Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace: Reborn

Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace: Reborn
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Brief Synopsis:
After 10 years it's about time I could watch the Star Wars Prequel trilogy without feeling physical pain, damn it!. But not just that, they should be out and out pleasures to watch!

...and so the idea for 'Star Wars: Reborn' arrived.
My goal with these edits was to create versions of the PT that were to put it simply 'enjoyable to watch'. I wanted to make good versions of these films that still felt like the same films in essence.

I've seen other great edits that chop the films down to 90 mins but for me a true SW film should give you around 2 solid hrs of entertainment (And not 2.5hrs either!).

I've achieved this by:-

Trimming action scenes to increase pace. Reworking all major Lightsaber duels. Evaluating and then editing every line of dialogue that I felt didn't work. Adding a few OT music queues. Adding portions of most but not all deleted scenes back in. Removing over-the-top CGI shots and Digi-Doubles.

But most importantly of all I've focused on transforming the characters. In TPM Anakin is brave and an amazing pilot, Padme and The Queen are one character, while Jar-Jar has purpose and is no longer annoying. In AOTC Anakin is now likeable and you believe the romance with Padme. In ROTS needless messing around with R2 is replaced with warm character moments between Anakin and Obi-Wan, while Padme is no longer confined to her apartment, she has a role in the senate, she feeds Anakin's growing unease and she has a part in the seeds of the coming Rebellion. Lastly Anakin is not revealed to be Vader so you can still enjoy ESB.
Other Sources:
Revenge Of The Sith CD Soundtrack
Return Of The Jedi CD Soundtrack
GOUT Return Of The Jedi DVD
Special Thanks:
Members of the for helping me find out how you get these edits out there!
Release Information:
Special Features
Deleted Material compilations and Extended Alternate Sequences coming soon!

**6.49 GB *.m2ts file (BR25 and DVD in progress)
Editing Details:
I was excited by reading Adywan's plans for the SW:PT trilogy on the Revisited website and knew this would be years in the making. So I decided to try and fix them for myself. I'd seen a VHS rip of The Phantom Edit a decade ago and I'd completed a fan edit of Kill Bill several years ago so I knew it was both possile and fun! Before doing these edits I avoided watching any other versions to keep my mind fresh. After completing these Star Wars edits I've gorged myself on other SW fan edits and they did some stunning work. They tightened up pacing, they swapped scenes, they trimmed repetition but for me they didn't always get to the heart of the problem.

I felt the this problem with the PT was "Likeability". If you liked the characters, liked the scenes and liked the dialogue you shouldn't need to chop the films down to 90 mins or less. Because you'll want to spend the full standard SW 2 hours in this world just like the OT. In this edit I've trimmed bad dialogue and acting throughout, recut, condensed or removed scenes, redubbed the Gungans, rewrote all subtitles, inserted the classic Fox and Lucasfilm logo opening, removed the Queen/Padme subplot, made Anikin a courageous hero and made Jar-Jar a Prince. I've also added back all the deleted material (But trimmed that for quality too).

I hope this is the first part of a trilogy that people are truly going to ENJOY.
Cuts and Additions:
Change total almost 300 (Not including another hundred or so dialogue re-dubs to go with new subtitles)

Subtitles Key:

NEWJJSUB = New Jar-Jar subtitle
NEWCTSUB = New Captin Tarpals subtitle
NEWWATSUB = New Watto subtitle
NEWANSUB = New Anakin subtitle
NEWSEBSUB = New Sebulba subtitle
NEWBESUB = New Beed subtitle
NEWBNSUB = New Boss Nass subtitle

- All Jar-Jar/Gungan audio replaced with alternate soundtrack and newly written subtitles.
- All references to Anakin crashing his pod, being clumsy or not being a good racer have been removed.
- All references to Padme and the Queen being seperate people are removed.
- All subtitles partially or completely rewritten to alter character and story.

