Star Trek Vengeance

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Brief Synopsis:
I liked 'Star Trek Into Darkness' a lot but from the first viewing I could see the flaws and could see ways to fix them. So this is an attempt to create my ideal version, a version that brings out the best of what was always there. The "plot holes" remain (Removing them would be like trying to make a bowl, out of a sieve) but the emotional impact and character motivations are now what I think they should have been.

There are a number of key problems that needed fixed with this movie: Kirk and Spock needed to not be enemies again, for the emotional impact to work. Uhura and Spock falling out was a distraction to the main themes and made Uhura look bad. Kirk being demoted and then instantly promoted was another distraction, when something simpler would work just as well. The late great Leonard Nimoy's cameo was sadly pointless and nonsensical. The film grade was just too damn blue/green compared to the nice vibrant dazzle of Star Trek '09. Lastly and most importantly, Kirk's sacrifice, Spock's reaction to it and the action-packed finale all rang a little hollow.

So, I've tried to fix or improve all these things and hopefully make a version of this film that isn't just thrilling cinema but something emotional too. The movie is re-graded using the IMAX version, new music is added and deleted scenes restored and finished. The events of the last act are heavily re-ordered so there is an emotional impulse for the final chase. The last scene has also been tweaked to bring things into continuity with 'Star Trek Beyond'.

A word on the title... the name of the enemy ship is "Vengeance" and a theme running through this film is revenge. The villains and our heroes all must face it's temptation and decide how to react. I hope I've brought that to the fore and I hope you enjoy 'Star Trek Vengeance'.

Additional Notes:
Programs used include: Vegas Pro, DVD Architect Pro, Handbrake, DVDFab, Nero, Audacity and Paint Shop Pro.
Other Sources:
- Star Trek Into Darkness ('The Compendium' Edition Blu-Ray)
- Star Trek Into Darkness (Deluxe Soundtrack CD)
- Star Trek Into Darkness: Trailer #2 (Blu-Ray)
- Star Trek '09 (Blu-Ray)
- Contact (Blu-Ray)
- Return of the Jedi (Blu-Ray)
- (Various free green-screen VisFX)
- (Various SoundFX)
- (Archive Star Trek SoundFX)

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to DigModiFicaTion for helping with a tricky piece of audio mixing and to addiesin for spotting an audio glitch and for finding me some smoke.

Thanks to all the people who offered vital feedback and general encouragement in the project thread including: addiesin, A Sled in Flames, asterixsmeagol, bionicbob, coinilius, dangermouse, hbenthow, ironman23, Canon Editor, DominicCobb, ImperialFighter, L8wrtr, Scar, SkywalkerFan01, Smithers, ssj, That One Guy, thecuddlyninja, ThrowgnCpr, Zarius and Zed.
Release Information:
  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • Digital
Special Features
- 20.9gb 1080p Blu-Ray (Includes trailers, menus and chapter selection)
- 11.8gb 1080p MP4 (Includes trailers)
- 3.6gb 720p MP4 (Includes trailers)
- 3.9gb 480p DVD (Includes trailers, menus and chapter selection)
Editing Details:
- Cut based on IMAX "Compendium" Blu-Ray release, so most exterior and FX shots are at 16:9, rather than 2.35:1.
- Regraded movie to remove excessive blue and/or green tinting. It's still a highly saturated and colourful grade but now it's a bit more measured like the 2009 movie. Some scenes/shots are dramatically regraded, some are barely touched.
- Kirk is not now demoted and almost instantly promoted again (Twice). Pike tears strips off him for his recklessness and Kirk feels suitably ashamed.
- Things are re-arranged and refocused to bring the "guilt" for the fallout from Nibiru more onto Spock, for being a bad friend to Kirk and less onto Kirk for being a bad Captain.
- Kirk and Spock don't hate each other again. You have to believe they are friends, for the end to work. Kirk doesn't hold a grudge against Spock for what happened after Nibiru, he's just disappointed in Spock not understanding why he couldn't let him die.
- Uhura no longer spends the first half on the movie sulking because Spock was "selfish" enough to put the fate of an entire humanoid species before her feelings. This subplot ruined her character for me. Starfleet officers just don't act this way and she now visibly panics less.
