Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (ebumms Edit)

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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (ebumms Edit)
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This fan edit is for those of us who have convinced ourselves that we love Episode II almost exactly as it is but would prefer less complaining/creeping from Anakin. He's been toned down just enough to possibly be likable.
I want the viewer to feel like they are watching the same movie only this time finding it to be a little easier to love.
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Cuts and Additions:
MUTED Obi Wan: stuttered "Since"
REMOVED Obi Wan: "We will not go through this..." through Anakin: "...mandate"
REMOVED Anakin: "I've thought about her every day since we parted."
REMOVED Anakin: "I don't think she liked me watching her."
REMOVED Aliens reacting to Obi Wan in traffic: "Jedi poodoo"
REMOVED Flying through power couplings
REMOVED Obi Wan: "This weapon is your life."
MUTED Anakin: "I am trying."
REMOVED Anakin: "Tell us now!"
REMOVED Padme: "That must be frustrating" through Anakin: "It's not fair!"
REMOVED Padme: "Anakin, don't try to grow up..." through Anakin: "Sorry M'lady."
MUTED Padme's laugh
REMOVED Anakin's bratty face
REMOVED Anakin: "I don't like sand...soft and smooth"
REMOVED Anakin: "The closer I get to you..." through "...anything that you ask."
REMOVED Anakin: "Then you do feel something."
REMOVED Anakin: "Believe me, I wish..." through "...but I can't."
REMOVED Anakin: "Well, you know..." through "...destroy us."
CROPPED sleeping Anakin's nip slip
REMOVED Obi Wan abrupt stop hanging from rope
REMOVED Techno Union robot malfunction
REMOVED Terrible CGI Guy: "The banking clan will sign your treaty."
REMOVED Anakin: "It's all Obi Wan's fault! ...He's holding me back!"
REMOVED Padme: "What's wrong Ani?"
TRIMMED Anakin pouty face
REMOVED C-3PO falling on flying droid
REMOVED C-3PO: "He's always getting himself into trouble."
MUTED Battle Droid head: "uh oh"
REMOVED Anakin: "What are you talking about?"
REMOVED Anakin: "You love me?" through Padme: "...I want you to know."
MOVED Anakin: "I've got a bad feeling about this."
REPLACED Anakin: "I've got a bad feeling..." with Anakin looking worried
REMOVED Anakin looking worried
MUTED Battle Droid head: "My legs aren't moving. I must need maintenance."
MUTED Battle Droids: "uh oh" "roger roger"
REMOVED C-3PO: "This is such a drag."
MUTED C-3PO: "Oh! I'm quite beside myself."
Cover art by ebumms (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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