- 00.00.00 Old ROTJ Fox fanfare used
- 00.00.10 OT Lucasfilm logo used
- 00.10.58 First gurning closeup of Jar-Jar removed
- 00.11.04 NEWJJSUB "Oma-Oma save me!
- 00.11.07 NEWJJSUB "What... was that?"
- 00.11.16 NEWJJSUB "Master Jedi, you..."
- 00.11.17 NEWJJSUB "Hey, wait!"
- 00.11.20 NEWJJSUB "I owe you my life"
- 00.11.23 NEWJJSUB "Brainless? I Speak!"
- 00.11.28 NEWJJSUB "No no. You saved my life Master Jedi,"
- 00.11.30 NEWJJSUB "I am Prince Jar-Jar Binks,"
- 00.11.32 NEWJJSUB "I always repay a debt"
- 00.11.34 NEWJJSUB "Oh but it is, the Gungan gods demand it!"
- 00.11.39 NEWJJSUB "Oh no!"
- 00.11.49 NEWJJSUB "You saved me again Master Jedi!"
- 00.11.55 NEWJJSUB "More?"
- 00.11.57 NEWJJSUB "More you say!"
- 00.11.59 NEWJJSUB "This Droid army came from nowhere."
- 00.12.02 NEWJJSUB "I must alert my farther in Otuh Gunga."
- 00.12.04 NEWJJSUB "For now, our people should be safe there,"
- 00.12.06 NEWJJSUB "It's a hidden city..."
- 00.12.09 NEWJJSUB "Ah huh."
- 00.12.12 NEWJJSUB "Yes, follow me."
- 00.12.13 Rest of "A thousand terrible things" scene removed
- 00.12.19 NEWJJSUB "Otuh Gunga is here, under this lake."
- 00.12.21 NEWJJSUB "I hope you Jedi can swim!"
- 00.12.23 NEWJJSUB "Gungans don't usually permit strangers to enter..."
- 00.12.26 NEWJJSUB "So don't expect a warm welcome!"
- 00.12.32 Elaborate Jar-Jar dive almost entirely removed
- 00.12.40 NEWJJSUB "Come, follow me friends."
- 00.13.27 NEWJJSUB "Thank Oma-Oma! The city is still safe."
- 00.13.36 NEWGUNGANSUB "Outsiders here? Call the guards!"
- 00.13.47 NEWCTSUB "My Lord! We'll kill these intruders immediately!"
- 00.13.49 NEWJJSUB "No! Captain Tarpals, my friends require transport..."
- 00.13.52 NEWJJSUB " once!"
- 00.13.53 NEWCTSUB "I apologise Prince Jar-Jar!"
- 00.13.54 NEWCTSUB "Guards, what are you waiting for!"
- 00.13.55 NEWCTSUB "Prepare a sub without delay!"
- 00.13.57 Jar-Jar getting electroshocked and the whole meeting with boss Nass removed
- 00.13.58 Neimoidian invasion talk with Sidious brought forward
- 00.14.34 Sub leaving Otuh Gunga pushed back
- 00.14.52 NEWJJSUB "No. the Gungans and Naboo have never got on."
- 00.14.54 NEWJJSUB "We nearl came to war, erm..."
- 00.14.57 NEWJJSUB "about a century ago."
- 00.15.11 NEWJJSUB "You see, the Naboo are... artists and philosophers,"
- 00.15.15 NEWJJSUB "the Gungans on the other hand... are mighty warriors!"
- 00.15.25 Jar-Jar reaction re-dubbed
- 00.15.28 NEWJJSUB "An Opee Sea-Killer, we're doomed!"
- 00.15.44 Jar-Jar line removed
- 00.15.48 2nd planet core scene removed
- 00.15.49 Theed occupation scene brought forward
- 00.16.32 'Waterfall' deleted scene partially re-instated
- 00.16.34 NEWJJSUB "Welcome to Theed young Jedi."
- 00.17.27 Jar-Jar tripping into the water removed
- 00.19.01 OT hero sting used over Droid fight/Queen rescue
- 00.19.09 Jar-Jar clowning and Obi-Wan landing removed
- 00.19.25 NEWJJSUB "These Jedi sure are powerful warriors!"
- 00.20.23 Queen's indecision and Padme line removed
- 00.21.35 Obi-Wan and Jar-Jar Droid bay scene removed
- 00.21.56 Shots of Jar-Jar in Droid bay removed
- 00.23.16 Queen discussing Tatooine scene brought forward
- 00.23.24 Mention of Padme's name removed
- 00.24.00 Darth Maul holo introduction pushed back
- 00.24.47 Padme cleaning R2 scene removed
- 00.25.27 Panaka "Wait" request scene removed
- 00.25.50 Jar-Jar slipping in sh*t removed
- 00.26.03 NEWWATSUB "Greetings, come in..."
- 00.26.07 NEWWATSUB "How can I help today?"
- 00.26.17 NEWWATSUB "Anakin, quick! There's money to be made."
- 00.26.23 NEWWATSUB "Just you be quicker next time!"
- 00.26.25 NEWANSUB "I was tuning that new X-34 speeder."
- 00.26.27 NEWWATSUB "Yes, yes. Mind the store, I got a deal to make."
- 00.26.36 Qui-Gon telling Jar-Jar off and Jar-Jar blowing a raspberry removed
- 00.26.38 Qui-Gon and Watto in junkyard scene brought forward
- 00.27.34 1st Anakin talking to Padme scene pushed back and joined with 2nd scene
- 00.28.27 Jar-Jar clowning in Watto's shop almost totally removed
- 00.28.29 Anakin "Fixing things line" removed as Jar-Jar was ALL OVER IT!
- 00.28.30 Shot of Qui-Gon leaving minimised to minimise Jar-Jar juggling
- 00.28.36 Jar-Jar getting lost shot removed
- 00.28.38 NEWWATSUB "Huh... outlanders!"
- 00.28.41 NEWWATSUB "They're gona need looking after in this place."
- 00.28.44 NEWANSUB "I kinda liked 'em."
- 00.28.46 NEWWATSUB "Well then... go warn 'em,"
- 00.28.48 NEWWATSUB "a sand storm's coming."
- 00.28.49 "Yippee!!!" removed
- 00.29.12 Jar-Jar argueing with Qui-Gon removed
- 00.29.22 Jar-Jar/Sebulba scene re-sequenced so Sebulba makes an unprovoked attack on Jar-Jar in a reference back/forward to ANH Cantina incident
- 00.29.23 NEWJJSUB "Oh... those look delicious."
- 00.29.27 NEWSUB "Hey, hey. No browsing stranger!"
- 00.29.32 NEWSEBSUB "I don't think he likes you very much,"
- 00.29.34 NEWJJSUB "I was only... ahhh!"
- 00.29.36 NEWSEBSUB "and I don't like you either."
- 00.29.40 NEWANSUB "What's this Sebulba?"
- 00.29.42 NEWANSUB "Beating up tourists again?"
- 00.29.44 NEWANSUB "It's gotta be easier than beating me on the track."
- 00.29.47 NEWSEBSUB "Shame you're not racing tomorrow monkey boy,"
- 00.29.51 NEWSEBSUB "I'd love to run you into a canyon wall.. slave scum!"
- 00.29.56 NEWANSUB "You'd have to catch me first!"
- 00.30.10 NEWJJSUB "You're sure brave boy,"
- 00.30.13 NEWJJSUB "I'm lucky you came along."
- 00.30.14 Qui-Gon trouble line removed
- 00.30.15 Jar-Jar protesting removed
- 00.30.18 1st Jira scene brought forward