- Khan exposition scenes are trimmed to a minimum. The convoluted plot still needs explaining though!
- Added several deleted scenes and finished them off with music, soundFX, matching colour grades and a few visFX tweaks. This includes some, or all of: 'Niburu Captain's Log', 'Room Attack (Alternate Version)', 'Carol's Accent' and 'Scotty Cargo Bay Door'.

Cuts and Additions:
00.00.00 - Added new titlecards I've created just for this edit (Featuring the 2016 logo design)
00.00.13 - Added new TM2YC titlecard, which I've remade in 1080p for this edit
00.02.35 - Removed Spock and Kirk explaining the plot and the prime-directive to each other (This is explained again soon after)
00.02.46 - Removed Uhura saying "You got this". The reassuring kiss says it all without the dialogue
00.05.57 - Removed sequence of Spock facing down a ludicrously giant wall of lava that would obviously kill him. We know he's in danger okay! Also footage of natives running moved to later
00.06.03 - Removed sound of Uhura's voice quavering
00.06.04 - Removed Uhura looking panicky. She's a professional, she can deal with stress. Her dialogue now plays over into a closeup of Kirk, so he now reacts quicker too
00.06.36 - Removed shot of Uhura and replaced with shot Spock
00.06.38 - Moved Spock line about the Prime Directive back 'til after Bones speaks
00.06.40 - Removed Spock's "The needs of the many..." line. It just felt like a reference for reference sake to me
00.06.45 - Shortened and reversed shot of Uhura. She now looks less panicked and I also felt the zoom-out has more of a feeling of helplessness
00.07.27 - Inserted sequence of temple being destroyed and natives running, just before Spock saves them. So now in narative terms 'the night is blackest before the dawn'
00.07.38 - Moved shot of natives watching the Enterprise 'til later
00.08.39 - Restored missing use of classic Star Trek theme as Spock beams in. It's on the soundtrack CD and this is where it was supposed to go
00.08.38 - Moved shot of Enterprise flying away 'til later
00.08.50 - Brought forward Spock's "You violated the Prime Directive" line. Also added missing steam/smoke visFX from Spock's "lava-Suit"
00.08.52 - Reworked score and replaced and added soundFX
00.08.58 - Removed Uhura having a tantrum, now she is just relieved Spock is safe.
00.08.59 - Added 'Niburu Captain's Log' deleted scene. Rescored transporter portion with the track 'Sub Prime Directive' and added more soundFX
00.09.02 - Added more missing smoke/steam visFX
00.09.05 - Scored bridge portion of 'Niburu Captain's Log' deleted scene with the track 'Logos / Pranking the Natives'. Also added missing bridge soundFX
00.09.10 - Inserted shot of natives watching the Enterprise to replace unfinished deleted-scene FX shot. Added ash-falling vis-FX
00.09.14 - Added ash-falling vis-FX to long shot of Enterprise
00.09.28 - Inserted shot of Enterprise flying away, to replace partially finished deleted-scene FX shot
00.09.33 - Tweaked background of native shot to finish the visFX
00.09.36 - Removed Kirk's "Oh come on Spock they saw us, big deal?" line as it was redundant with the deleted-scene back in
00.10.02 - Replaced starfield and old title-sequence with footage from 'Contact', played in reverse and motion-tracked to the Enterprise's warp trail, so the ship appears to warp towards our sun
00.10.05 - Replaced Enterprise warp trail with a longer one from later in the movie and matched it's placement to the footage
00.10.08 - Added new "Star Trek Vengeance" title sequence. This combines my own text visFX, parts of the STID trailer #2, added lense-flares and practical FX
00.10.10 - 'Contact' footage slowly animated so by the time the shot ends our Sun is perfectly central in the shot. I also added a spiral motion and a slow zoom to give the shot a gliding, floating feel
00.12.29 - Replaced audio here with 'London Calling' from the soundtrack. This allows the music to play out fully without being rudely interupted by "Beats and shouting"
00.12.37 - Removed scene of Kirk in bed with two girls listening to Beastie Boys and remixed soundFX. This sequence gave the impression Kirk hasn't progressed at all character-wise since the last movie, also his "Hi ladies... Jim Kirk" line in the very next scene shows he's a ladies-man anyway. Plus it comes right after a scene about a child dying, making him seem a bit d,ckish perhaps?
