando meets the Client added “Beskar?” and “Go ahead, its real” from Chapter 1.
Added scene from Chapter 1 where Mando leaves the Client’s office including the line “the Beskar belongs back into the hands of a Mandalorian……”. Shots reused to hide the fact that Mando doesn’t have a beskar pauldron.
Rebuilt audio to allow smooth music transition to Mando walking back through town.
Remove most of Mando walking to the armoury.
Added armourer lines from Chapter 1 “this is from the great purge… it is good it is back from the tribe”.
Cut Armourer “This would be in order for your station”.
Cut Mando “That would be a great honour”.
Insert Armourer/Mando “has your signet been revealed….not yet” from Chapter 1.
Cut Mando/Armourer exchange about whistling birds.
Cut whistling birds from the armour sequence.
Add Cantina patron scene from Chapter 1 to Cantina intro sequence.
Add Grief Carga/Mando exposition dialogue from Chapter 1…. referring to Bounty hunter guild using cuts from Chapter 3.
Cut Mando looking at the trash can and scouting out the stronghold from the roof. He leaves the ship and goes straight to the front door… this spontaneity fits better with the overall plot.
Cut section of stormtrooper search “We’ll flush him out”.
Cut Stormtrooper shooting Mando.
Cut scene where Mando is captured inside the client’s office and uses whistling birds.
Removed wipe before tracking fobs activate.
Trim battle section where Mando is in the moving speeder - the speeder moves for far too long given the short distance it actually travels.
Shortened Grief Carga/Mando final confrontation scene to shorten the 2 excessive pauses.
Re-scored the Razorcrest escape using “Nightriders” to increase tension.
Cut the flying Mandalorian next to the Razorcrest.
Cut Mando passing the ball to the child.
Added clip from Chapter 6 of “In cockpit hyperspace jump”.
Added clip from Chapter 6 of Mando handing the ball to the child so it now happens with the Razorcrest in hyperspace.
Moved Grief Carga survival scene to here to give a tense escape from Nevarro and to provide a bridge scene between the Razorcrest entering and exiting hyperspace.

Chapter 4 (35mins to 3mins)
Virtually all removed.
Only Mando’s arrival and the first part of the bar scene remain.

Chapter 5 (29mins to 24mins)
Added Hyperspace exit from Chapter 6.
Add Chapter 4 scene aboard Razorcrest where Mando is looking for a sanctuary.
Add battle scene score “warm or cold”
Battle trimmed.
Trim approach to Tatooine.
Cut Toro introducing himself in the cantina.
Cut Pelli playing poker with the pit droids & finding the child.
Cut Tusken Raider interaction - pointless scene.
Cut first sniper shot hitting Mando.
Cut Toro “I don’t have beskar”
Cut Mando “We might just have a chance” - weakens his character.
Cut Toro “thanks for the tip”. “Who wouldn’t want to be a legend” is a far better sentence to end on
Cut Toro “It’ll make me a legend speech”
Replaced Boba finding Fennec with the version from BOBF - seeing his face adds more mystery… is it boba? Is it a clone?
Use Hammertime and Fennec & Boba to transition into and out of the Boba scene.

Chapter 6 (38mins to 1min)
Removed apart from a few Razorcrest shots.

Chapter 7 (34mins to 31mins)
Cut Grief Karga line “I guess we can call it even”.
Add in approach to Sorgen from chapter 4 and Mando & Grogu walking to the bar. Then cut to the chapter 7 fight scene.
Cut Mando “you saw what happened on Sorgen” - those events aren’t in this edit.
Cut entire IG reprogram scene… first part edited and used between Chapters 2 and 3.
Cut Kuill “or whom I should serve” - gives his speech more impact.
Cut Grief Karga “It appears introductions are in order. It appears we have both brought a security detail”.
Cut Grief Karga “I’m glad this matter will be put to test once and for all”.
Cut some sitting around the campfire.
Cut Grief Karga lines about the child being a carnivore and the Empire paying a King’s ransom.
Trimmed Bird attack scene.
Cut Grief Karga line “he’s trying to eat me”.
Cut Mando line to Kuill about engaging ground security protocols.
Trim Mando/Cara/Karga approach to biker scouts.
Move Mando reposte “on your wall”
Cut Kuill riding on the Blurg… a continuous scene where Mando, Grief and Cara enter the Imperial den works far better.
Cut Grief Karga “go with it”.
Cut First Kuill on Blurg clip.
Cut Client “libation” line.
Cut Client line “we all will be quiet”.
Cut Cara “you said 4” line.
Cut Client line “Currently it is sleeping” and Gideon line “you might want to check again” so that when the client says he has the child he is immediately shot. This tightens the plot because it now lays out as though Gideon thinks the child is with Mando.
Cut Cara “This is bad” - Rick Ollie level exposition.
Cut third Kuill on Blurg clip so that the Gideon arrival scene is uninterrupted.
Trim Kuill v Biker scout death clips just to reveal Kuill lying on the ground