- 00.31.05 NEWJJSUB "I'm glad to be outta that storm."
- 00.31.09 NEWJJSUB "Hello."
- 00.31.17 NEWJJSUB "Ah, this looks tasty!"
- 00.32.30 Obi-Wan and Panaka sandstorm scene pushed back
- 00.32.48 Queen message scene removed
- 00.32.50 Message from Naboo re-coloured to appear in the cockpit with Obi-Wan
- 00.33.55 NEWJJSUB "How awful!"
- 00.34.04 Jar-Jar eating fruit removed
- 00.34.17 Qui-Gon grabbing Jar-Jar's tongue removed
- 00.35.24 NEWJJSUB "We don't have anything to trade."
- 00.36.56 Qui-Gon disagreeing with Padme removed
- 00.37.17 Discussion of Anakin crashing his last Pod removed and shots resequenced
- 00.37.27 "That you did line" removed
- 00.37.27 "The boy's good..." line brought forward
- 00.38.13 NEWWATSUB "Your new friend sure likes to take risks, huh."
- 00.40.12 Kitster's sarcasm removed
- 00.40.14 Ginger kid mocking Anakin removed
- 00.40.15 NEWSUB "Your gonna need luck Ani!"
- 00.40.24 Anakin warning Jar-Jar removed
- 00.40.25 Jar-Jar fumbling wrench replaced with shot of R2
- 00.40.26 All shots of Jar-Jar getting zapped by the energy binders removed
- 00.40.27 C3PO's Jar-Jar is odd lines removed
- 00.41.54 Qui-Gon's Mediclorian count line removed
- 00.41.57 Obi-Wan's over twenty thousand line removed
- 00.42.59 Dawn before the podrace deleted scene partialy re-instated
- 00.43.33 Padme's your mother line removed
- 00.44.36 Jar-Jar reaction shot removed
- 00.44.37 Watto's Sebulba always wins line removed
- 00.45.42 NEWWATSUB "Good luck my boy."
- 00.45.45 NEWWATSUB "Better stop your friend's gambling, before I own him too!"
- 00.46.06 Scene describing Anakin as such a bad pilot he's never actually finished a race removed
- 00.46.29 Grid sequence deleted scene partially re-instated
- 00.46.30 NEWBESUB "Welcome to the 'Boonta Eve Classic',"
- 00.46.32 NEWBESUB "the highlight in the calender of all Podracers."
- 00.46.51 NEWBESUB "Let's run through todays contenders..."
- 00.46.55 NEWBESUB "Gasgano's in his custom Ord Pedrovia."
- 00.46.58 NEWBESUB "Beside him, Teemto Pagalies,"
- 00.47.03 NEWBESUB "and of course the Grand-Champion of Pixelito..."
- 00.47.08 NEWBESUB "Sebulba!"
- 00.47.57 Jar-Jar stealing Mars Guo's applause removed
- 00.48.27 Three-Stooges pit Droids shot removed
- 00.48.45 Flag Parade music remixed and extended
- 00.48.51 Jar-Jar fart gag removed
- 00.49.14 NEWSEBSUB "You won't walk away from this one kid,"
- 00.49.17 NEWSEBSUB "I'll make sure of it."
- 00.49.19 NEWANSUB "Don't count on it, slime ball."
- 00.49.22 NEWSEBSUB "You're gonna be Bantha fodder."
- 00.49.52 NEWBESUB "Now entering the arena, the mighty Jabba The Hutt."
- 00.50.08 NEWSUB "Welcome podracing fans from across te galaxy."
- 00.50.12 NEWSUB "To the racers who survive, we salute you!"
- 00.50.48 Padme questioning Qui-Gon's judgement removed
- 00.51.45 Jar-Jar me no watchin' line and shot removed
- 00.51.51 Quadinaros frustration shot removed
- 00.51.53 Ratts Tyerell exchanging looks with his wife removed
- 00.51.56 Jabba spitting on a gong removed
- 00.51.58 Start of podrace re-cut so Anakin no longer stalls on the grid
- 00.53.05 Shot of Ratts Tyerell's wife reacting to his death
- 00.53.22 Shot of Quadinaros on grid removed
- 00.53.24 Quadinaros having engine trouble sequence removed
- 00.53.24 Crowd shots flipped to better follow left to right race flow
- 00.53.27 NEWBESUB "In the lead, Sebulba!"
- 00.53.22 Ody Mandrell pit trouble scene removed
- 00.53.31 Jabba flicking creature removed
- 00.53.36 Shot of Anakin in distance removed
- 00.53.48 Shot of alien selling snacks removed
- 00.53.53 Extended lap two deleted scene partially re-instated
- 00.54.34 Bumpy Roose pit scene removed
- 00.56.41 Teemto Pagalies crash shortened to make it clear he didn't survive
- 00.56.42 Beed "That's gotta hurt" line removed
- 00.56.43 Shots of Jawas looting wreckage underfire from Tuskans removed
- 00.56.69 Jar-Jar "Here he comes" and crowd reaction shots removed
- 00.57.46 OT hero sting mixed over Anakin aerial manoeuvre and subsequent shots
- 00.58.05 NEWJJSUB "What a pilot!"
- 00.59.45 Jar-Jar "Careful Ani" shot removed
- 00.59.48 NEWSEBSUB "He never gives up!"
- 01.00.36 Shot of Sebulba surviving removed
- 01.01.02 NEWJJSUB "We won Ani!"
- 01.01.08 NEWWATSUB "The race musta been fixed!"
- 01.01.19 NEWJJSUB "You've saved us Ani!"
- 01.01.31 "You have brought hope to those who have none" line removed
- 01.02.25 NEWJJSUB "Hello."
- 01.02.33 Obi-Wan's "Pathetic lifeform" line removed
- 01.02.43 Anakin's Scuffle With Greedo deleted scene fully re-instated
- 01.03.05 NEWSUB "He must of."
- 01.03.22 NEWSUB "One day Greedo, you're gonna pick a fight with the wrong person."
- 01.08.23 Farewell To Jira deleted scene partially re-instated
- 01.08.32 "Kindest boy in the galaxy" line removed
- 01.09.31 "I'm tired" line removed
- 01.09.58 Shot of Qui-Gon lying down removed
- 01.11.56 "Queen is worried" line removed
- 01.11.58 "She must convince the Senate" line removed
- 01.12.22 "Many things will change" line and remainder of the scene removed
- 01.13.11 Exchange of looks between Anakin and Padme removed
- 01.13.12 "Report on situation" line removed
- 01.13.51 Long shot of Anakin looking at Qui-Gon and Padme line removed
- 01.14.02 NEWJJSUB "Now, Queen Padme will get the senate to help us,"
- 01.14.06 NEWJJSUB "I'm sure of it"
- 01.17.01 "Highest concentration of medicloreans" line removed
- 01.17.02 Qui-Gon line redubbed to "It is possible he was conceived in the force"
- 01.17.49 Anakin looking for Padme scene removed