00.13.45 - Removed several shots/lines of Kirk and Spock arguing and insulting each other. Now Pike just cuts them off
00.14.39 - Removed Pike's "..ounce of humility" line, as I added a very similar line in a later scene
00.14.53 - Put two shots together using some visFX. So we see Pike deliver the same line but Kirk now looks back seriously at him, instead of rolling his eyes contemptuously
00.14.54 - Removed about 16 seconds of Kirk arguing back with Pike. Kirk is supposed to respect Pike deeply
00.14.51 - Replaced score with more of the track 'Demotion Emotion'
00.14.57 - Inserted a different reaction shot of Kirk where he looks ashamed at hearing Pike's criticisms
00.15.00 - Removed 30 seconds of footage where Pike demotes Kirk and Kirk continues to argue back
00.15.05 - Removed more dialogue relating to Kirk demotion
00.15.07 - Gradually brought in the sound of the lift early, before the new scene change
00.15.08 - Added "Dismissed" line from 'Original Ending to Pike's Office' deleted-scene
00.15.13 - Brought forward the scene of Kirk and Spock before the meeting. So now they discuss they feelings straight away and "clear the air". I've removed the preceding 30 second conversation in the lift (as it was entirely about the demotion). Scene regraded to look like day
00.15.15 - Changed Spock's "Commander" line to "Captain" so it matches the change in story
00.15.16 - Replaced score over scene to work with new cutting
00.15.36 - Removed about 20 seconds where Spock and Kirk's heart-to-heart is bizarrely interrupted by Spock's new Captain
00.15.38 - Spock's puzzled reaction shot is now in response to Kirk's "Do you understand why I went back for you?". Before it was just a little comical awkward moment, now I think it's a more serious moment revealing that Spock doesn't fully understand his friendship with Kirk
00.15.48 - Removed the very end of the closeup of Spock so the shot ends on him staring reflectively into space, instead of then glancing up after Kirk
00.18.18 - Removed shot that made the bomb blast seem too ludicrously big from one little ring. Also I think it feels more shocking happening faster
00.19.31 - Brought forward closeup shot of Kirk drinking to replace most of a medium shot of Kirk and Pike talking
00.19.31 - Retimed Pike's "I think that's..." line and some of the bar soundfx
00.19.36 - Added "There's greatness in you Jim" line from 'Original Ending to Pike's Office' deleted-scene
00.19.39 - Created new FXshot combining Pike talking over a different shot of Kirk welling up
00.19.40 - Added "But there's not an ounce of humility" line from 'Original Ending to Pike's Office' deleted-scene. So now Kirk's later "I don't know what to say" line is not about thanking Pike, but apologising to him
00.19.45 - Removed about a minute of dialogue about Kirk's Demotion/Promotion and Spock's transfer
00.20.08 - Added 'Astronomical Manhunt' from the soundtrack to lead into the new scene
00.20.17 - Added new layers of Sci-Fi city type soundFX
00.20.36 - Brought forward shot of Spock listening to Marcus
00.20.46 - Pushed back two shots of Spock and Kirk looking at each other. Using this order, it's more a moment where look at each in concern, reacting to the info they are hearing
00.21.50 - Removed a line from Pike about Kirk's demotion
00.22.45 - Brought forward shot of gunfire and flipped it horizontally to match Pike's eye line
00.22.47 - Brought forward footage of Spock tending to the injured
00.22.50 - Started to work in footage and audio from the 'Room Attack (Alternate Version)' deleted scene. This first part shows Kirk alos tending to the injured. All shots have been heavily re-graded to match the finished footage
00.22.51 - Added in some of 'Man vs Blaster' from the soundtrack
00.22.54 - While still broadly following the 'Alternate Version' shot sequence and audio, I've integrated a lot of the finished shots back in
00.22.56 - Divided a Kirk reaction shot in two and inserted a shot of Pike struggling to get back up in between
00.23.03 - Inserted shot of Kirk leaping up
00.23.04 - Flipped shot of Kirk running to match movement better (I strongly suspect I've actually unflipped it)