Chapter 8 (42mins to 32mins)
Cut entire Biker Scout scene.
Cut Mando Line “I’m out of charges”.
Cut Gideon proposal. Now plays out as though Gideon thinks the child is there.
Shortened flashback scenes so it picks up where the previous one ended.
Trim scene of IG coming through the town.
Cut Gideon shooting Mando on the head.
Cut Mando asking Cara to leave him.
Cut intro shot of Flametrooper.
Cut Mando saying he’s not going to make it.
Cut the Mando/IG “get it over with” exchange.
Trim searching in the sewers scene.
Cut Mando line “you go, I can’t leave it like this”.
Cut first part of flashback scene.
Cut Mando “you wish me to train this thing”.
Cut armourer “it is too weak, it would die”.
Add in “I was once a foundling…… I know” lines from Chapter 1.
Cut Cara line about an escape plan.
Cut dialogue where Armourer gives Mando directions to the lava river.
Cut Mando line about staying.
Remove transition wipes either side of armourer v stormtroopers scene.
Cut Grief Karga line “There’s the larva river”.
Remove wipe as boat travels along larva river.
Cut Mando Line “That supersedes your manufacturer’s protocol… right”.
Cut IG-88 line “This is correct”.
Cut Mando line “Grab a blaster and help us shoot our way out”.
Cut Mando line “No, we need you”.
Cut IG Line “There is nothing to be sad about, I’ve never been alone”.
Cut Mando line “I’m not sad”.
Cut IG Line “yes you are, I’m a nurse droid. I’ve analysed your voice”.
Move Moff Gideon survival reveal scene forwards and score with “a warrior’s death” to give better transitions.
Added Razorcrest entering space clip from Chapter 3 to extend exit sequence.
Used Score from Chapter 3 to merge into Star Wars theme for the classical “Iris Out” transition to credits.
Classical Star Wars credits.

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Smudger9 is back; our hero’s long-cherished (by me) Clone Wars edits are essentials in my SW catalogue, and I do believe I’ll be putting these Mando edits up there with them.

The narrative starts a little oddly, abruptly, even, but we get into the sweep of it all in no time. Gone is a lot of filler and I can’t even really remember too much about what’s missing (it’s been a few years). This, in itself, is an achievement.

Very much looking forward to the other edits you’ve made, smudger, for this series, including Boba. Will you be doing entires for those films as well?

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This edit is fantastic. I prefer films to TV shows because I just don't have the time to spend on TV. I bought the Mandalorian Season One and Two and had managed to finish it. I enjoyed Season One, with a few caveats. The adventure-of-the-week format that a lot of episodes followed wasn't my cup of tea, but I was invested in the overarching plot...and that is exactly what this edit gives us. Some purists may not like the changes made to make the story flow better but I thought Smudger's solutions were creative and well-implemented given the limitations he had to work with. The new scene transitions all work well and all-in-all, it feels pretty close to a legit Star Wars movie.

The only knock I can possibly give it is in the 'asides', or 'meanwhile...'-type scenes that are occasionally added to explain segments of the plot, which seem somewhat out of place--and the casual pace of the story (which betrays it as a TV show). Looking through the change list, it appears that a *lot* of trims have already been made, so perhaps that is unavoidable.

At any rate, this is my preferred method to re-visit this clunky but occasionally delightful series, with the filler removed and the story intact. Great work!

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