- 01.22.13 NEWJJSUB "You're thinking your people are dying?"
- 01.22.19 NEWJJSUB "Gungans might be dying too..."
- 01.22.26 NEWJJSUB "Gungan's won't die without a fight... my father,"
- 01.22.30 NEWJJSUB "commands a grand Gungan army."
- 01.22.34 NEWJJSUB "Maybe that's why your people distrust us."
- 01.26.36 Medicloreans dialogue and footage removed
- 01.27.01 NEWJJSUB "We're going home!"
- 01.28.15 NEWJJSUB "You need my help?"
- 01.29.37 NEWJJSUB "There were signs of a battle,"
- 01.29.40 NEWJJSUB "and the city is deserted."
- 01.29.48 NEWJJSUB "I don't think so,"
- 01.29.50 NEWJJSUB "My father must have led our people to the,"
- 01.29.53 NEWJJSUB "Gungan's sacred refuge deep in the swamps."
- 01.29.55 NEWJJSUB "Quick follow me!"
- 01.30.15 NEWCTSUB "Sire, your son brings before you, Queen Amidala of the Naboo..."
- 01.30.18 Bodyguard arrival and Boss Nass talking to Jar-Jar shots removed
- 01.30.19 Boss Nass speech footage brought forward
- 01.30.20 NEWBNSUB "Your capital is overun with this mechanical army,"
- 01.30.23 NEWBNSUB "so what do the mighty Naboo want with us lowly Gungans?"
- 01.30.27 Bodyguard speech and Queen reveal shots removed
- 01.31.10 NEWBNSUB "I don't think a Naboo Queen has ever nealt before the Gungans!"
- 01.31.17 NEWBNSUB "I am quite overwhelmed,"
- 01.31.22 NEWBNSUB "I think the Gungans and the Naboo can be... friends."
- 01.32.01 NEWSUB "Here they come."
- 01.32.15 NEWBNSUB "I'm very proud my son."
- 01.32.18 NEWBNSUB "Jar-Jar, this alliance with the Naboo is thanks to you,"
- 01.32.22 NEWJJSUB "No, no, no..."
- 01.32.23 NEWBNSUB "Yes! You and Tarpals shall be our armies Generals."
- 01.32.28 Jar-Jar feinting removed
- 01.33.23 NEWBNSUB "The Gungans do not fear death."
- 01.34.51 NEWCTSUB "Halt!"
- 01.34.55 NEWCTSUB "Start up the shield generators."
- 01.35.42 Qui-Gon "Once we get inside" speech removed
- 01.36.18 Qui-Gon "Ani find cover" line removed
- 01.36.20 Padme "Get to your ships" line redubbed with superior TPM Trailer take
- 01.36.48 Direct shot of bodyguard removed
- 01.36.52 Shots of Anakin taking off brought forward
- 01.36.53 Anakin saying "Oops" etc removed
- 01.37.09 Shots of Anakin leaving hanger brought forward
- 01.37.10 Anakin's "Try and override it" line removed
- 01.37.25 Shots and dialogue of Anakin arriving in space brought forward
- 01.37.26 "That's where the auto..." line removed
- 01.37.52 NEWJJSUB "Steady... steady."
- 01.38.46 NEWCTSUB "I got a bad feeling about this..."
- 01.39.02 NEWCTSUB "Fire!"
- 01.39.05 Jar-Jar falling off his mount removed
- 01.39.07 All shots of Jar-Jar clowning around with "Big boomers" removed
- 01.39.16 Panaka "Red group" line and surrounding shots removed
- 01.39.17 "Hey wait for me" sequence removed
- 01.39.38 All footage involving Droidikas and Anakin removed
- 01.39.39 Queen exiting hanger footage brought forward
- 01.39.51 Hanger duel long shot removed and rest of hanger duel brought forward
- 01.40.56 All footage of Jar-Jar clowning with broken Droid removed
- 01.41.15 "this is tense" line removed
- 01.41.18 "R2 get us off..." line and footage removed
- 01.41.19 "Okay let's go left" line removed
- 01.41.21 "Go back..." line and footage removed
- 01.41.30 "I'll try spinning..." line and cockpit footage removed
- 01.43.59 NEWJJSUB "Halt, halt!"
- 01.44.02 All dialogue and footage of Jar-Jar hiding under boomer cart removed
- 01.44.07 NEWJJSUB "If I can just release these bombs... ahhh!"
- 01.44.10 All Shots of Jar-Jar looking in horror and running from Boomers removed
- 01.44.17 NEWJJSUB "General Tarpals!"
- 01.44.22 All footage of involving Jar-Jar, Tarpals and the Tank ride removed
- 01.44.26 Jar-Jar shaking head vocal re-dubbed
- 01.45.15 "Oops" removed
- 01.46.04 close up of Obi-Wan screaming "Noooooooo!" removed
- 01.46.29 NEWCTSUB "This is the end General Jar-Jar,"
- 01.46.32 NEWCTSUB "I hope we bought the Naboo enough time."
- 01.46.34 "My give up" line and footage removed
- 01.46.52 Bodyguard dialogue removed and partial footage removal
- 01.46.56 "After her..." line removed
- 01.47.20 Space battle finale brought forward
- 01.47.24 "Take this... whoah!" dialogue removed
- 01.47.32 "Oops" removed
- 01.48.01 "This is podracing" line removed
- 01.48.02 Anakin leaving control ship hanger brought forward and "whoooo" line removed
- 01.48.03 "One of ours..." line removed
- 01.48.04 Anakin and other pilots celebrating brought forward
- 01.48.11 Pilots escaping shot pushed back
- 01.48.22 NEWJJSUB "They've all stopped..."
- 01.48.24 NEWCTSUB "The Naboo must of knocked out the control ship... look!"
- 01.48.28 Jar-Jar poking Droid removed
- 01.48.36 Obi-Wan's first solo duel with Maul pushed back
- 01.48.52 Long shot of Obi and Maul twirling their sabres around removed
- 01.49.03 All footage after this point showing Obi-Wan getting knocked down the pit removed
- 01.49.04 Obi-Wan killing Maul scene brought forward
- 01.49.05 Obi-Wan flip over Maul removed and green saber rotoscoped to blue in all shots
- 01.53.32 NEWJJSUB "Hello everybody!"
- 01.53.52 Shot of Jar-Jar catching his foot in stirup removed
- 01.54.17 NEWBNSUB "Peace!"
- 01.54.58 Final cheeky credit for yours truly
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I watched this for May 4th and it warmed my heart. Whatever else I may say or you may read, know this: TM2YC has made a this into a much better movie than the theatrical version, and one that every Star Wars fan should watch! (detailed comments for hardcore fans follow)