00.23.07 - Inserted shots of Starfleet troopers being massacred
00.23.10 - Added 'Alternate Version' footage showing Kirk now running to help Pike. Kirk originally just ran off to fight Khan and left Pike to die
00.23.18 - Worked in shorter original version of Khan's ship exterior shot
00.23.20 - Inserted footage of Marcus trying to evacuate the room
00.23.31 - Returned back to Kirk going off to fight Khan, now in this cut, he's checked Pike is being looked after
00.23.58 - Brought forward shot of Spock dragging Pike away
00.27.31 - Again changed Spock's line from "Commander, to "Captain". DigModiFicaTion remixed the audio here, thanks! I then added some subtle "radio crackle" and panned the line over towards the right speaker like the rest of the dialogue
00.28.05 - Removed Kirk asking Marcus for his command back
00.29.09 - Removed Marcus' "You should a heard..." line and retimed Kirk's reaction shot
00.29.55 - Removed dialogue about reinstating Spock
00.29.57 - Rescored scene transition, elongated shot and added zoom in on Kirk's face
00.30.34 - Removed dialogue about Spock's reinstatement
00.30.36 - Inserted different Kirk reaction shot. Hopefully it looks as if he's trying to ignore Spock's "inconvenient" objections
00.30.37 - Removed Kirk sarcastically saying "Of course it is" to Spock
00.30.39 - Removed Spock's "Something you and Admiral Marcus are forgetting" line
00.30.40 - Shortened reaction shot of Kirk
00.30.48 - Removed Kirk sarcastically saying "In case you weren't listening..." to Spock
00.30.54 - Removed the dialogue where Kirk is being insulting to Spock and "name calling". Spock now just cuts in on Kirk to point out he is being defensive (Before the name calling begins)
00.31.06 - Shortened beginning of shot of Kirk looking annoyed
00.31.09 - Shortened end of shot of Kirk looking annoyed
00.31.29 - Brought forward Spock's "Impressive credentials..." line and removed Carol's "Thank you". Also some rescoring
00.31.30 - Kirk now cuts off Spock in mid-sentence. This nicely removes a line about Spock's reinstatement and shows Kirk's irritation at being proved wrong. Also different shot used
00.32.28 - Removed Scotty dialogue about the missiles being "Classified" because it gets a bit silly and because Alice Eve is standing in the back of shot being a terrible actor
00.32.30 - Created "new" shot by playing part of Scotty's reaction to Sulu in reverse and painting out the crew walking around backwards. Also pan up to Sulu removed
00.32.36 - Removed Scotty's "Get down!" line as it was a bit silly and undercut the tension
00.34.31 - Removed entire minute long scene between Kirk and Uhura discussing Spock. Rescored transition and remixed soundFX
00.36.56 - Kirk now looks straight up at Spock, retimed shot and rescored moment
00.37.00 - Changed Kirk saying "You? Happy?", to just "Happy?". So Kirk isn't having a dig at Spock, he's just making light of the situation. Now they are sharing a joke, like friends do
00.38.37 - Removed dialogue where Kirk is asking Spock and Uhura if they can stay professional. Some rescoring
00.38.39 - Created "new" shot by timing Kirk's walk towards Spock with his last line to them, reframing and animating the shot and then rotoscoping Spock from another shot over the top
00.41.28 - Added beeping warning sensor sound. It very slowly gets louder and is timed exactly with the impact from the explosion. Hopefully it works as a sorta subliminal heartbeat
00.41.33 - Brought forward shot of Uhura listening to Spock. Added soundFX too
00.41.36 - Removed 2 minute long scene of Spock and Uhura having a barny in the middle of a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. This was probably the worst scene in the movie and was frankly insulting to Uhura's character
00.41.44 - Swapped 1st and second shots of the Bird of Prey, because I felt that when Kirk says "Hold on!", we needed to then see a more impressive maneuver
00.41.55 - Slightly shortened whip-pan
00.43.54 - Removed shot of Kirk looking uncertain, he should be more decisive. Now the focus is on Spock looking worried for Uhura
00.49.22 - Removed several shots of the beating and Kirk kneeing Khan in the nuts. It just got too silly, less is more
