Star Wars - Rogue One: Where Rebels Dare

Star Wars - Rogue One: Where Rebels Dare

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Star Wars - Rogue One: Where Rebels Dare
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"Broadsaber calling Dantooine. Broadsaber calling Dantooine"
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Brief Synopsis:
'Where Rebels Dare' takes an already decent Star Wars movie and makes it a bit more Star-Warsy. We now open with a traditional crawl and scene wipes are used. The amount of "fan service" is reduced and the plot is reordered.
I liked 'Rogue One' but it had obvious problems from the first viewing. The opening act felt very choppy and there were too many cringey "fan service" moments. The main problem was that screen-time which should have been spent developing the new characters, was given over to bad cameos. Since no deleted scenes exist, I can't add in more depth for our new heroes and villains but I can tweak a few things and reduce the cameos. The other goal of this edit was make R1 play like a traditional Original-Trilogy movie. So it now has a Fox style fanfare, a custom crawl and new establishing FXshots.
Other Sources:
- Rogue One Blu-Ray
- Star Wars (Harmy's Despecialized Edition)
- Prometheus Blu-Ray
- Rogue One Soundtrack
- Attack of the Clones Soundtrack
- Return of the Jedi Soundtrack
Special Thanks:
Thanks to Gaith for the Fanedit title idea.

Thanks to the following for their help draughting the crawl text: DigModiFicaTion, Canon Editor, DSM2337, darthrush, SkywalkerFan01, Moe_Syzlak, addiesin, theryaney, Flubly and Garp.

Thanks to theryaney and jswert123456 for their awesome alternate DVD/Blu-Rays covers.

Thanks also to everybody who offered feedback and encouragement in the project thread: The Scribbling Man, Zarius, darksteel1335, ThrowgnCpr, Nic, ssj, DominicCobb, thecuddlyninja, Last Impressions, lapis molari, Detective, octoroxx, Nerdman3000, Kal-El, dkerin and Weekly Wackadadoo.
Release Information
  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Special Features
- 1920x1080p Blu-Ray - 21GB - AC3 - 448kbs (with animated chapter menus)
- 1920x800p MKV - 12GB - AC3 - 448kbs
- 1280x534p MP4 - 4GB - AC3 - 448kbs

