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again ebumms did a wonderful job on a technical level and largely achieved the goals of edit. unlike ebumms episode 1 however, some of the cuts here do hurt the narrative slightly. unsurprisingly, the majority of trims are anakin/padme related, a while this does significantly reduce the cringe in the film, it does make their relationship even less natural and believable than it already wasn't in the original. a trade-off that i'm sure is acceptable for many, though.

on a personal note, i've come to accept that i cannot divorce those notoriously awkward lines that are mostly absent in ebumms' edit from the film and have learned to embrace and enjoy them in a ridiculous, twilight-sort-of-way. on the other hand, i would prefer to lose the assembly line sequence entirely as i find it ridiculous in a dull, time-filler-way. but i still found many trims helped the film (e.g. speeder chase, "jedi poodoo", etc).
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