This is really a fanedit for the Star Wars fan. And I mean unqualified fans, not people who worship the original trilogy and s**t on the prequels. If someone is just determined to hate the prequels, there isn't anything that can change their mind. But if you view them as imperfect films with very enjoyable parts, then this is a very smart and thoughtful edit which will greatly improve your enjoyment.

Firstly, some technical details. I used Handbrake to shrink the size of this file, and I applied some filters as well so that there's less of a difference in the footage between scenes. However, the audio is only available in 2 channels, which is disappointing since the audio for this film is some of the most intricate and robust I've ever heard. In terms of editing though, TM2YC did a phenomenal job editing around a very dense score, so I found the audio to be quite enjoyable. The visual editing was top drawer as well, though a trifle quick on some of the wipes. Not a big deal, as it makes the film really move, but it's a stylistic point I would've slowed down by a 1/2 second.

Okay: narrative. It should be said that the deleted scenes for the prequels are almost all great, so I'm happy for their inclusion here. They would've made the films too long though, but thankfully other bits are deleted instead. The only deleted scene I felt added nothing was the "dawn before the podrace" scene, but it's like 25 seconds, so not a big deal. Of the scenes that were eliminated from the theatrical cut, most were excellent calls. I could've done with a bit more of Padme/Amidala, a fuller Darth Maul/Qui-Gon fight (which somehow lost impact for me), and I actually liked the 3 stooges droids. I understand leaving them out, though.