(All formats include 6 short alternate scenes as a bonus)
Editing Details:
- Regraded lightly to increase contrast and adjust tinting in some scenes.
- Added new custom-made traditional Star Wars style opening. Fox style fanfare, green Lucasfilm logo, SW logo, custom crawl, pan down etc.
- Reordered opening act, which I felt was choppy in the original version. Now we do not return to older Jyn until it's time for her to be rescued and time for her story to begin again. Death Star scene has also been brought forward to establish the threat, before we see how others are responding to that threat. I think these changes make things clearer.
- Reordered some parts of the final battle to help pacing and logic.
- Reordered a few other scenes throughout the edit in small ways to help the story.
- Added traditional style wipes to points where I felt it was appropriate. Large shifts in time, or in location etc.
- Removed all onscreen titles naming the various planets, as this is not something done in any other Star Wars film.
- Removed or altered a few distracting "fan service" moments including the Dr. Evazan/Ponda Baba cameo, Red-5's death and the entire encounter between Vader and Krennic.
Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added and TM2YC titlecards.
00.00.32 - Added custom Disney/Fox titlecard, created by youtube's Timon Berkowitz. Trimmed to match Original-Trilogy (OT) timing, cropped to scope, added animated clouds and regraded to look more "vintage". Music from Harmy's Despecialized Edition (DE).
00.00.39 - Replaced modern Lucasfilm logo with custom-made old green 1977 style version.
00.00.49 - Replaced "A long time ago..." titlecard with custom-made one. Matched closer to style of original 1977 version but with clean blue to mirror closing Rogue One (R1) credits (which I've also recoloured).
00.00.56 - Added custom-made traditional Star Wars logo, timed to exactly match look and movement-speed of 1977 original but with a modern R1 starfield.
00.01.04 - Added custom-made crawl timed to match the crawls of the OT as closely as I could (thanks to DigModiFicaTion for his crawl text creation guide and helpful advice). Music from 'Attack of the Clones' opening as it segues smoothly into R1 existing score.
00.02.23 - Added pan-down timed frame-by-frame to the DE 1977 reference.
00.02.27 - Added custom-made pan-down establishing FXshot with Stardestroyer (SD), tiny moving Krennic shuttle and wide shot of Lah' Mu (ringed planet graphic created by's vissroid. Regraded and adjusted).
00.02.37 - Trimmed beginning of first shuttle shot to remove pan-up and added reverse angle of SD and rings overlay.
00.03.44 - Altered blue-milk shot so the camera pans with Lyra's movement across the kitchen, instead of zooming right in on the milk, which I found to be distracting.
00.09.25 - Trimmed Saw's lines and instead we fade from young Jyn gazing up to a starfield.
00.09.47 - Added custom-made pan-down FXshot featuring a new establishing shot of the completed Death Star (DS), with animated dish and SDs. Plus "13 years later...." title. SoundFX and music replaced with 'Krennic's Aspirations' from the R1 score (which is otherwise unused in this fanedit).
00.09.54 - Added another custom-made FXshot of the DS. Animated SDs, dish and shadow from the dish.
00.09.57 - Reordered and trimmed shots of SDs to work better with the new music and sequence. Also ending on a SD close-up is more logical since that is where we next see Krennic and Tarkin.
00.10.07 - Adjusted shot of Tie flying over SD so the camera tracks the SD and not the little Tie
00.10.11 - Brought forward DS opening scene to be our new intro into the present-day and to establish the threat, before we see others react to that threat. This also serves to not interrupt the main Jyn plot later on.
00.11.42 - Added wipe to cropped shot of Jedha, with title removed (First Cassian scene moved to later).
00.12.57 - Added wipe to cropped shot of Kafrene
00.13.06 - Rescored and replaced soundFX to opening Kafrene shots.
00.15.04 - Rescored end of Cassian scene with 'Wobani Imperial Labor Camp' from the R1 score to increase the emotion as he murderes the Rebel spy and to have a dramatic music cue into the first scene with older Jyn. SoundFX also replaced.
00.15.21 - Added new establishing shot of Wobani terrain, taken from 'Prometheus'. Regraded and soundFX new added.
00.15.26 - Brought forward Jyn's flashback dream-sequence and mixed it over Jyn asleep in the prison.
00.16.12 - Replaced soundFX in prison waking scene and replaced music with 'Star-Dust' from the R1 score. Added Stormtrooper dialogue sample from '77 Star Wars.
00.16.52 - Cropped shot of labour camp to remove title. This the dream sequence and prison scene now form an uninterrupted and stronger re-introduction to older Jyn.
00.18.07 - Added wipe to shot of Yavin with title painted out.
00.19.05 - Moved shot of Cassian in the shadows from the random place it was at, to just before Mon Mothma introduces him. Minor remixing of audio to allow this change.
00.24.33 - Added wipe to shot of Saw walking.
00.26.16 - Added iris-wipe to shot of Jyn. Transition Rescored and soundFX replaced.
00.29.53 - Removed distracting fan-service cameo from Dr. Evazan and Ponda Baba.
00.41.06 - Brought forward scene where Bodi is discovered in the cell, to form one unbroken scene of the Rebels locked up. Added music from guards. This brings focus to the discussion between Cassian and Chirrut and means that the Bodi scene does not interupt the DS powering up threat later on.
00.41.56 - Removed a couple of lines between Cassian and Bodi and replaced it with SoundFX of Bodi breathing erratically, music and Cassian just smiling at having found the pilot.
00.45.35 - Removed a few shots and lines of the DS powering up to allow the move of the earlier Bodi scene. Music and SoundFX added.