00.49.24 - Brought forward Uhura reaction shot
00.49.25 - Retimed audio of punches
00.52.29 - Removed Kirk's "Shut your mouth" line. I didn't like it
00.56.18 - Added deleted 'Carol's Accent' scene. It fills in an otherwise nonsensical element of the plot and doesn't slow things down. Heavily regraded and TNG engine room hum added
00.56.37 - Deleted scene audio retimed to match finished fxshot of shuttle-bay
00.56.47 - Rescored new scene transition and extra soundFX too
00.56.52 - Removed the truly dreadful "striptease" scene. JJ has apologised for it, so I'm sure given a second chance, he would have made this removal too. Now the scene ends on a little joke between Kirk and Carol
00.57.14 - Retimed Chekov's "Engineering to bridge" line so it happens a second later. Now it better shows Kirk contemplating the implications of there being no response from starfleet
00.57.17 - Removed Chekov's "Er hello?" line
01.00.19 - Rescored new sequence of events and added in many missing soundFX
01.00.21 - Started to integrate shots and dialogue from the deleted 'Scotty Cargo Bay Door' scene. Pegg is hilarious and it's a nice character moment for Scotty. Scenes heavily regraded to match and extra soundFX and rescoring throughout rest of scene
01.00.32 - Inserted shot of shuttle interior to allow removal of some Pegg footage. Remixed audio to include radio static, general soundFX, intercom beeps and rescoring
01.00.55 - Inserted door opening shot and removed more footage of Pegg. Remade audio including longer Jabba's Palace door opening sound and new music
01.00.59 - Replaced surprised reaction shot of Scotty, with funnier deleted "fist pump" reaction. Also removed him looking up at shuttles
01.01.03 - Erased other shuttle craft from shot, removed ending and added lens flare. Now Scotty gets in on his own
01.01.09 - Created "new" shot by playing it backwards and adding a reflection of the doors to the window and lens flares
01.01.11 - Created "new" shot of bay interior. Replaced what Scotty sees through the window with new animated matte painting, so no other shuttles are visible.
01.01.15 - Inserted earlier "USS Vengeance bridge crew requesting entry to construction hanger" line but edited it to remove the words "...requesting entry..."
01.02.11 - Removed long shot so the dramatic pause isn't "overly dramatic"
01.02.35 - Removed Khan talking about the destruction of Vulcan. It's not really relevant exposition to the story. It's only relevant in terms of Star Trek timeline "canonicity"
01.02.39 - Replaced Khan closeup with long shot of Kirk talking
01.02.54 - Removed 3 seconds of the closeup after "My name is Khan", because it has no real impact on the story. It's only relevant to the audience in terms of Star Trek history. I also like it now comes off as Kirk being unimpressed with the name of this once (in)famous warlord, he just continues with the interrogation
01.03.17 - Moved Spock's interruption of Khan 'til later. Khan's exposition just continues but is shortened
01.03.48 - Inserted shot of Kirk giving Khan a penetrating stare
01.03.50 - Added back Spock's interuption under the Kirk stare, so we see Kirk is distracted by the realisation that maybe Khan is telling the truth
01.04.06 - Now Kirk's "No" interruption of Khan, is while Khan is trying to intimidate his friend Spock
01.08.04 - Removed Marcus' "What else did he tell you..." line. It wasn't needed
01.10.37 - Removed Carol having to tell Kirk a second time that she needs to talk to Marcus, while his crew are dying. Now as soon as the shooting stops, he reacts on what she said before it started. Also removed a shot of the crew dying in a fire ball
01.11.38 - Remixed audio to tone down Carol's scream
01.15.03 - Removed dialogue where Kirk is saying he's unfit to be a Starship Captain. Say whaaaaat? Rescored and added soundFX
01.16.55 - Removed Spock asking Uhura to contact Ambassador Spock. Sorry Leonard Nimoy, this and all other scenes are removed. Rescored and soundFX added
01.23.23 - Removed first Spock/Spock video-chat scene and brought forward Khan running scene. Rescored new transition, remade soundFX and removed Scotty's "There gonna have.." line
