Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - The Fox Cut

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Using Hal9000's edit as my baseline, I wanted to mainly fix the Leia Mary Poppins scene by making it appear Luke saves her by using The Force. This required a major reshuffling of scenes to make this work. Now Luke has one more heroic moment saving her sister rather than the ridiculous scene we got in theaters.

I loved Hal9000's edit of this movie, but I still had an issue with the Leia Mary Poppins scene. I originally was going to just try and fix that scene and in doing so, realized that a good majority of the first act had to be completely re-shuffled for the movie to make sense.

In short, I made Luke "reach out" to Leia while she is floating and make it appear as if he gives her the strength to survive. It gives Luke another heroic moment, and since nothing ever really comes out of Leia using The Force in Rise of Skywalker, I didn't feel bad having her lose her big Force moment.

I had to move the Leia scene further into the movie, because it has to happen when Luke Reconnects himself to the Force. I felt it also had to happen after Luke had taught Rey her lessons, because it would seem weird if he just continued training her, knowing Leia had just been blown out into space.
Special Thanks:
Thanks to Hal9000 for the first amazing edit that prompted this edit. He did all the heavy lifting and has made the entire sequel trilogy watchable with all three of his edits!
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Cuts and Additions:
Many edits are Hal9000's - I reached out and got approval from him to use his edits.

- Removed silly mugshot of Hux after commenting on Poe’s X-wing approach

⁃ Trimmed the opening ‘prank call’ joke to prevent it from venturing into SNL territory while retaining the core of the humor

- Trimmed Paige kicking the ladder slightly

- Used poppasketti’s audio to change the emphasis as Luke tosses the lightsaber

- Removed Luke’s quip about Jakku being “pretty much nowhere”

- Reinstated the 'Luke Has a Moment' deleted scene (Audio transition tweaked slightly by poppasketti)

- Reinstated the deleted scene where Poe gives Finn back his jacket (with scene transition provided by user pleasehello) (Audio transition tweaked slightly by poppasketti)

- Removed Luke milking the sea cow

- Broke up the scenes of the fleet into multiple, shorter scenes to allow more breakaways back to Rey's training. I wanted Rey to complete all of Luke's lessons before the attack that blows Leia into space.

- Removed Luke saying "three lessons" since he only does 2 in the theatrical release.

- Tightened Finn and Rose’s reaction to Maz’s line “Oh yes, he can” for slightly better timing

⁃ Removed both appearances from the ‘Caretakers’ on Ach-to (with a visual effects shot courtesy of user snooker)

⁃ Trimmed away the lone porg who gives Chewie the doughy eyes, though leaving the joke intact otherwise

⁃ Removed Luke’s line to R2, “Nothing can make me change my mind.”

- Added Emperor laugh to first shot of Rey seeing the evil cave

- Used the original Luke reconnects with the Force on the cliff scene to make it appear he is giving Leia strength to survive being blown into space

⁃ Cut down the first sequence at Canto Bight to focus on finding the codebreaker. For V3, reinstated a modified version of the balcony scene overlooking kids and horses being beaten, though removing strong hints that Finn and Rose will be able to act upon the town before they leave

- Blended the original Anakin lightsaber ignition sound with the existing different sounds for two shots

- Made it appear as though Finn and Rose follow DJ out of the cell, briefly elude the guards, and the scene ends. Next time we see the trio, they are already in hyperspace (also removing the implication in the later scene that BB8 helped steal the ship).

- Added the Emperor whispering "It is your destiny" when Rey approaches the evil cave

- Added Emperor laughing over Luke’s vision as he gazes into Kylo Ren’s mind in flashback (idea from TiMartyn)

- Added a center wipe transition from the scene with Finn, Rose, and DJ in hyperspace to the fleet losing their medical frigate

- Used a few shots from a deleted scene to remove the iron/spaceship gag, which borrowed from an old spoof which laughed at Star Wars rather than along with Star Wars (film speck removed by user poppasketti)

⁃ Trimmed some of the comedy with BB8 being placed under a basket

-Removed Snoke saying he bridged their minds, making it seem like it naturally happened because of their Dyad connection

- Removed Snoke saying he would destroy “the entire island” on Ach-To (seems odd without having established Caretakers live there which Rey cares about)

⁃ Trimmed the heavy, direct hinting before Snoke’s death, using musical score from TFA (courtesy of user poppasketti)

- A puff of blue smoke rises from Snoke right after he is cut in half, out of focus in the background, providing a very subtle clue about his nature (Borrowed with permission from poppasketti, though I did not use the flash of red Sith eyes as he is stabbed)*

⁃ Removed the detail from Kylo Ren that Rey’s parents are buried in the Jakku desert, as this seems at odds with the vision we saw in The Force Awakens and further details revealed in The Rise of Skywalker.

- Thanks to poppasketti, removed Finn’s duel with Phasma, having added BB8 accompanything Finn and Rose to the shuttle unimpeded. Phasma’s corpse has been added to the foreground to complete the scene. Special effects during the deleted scene with Finn and Rose on the shuttle have been spruced up further by poppasketti for V4, including adding floating debris and fixing the perspective of the planet*

⁃ Moved the scene with Luke and Yoda to immediately prior to Leia looking out over Crait (using audio and video provided by user Darthrush)

⁃ Removed Finn’s line about the battering ram canon being “old Death Star tech,” and reinstated Poe’s line, “A what now?”

⁃ The crate Luke sits on as he talks with Leia is now stationary and motionless, unaffected by him (effect provided by user poppasketti)

⁃ Removed Rey’s triple-TIE combo shot, with the Falcon’s involvement in the battle being first revealed with its shadow sweeping by and a single TIE being shot down

⁃ Trimmed Hux ordering fighters to follow the Falcon, leaving this poor tactical move to be attributed to Kylo Ren’s emotional priorities

⁃ Removed Finn’s line, “Oh, they hate that ship!”

⁃ After Rose saves Finn, removed her line about not “fighting what we hate” and “saving what we love.”

- Removed ‘Matrix’ shot where Luke dodges Kylo’s saber in slow-motion (idea from TiMartyn)

- Removed spot on the sun as Luke gazes out after collapsing, which caused some presumably inadvertent misdirection for some upon first viewing (courtesy of user poppasketti)
Luke Saves Leia

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