The effect of the deleted material is to reshape the portrayal of several key characters, which is the real genius of this edit....

Jar Jar: the elephant in the room. What you do with Jar Jar defines TPM, and it's the greatest strength of this edit. Using the Portuguese voice performance not only allows for rewriting the bad dialogue for him, but it highlights how ridiculous Ahmed Best's performance was. Honestly, credit should be given to the Portuguese actor in the end titles, because he saves Jar Jar. There are notes of strength and pride in his voice that don't come out in the original, which combined with the new subs allow him to be a bit naive, a bit scared, but ultimately a worthy ally, and dare I say it....likeable?

Anakin: poor Jake Lloyd. This movie both made and ruined his life. Lucas' philosophy was basically to cast the right actors and then let them do their thing, giving them minimal direction. That may've worked for actors like Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones, Liam Neeson, Frank Oz, or Ian McDiarmid, who have all given iconic performances in Star Wars films. But for younger actors like Mark Hamill, Hayden Christensen, or Jake Lloyd, it has always left their performances feeling weaker by comparison. Lloyd could just not pull off the ridiculous dialogue thrown at him in many scenes, but thankfully: they're almost all removed here! The line-by-line dialogue editing leaves us with an Anakin that's kind of an adorable little kid: brave, talented, and earnest. With the deleted scenes and keeping C3PO in, it paints a picture of him as a loner, a bit of an outsider who feels a lot of social pressure, and also the jealousy and mistrust of others. It's nearly perfect for a young Vader. My only quibble is that just after Qui-Gon tells him to "keep close" at the end, Anakin runs off with Padme in the palace and immediately jumps into a starfighter. It feels a bit TOO bold in this edit (though I appreciate cutting the ridiculous coincidences..."What does THIS do?"). Perhaps a simple line of Padme yelling "ANAKIN!" from a later film would at least lend context to him running off (whereas now it FEELS like an edit).

