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Overview - The Rebel Alliance (without any Bothans), pursues a trail as thin as a spider’s thread.
The Empire has a purported “planet killer,” though a rumor whispers there may be a design flaw.
“Rogue” is better than “Farce Awakens,” but I couldn’t like it. The story was clunky, characters were self-absorbed stiffs, and the script seems to idle for an hour before kicking into overdrive.
Still, I had faith in TM2YC. If anyone could redeem this almost gem, I thought he could.

Video - 1280 X 534p AVC. Editing and rearranging is first rate. I rarely noticed changes, and when I did they definitely seemed to tighten the story, improve the pace, or cut the nonsense. I liked what was done here.

Audio - 448 kbps AC-3. 2 Channel stereo. No subs. Dialogue is murky throughout. Whether on Lah'mu, Jedha or Eadu, conversations are a hit n miss affair. Galen Erso, in particular, is seldom the most clear. Events that occur on Yavin or Scarif, however, are generally well miked.
Being a Star Wars tentpole, 5.1 sound would be particularly welcome. I’ll get back to that.
Neither her nor there, an audio commentary could have useful to aspiring editors, explaining work processes.

Narrative - This is a tremendous improvement! The story is unchanged, though considerably tighter. From the opening crawl to delaying Vader’s arrival, all changes strike me as for the better. I found the original fan-service moments patronizing and applaud any removal. I still see a continuity problem of C3PO and R2D2 chilling on Yavin while the Alliance fleet deploys. When did they board Tantive IV?

Enjoyment - The full file included a cutlist (thanks) as well as alternate scenes (most generous). I really like this edit. A lot. The 2.0 stereo left a lot to be desired. TM2YC is one of the site’s best editors, I am certain this is in his skill sets. Moreover, this is Star Wars. I am watching at home on a large set with surround speakers and sub woofer, not on my phone with earbuds. Improve the audio and this would displace my Disney version of “Rogue One.”

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