00.53.28 - Brought forward short scene of Krennic leaving the DS, to just after he walks out on Tarkin, to make one longer scene. Replaced soundFX and rescored with more of the otherwise unused 'Krennic's Aspirations' piece.
00.53.45 - Added wipe to shot of Yavin.
00.54.17 - Added iris-wipe to shot of the U-Wing. Added a little more engine noise (from an X-Wing) to have more impact.
00.57.13 - Added wipe to cropped and flipped shot of Eadu. Camera adjusted so the ship tracks the speed of the wipe. Remixed sound.
00.57.20 - Flipped two shots of the U-Wing to match altered Eadu planet shot.
00.58.24 - Added more radio static to further blur the line between the impact sound and Rebel communicator.
00.58.40 - Brought forward scene of X-Wings launching to more believably give them time to arrive at Eadu. Added music.
00.58.49 - Added iris-wipe to shot of U-Wing. Added storm soundFX.
01.00.43 - Replaced all soundFX during this Chirrut transition to cover the move of the music-heavy X-Wing launch scene.
01.13.43 - Removed the whole Vader/Krennic encounter sequence (one part retained for later). I found it annoying and fan-servicey. The suit doesn't look right, the dialogue is laughable, it distracts from the main plot and it serves zero narrative purpose. Also it furthers the diminishing of Krennic's character if both Tarkin and Vader are belittling him.
01.13.44 - Added wipe to shot of Yavin. Replaced all soundFX and music
01.13.47 - Removed first 30-seconds of Rebel meeting. The Rebel leaders were shown being defeatist to a silly extreme. The scene now begins with Radus saying "If she's telling the truth, we need to act now!", then we hear more reasoned arguments for inaction. Added background arguing soundFX.
01.19.03 - Removed a few seconds of Bodi dithering too long over the 'Rogue One' call sign.
01.20.11 - Added wipe to shot of transport in Hyperspace. Added extra soundFX.
01.20.13 - Cropped shot of Scarif to remove onscreen title.
01.23.06 - Removed unearned reference to Saw during Jyn's motivational speech. This also helps Jyn's speech be more low-key and believable.
01.30.31 - Brought forward scene of K-2S0 hitting the Imperial guy. Added more door soundFX.
01.30.43 - Removed a couple of shots of Bodi and replaced soundFX and music.
01.31.29 - Added completely recut brief version of the earlier Vader/Bacta scene to sit just after Tarkin says "...inform Lord Vader". So this is him being informed. This way he naturally enters the film at a point where he becomes important to the plot. Recut shots to remove dialogue. Almost totally replaced soundFX and music with the opening Imperial March from 'Return of the Jedi'.
01.31.59 - Replaced radio-static soundFX and music leading into Yavin scene.
01.33.06 - Replaced all soundFX and music during the cameo shot of R2 and Threepio. Replaced 2016 Anthony Daniels screaming "Scarif!" (which I never liked) with typical vintage Droid bickering sourced from the 1978 Oscars Ceremony. So Threepio now says "Behave yourself R2. Of course. I'm just as excited as you are. Now do be quiet" with R2 making beeps in response.
01.35.41 - Added anti-clockwise rotation to camera for two pilot shots just before they go into a roll to their right.
01.35.43 - Removed pilot saying "We won't have long" because the actor delivers it with zero emotion. Added soundFX
01.36.14 - Removed a few seconds of X-Wings flying about and brought forward X-Wings attacking the Imperial walkers. This way they arrive to the rescue less than a minute after they enter the shield gate (originally the gap was over 2-minutes which felt odd). Added soundFX.
01.37.01 - Rescored new transition to K-2S0 saying "The fleet has arrived". This is another benefit of having the X-Wings arrive earlier because now this line from K isn't quite as random and omnipresent.
01.37.08 - Removed Jyn saying "What does that mean?" because she answers her own question a second later and it was silly thing to say.
01.38.10 - Rescored and replaced soundFX across new transition from Jyn to Bodi.
01.40.41 - Brought forward scenes of U-Wings deploying troops. Added soundFX and music.
01.41.18 - Removed 30-second chunk from the space battle for three reasons. 1. It contained footage of the x-wings bombing the actual shield (rather than the shield generators) and expressing surprise at it's lack of effectiveness (which seemed silly to me). 2. The "How much more can that thing take?" line is very poorly delivered. 3. The whole fan-servicey Red5's death bit.
01.44.16 - Added glitchy "" line to final shot of K-2S0 as I always felt it was missing from the moment after he says "Goodbye". If I could have changed it to "I love you" I would have LOL. "Goodbye" was too short for what felt like strong friendship.
01.48.42 - Removed a couple of seconds of Chirrut fumbling for the switch. It stretched credibility that he could use the force to survive intense crossfire and locate a panel across a battlefield but then not to find a switch right in front of him.
01.52.19 - Removed silly 20-second scene of Jyn climbing through a giant Cigar cutter. It smacked of that "choppy-crushy things" scene from Galaxy Quest. Now we just see her starting to climb up the tower, then we see her as she finishes climbing the tower. It's hardly a stretch to imagine how she got there.
01.54.51 - Removed Jyn saying "You know who I am" because it's cliched, undeserved and Krennic genuinely doesn't know who she is, having never met Jyn before (maybe he met her as a kid but it's not shown). Remixed music.
02.01.21 - Graded final Tantive IV scenes to look as close to the 1977 opening as possible.
02.01.46 - Retimed iris-wipe to credits to time with the Tantive IV going to hyperspace and not a few seconds after.
02.09.52 - Replaced end Lucasfilm logo with same vintage green style one from the start.
02.10.02 - Added animated thank you fanedit titles with DS plan graphics. Added DS computer soundFX.
Blu-Ray Cover art by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)