Padme/Amidala: okay, as I mentioned, I could've done with more of her scenes in the film. Portman is a great actress, and always a pleasure to watch. Anakin's responses were often cheesy though, so I can forgive the deletions. The big hang-up is the reveal with the Gungans. If you've seen the film even one time, that's clearly Portman in plain clothes talking to Boss Nass in that scene, with her double as the Queen behind. Then you rewatch and notice that yes, Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman are two different people, and Knightly is often playing the Queen with Portman at the side. With no explanation, this just makes little sense. I always thought this aspect of TPM was quite clever really, and it's touching when the double is killed in the assassination attempt at the start of AotC. Without the reveal to Boss Nass here, that later scene will lose impact. I really don't understand the editor's insistence of the two being one person, as the film loses nothing by having the plot, and arguably gains a lot. The little hints along the way are unnecessary, but the ending scene where Padme talks to Noss really needs the full reveal.

The other trims are all very good choices that remove 100% of the slapstick from the film, and 97% of the silliness. There are still a couple yelps from Jar Jar and whoops from Anakin, and the droids are often a source of levity. However, those parts are mostly consistent with the original trilogy. This edit does a great job of trimming the most over-the-top bits of the theatrical cut, while keeping it essentially the same. For example, the Republic does have science that can test people medically...the Force isn't all magic. But specifics are left out. (I could've dealt with cutting out the "virgin birth" explanation by Anakin's mom, too, preferring her to simply look aside and then ask if Qui Gon could help...) All the rigamarole with the Gungans is cut out, allowing them to appear simply as a proud nativistic warrior race. The pod race, the 2nd best part of the film, is given its full due. The final fight with Maul flows better as well, with trims to the cross cuts away from it being much shorter, so it keeps momentum. Personally, I liked the original ending to the fight, as the symbolism of Obi Wan taking his master's lightsaber was great, and it seemed more realistic that he struggled more to fight the man who beat his master. But I can forgive the edit, because it's done so well.

All in all, there are a few quibbles I have with the edit, but it's far and away the best edit of the film I've seen (out of MANY), and a much superior version of the film to the original. You're doing God's work, TM2YC.

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I think I'm just punishing myself by watching fan edits of the prequels because there is nothing that can be done to make this a good movie. It is irredeemable. Yes the fan editor had a few good ideas, but he should have changed the nemodians voices to and given them subtitles and also the battle droids.
I think this is the last time I'll watch movie in any form. From now I'll pretend it doesn't exist.

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This is an INCREDIBLE fan edit--perhaps the creme-da-la-creme of Phantom Menace edits.

It's difficult to pick a clear TPM FE "winner" because each edit has its own intentions and each that I've seen has been skillfully executed and most have achieved their stated goals, but given that my desire in a Phantom Menace movie matches very closely to TM2YC's stated goals, I cannot help but vote this so very highly.

TM2YC's goals were to:

- Create a movie that is enjoyable, without moments where you cringe.
- Add depth and clarity to the characters.
- Keep the length up--a Hollywood movie should be 1.5 - 2 hours long.

All of these goals were achieved, admirably. The Portuguese soundtrack was used to obscure bad dialog, and the associated subtitling allowed the movie to go "off script" where needed to clean up a lot of problems and add interest and depth to the characters. A lot of deleted scenes were introduced and the quality of the upconversion is astounding. Some of the edits (trims, cuts, transitions) are amazing. There is an edit during the Gungan / Droid fight that is so seamless, and so craftily fixes a certain unbearable issue in the original movie, that I was floored at the solution that TM2YC employed. I watched the entire movie and actually forgot what a train wreck the original was...I was pulled into the movie and found myself enjoying it. If I had to create a time capsule for future generations, this edit of the Phantom Menace is the one I'd probably drop in.

No review is complete without attempting to lend some critique to the FE. This is quite difficult, in this case, but I'll try and mention a few things so as to have performed my duty in providing feedback to the editor.

- Portuguese works really well...unless you're a Portuguese. But that's an intrinsic problem with the use-an-alternate-soundtrack approach to "alien-izing" and subtitling the CGI characters.
- I think, perhaps, the pod race may have been a minute or two longer than I prefer. It's a great bit of movie-making--probably Lucas' showpiece of the movie--but there's a "diminishing returns" aspect of having the pod race go on for so long. Maybe the deleted scenes could have been trimmed a tad.
- Of course their will /always/ be differences in opinion with regards to where exactly to cut and splice. During the course of watching this FE, there were a handful of moments where I thought that I would have made a mildly different modification. They were few and far between.

An astounding accomplishment. I burned this onto a dual-layer DVD for a friend and told him, "Watch this. This is NOT the prequel(s) that you remember. You'll enjoy this." And that is the essence of a perfect Star Wars prequel fan edit.

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I really enjoyed this edit. The editor managed to keep the same movie in essence, in fact no relevant plot points has been left out, but the movie improved in many ways. Now it really feels as the old trilogy movies. In a way I feel this edit is what Lucas intended, but he could not do because he is lost in his new CGI toys he could not have at the time of the originals.

I see the theatrical release of Ep. I long ago, so some comparison might be off.
The obvious improvement of this movie is from the characters, as in the old trilogy, the characters are nice, enjoyable, and somewhat feels credible in the alien universe they exist.

Jar-Jar gained a lot since the theatrical version; he might appears a little clumsy or dim but he is still fairly normal and not the complete idiot we know. TM2YC changed his dialogs completely using new subtitles and giving him an alien speech, now Jar-Jar helps us understand the relation between Gungan and Naboo. He is the son of Rugor Nass, the leader of the Gungan, and really tries its best to help the characters. Besides being the prince it makes sense he becomes Senator with Amidala for the planet. I am impressed how few cuts there and there and new dialogs can improve a character and a movie.

In the description we read "Padme and The Queen are one character," but in the movie it feels even better. The queen staying undercover as one of the maid still seems to happen as you see her in maid clothes and when asking for the Gungan alliance you see the decoy queen in the background. Even if it was not what the faneditor intended I really liked this "show, not tell" approach; because protecting the queen with a decoy makes sense and it is important for Episode II begin. But it makes no sense that a decoy sends the real queen to do a menial task like cleaning R2D2! Unfortunately since TM2YC wanted to remove the subplot I felt one scene as missing: the decoy asking the undercover queen what to do and she answers "No have no fear" in the begin of the movie. Since it is not a mystery that the queen is in decoy (or she is not always in the regal clothes) Qui-Gon decision to go on Tatooine with the Queen and Prince makes more sense as he might want the support of powerful figures. In the original movie the reason to bring Jar-Jar was unphantomable.
Moreover the Queen now is the strong politician we expect, not only a soldier as she appeared in the second half of the theatrical release.

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn were as in the original movie for what I recall, Qui-Gon improves more because the other characters make more sense. But Anakin improvement instead is impressive; the faneditor managed to make him to feel like a future Jedi. Many people seems annoyed by Anakin saying Ops or Whooooa and some fan editor remove those completely.
TM2YC instead kept two similar sounds in light-hearted situations: Anakin forgets to plug C3PO's eye (opss...), and Qui-Gon lifts Anakin to put him in the racing pod (wow!). That's it. I liked quite a bit because I felt that Anakin is still a child at heart (he is 9-10 years old after all!), but when the situation becomes harsh he become completely absorbed and concentrated. This is evident during the pod race, there are various perils, but he solves, fixes, and wins without even grumble. Besides removing the dialogs that made him appears a bad racer has been removed and with the Watto partial faith in him Anakin appears as the great racer we expect. Also Qui-Gon appears less crazy in his plan.

Lets see other improvements.
Cutting the water travel removed some terribly nonsensical elements from the theatrical release. It is not stated the army arrived in the other side of the planet and still manages to go faster than the Jedi passing through the center. It simply seem the two parts took a different way to reach the city; one underwater the other on the ground. Simpler and better.

The blood test is cut in a great way: Qui-Gon sends the blood to Obi-Wan and asks for the results: Obi-Wan simple states they are out of the charts and ask what it could mean; Qui-Gon still is not sure. The feeling of scene is that in Star Wars is there some blood measurement that force aware people usually have high; but it is not definitive or mandatory. It if just another piece of the puzzle that is the mysterious boy.

During the final battle Anakin goes to space willingly and he has more control of what is going on. Unfortunately the lack of good dialogs in the original movie make the part a little too silent. And in this case Qui-Gon feels weird at not saying anything seeing his wanted apprentice go to war. I am not sure it is possible, but possibly having Qui-Gon yelling to stay in the fighter shipcraft and Anakin disobeying and go to battle could feel better.

The Obi-Wan victory in the final duel is completely changed. I think the original with Obi-Wan in serious difficult actually added tension, but the ending was badly executed. And so I liked more the TM2YC's lightning fast attacks of Obi-Wan that cuts in half the Sith.

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I recommend this edit! What the editor did with Jar Jar was brilliant.

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