Alternate Blu-Ray Cover art by theryaney (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Alternate DVD Cover art 1 by jswert123456 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Alternate DVD Cover art 2 by jswert123456 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Opening Crawl

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9.5  (2)
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I've seen both, Rogue One The Battle of Scarif May and Star Wars Rise of the Rebellion - A Rogue One Edits and TM2YC's edit is very good.

I'll begin with a few things i don't like or i think could be improved.
1- Opening scene with the ISD next to Lah'mu when Krennic's shuttle Pteradon passes by doesn't look good to me. It is an ISD from ESB and it doesn't play well with the camera movement. I suggest removing this FX.
2- Death Star reveal: The overall idea and music/sound is great but the FX could be improved a bit. The desert planet IMO doesn't fit well and there are no sense of movement to Scariff (rotation) nor to the DS and her fleet from afar. It doesn't ruin the experience though. =)
3- I HATE the Bor Gullet scene, sorry TM2YC, and IMO, in that regard DigModiFicaTion's Rise of the Rebellion dealt with it very well, by removing it.
4- X-Wing engines are red in Eadu fight scene (EXCELLENT!) but they are purple again in the Battle of Scariff (ohh noo =(( )

These are my reasons for not giving 10 to Visual Editing and Enjoyment.

Apart from the things I've mentioned, i salute TM2YC for is hard work and vision. =)
I'll mention a few things that IMO, he nailed very well in his edit:
- COLOR CORRECTION! Excellent effort
- The reorganization of the movie into a more cohesive vision and narrative (EXCELLENT!)
- Many sound and FX effects that work very well to the best of his abilities so far
- Vader is used in a different and interesting way (EXCELLENT!)
- Krennic is presented in a more powerful way, adding more weight to is character (love Krennic, R.I.P) (EXCELLENT!)

Overall i'm very please with this edit. Great Work TM2YC. Hope you fans like it too.

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This is not my first fan edit of Rogue One - I have seen DigModiFicaTion's Rise of the Rebellion. With that said, this, like DigModiFicaTion's edit, are a lot better than the theatrical cut.

When it comes to this cut by TM2YC, I love how they re-arranged scenes, cut/trimmed lines/scenes. It makes the film more watchable/enjoyable. I also love the crawl. I had no problem with the theatrical cut saying Rogue One and moving on to the story, but with the crawl it add that Star Wars flavour.

I can defiantly see myself watching this edit more than the blu-ray I own.

Thanks, TM2YC for a great edit - can't wait to see what else you come out with!

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