01.23.38 - Removed second Spock/Spock video-chat scene and brought forward 'Spock's plan' scene. Rescored new transition and remade soundFX
01.24.01 - Rescored and remade soundFX to create new transition into the scene of Carol meeting Marcus
01.24.01 - Rescored and remade soundFX to create new transition into the Scotty/Kirk/Khan fight scene
01.24.56 - Removed start of scene where Khan goes missing so it plays as a continuation of the fight. Retimed dialogue, rescored and remade soundFX. Also flipped first shot to better match character placement
01.34.48 - Removed Spock telling the bridge crew to evacuate (Who is gonna pilot the ship afterwards?) and Sulu telling him they all would prefer to die. It seems a tad presumptuous of Sulu, having not actually canvassed for opinions. Also refusing Spock's order was silly anyway. Now we just see him put on his seat belt with Sulu. Rescored and remixed soundFX
01.32.54 - Removed the whole scene where Kirk and Scotty hang of the gantry. It was pointless, repetitious and rather silly action, for action sake. Rescored and soundFX added
01.40.51 - Added missing sounds of Kirk's hand on the glass
01.40.59 - Again added missing sounds of Kirk's hand on the glass
01.41.26 - Removed Spock's "Khaaaaannnn!" scream. Rescored transition and soundFX added
01.42.33 - Rescored 2nd half of crash and remixed soundFX
01.42.48 - Brought forward Bones unzipping Kirk's bodybag, this is the first change in bringing Kirk's revival much further forward. So Spock is chasing Khan for his blood and not just revenge. Rescored transition and soundFX added
01.43.33 - Brought forward Bones starting to work on Kirk and added to first scene so they are now one. Removed Bones' "Get this guy out of the cryo-tube" line since it's now redundant. Remixed audio
01.43.44 - Changed Bone's line to "McCoy to bridge... Spock!". Added lens-flare. Remixed audio, rescored and added soundFX
01.43.46 - Removed scene of Kirk freezing to later and created rotating zoom in on Bones' face. Remixed audio, rescored and added soundFX
01.43.53 - Created new transition from Bones contacting Spock, to Spock running onto the bridge, so it appears Spock is responding to Bones' message. Replaced score, added soundFX and remixed audio
01.44.43 - Added "Hero" musical sting for Spock as he chases off to save Kirk. Replaced score, soundFX and remixed audio
01.44.49 - Brought forward scene of Kirk being frozen, inserted between Spock leaving the bridge and arriving at the transporter. Replaced score, added soundFX and remixed audio
01.44.56 - Remixed audio and dialogue, replaced score and added soundFX over new transition
01.45.47 - Shortened shot of Spock running, removed Khan running into traffic and removed the first Bones scene
01.45.49 - Shortened shot of Khan running and removed Khan still running into traffic
01.46.40 - Removed the second Bones scene and removed two shots of Khan strangling Spock, so now the fight continues seamlessly
01.46.55 - Removed 30-second section of fight where they pointlessly both jump onto a second identical cargo-ship. By doing a match cut and remixing the audio and music, they now appear to stay on the first cargo-ship
01.47.08 - Removed the third Bones scene, so now we cut straight to Sulu mid fist-fight. Music and audio remixed. Sulu's question is now shortened into an order "Beam them up to the ship", instead of "Can we beam them up to the ship?"
01.48.01 - Removed Uhura's "He's our only chance to save Kirk" line. In this cut Spock already know this and Uhura is simply trying to make Spock come to his senses
01.51.27 - Removed scene of Carol on the bridge and inserted a heavily re-graded shot of Spock and Uhura from ST'09 (That creates a match cut to the next shot). Carol is not in ST:Beyond, so to keep continuity it's best to not have her in this final scene. Score and audio remixed
01.51.31 - Removed start of Spock walking shot, so it matches his movement from the new shot. Also re-timed the dialogue with their body language so they are saying "Spock... Captain" as a friendly greeting to each other.
02.00.45 - Added fanedit credits and thanks

Original Running Time: 132 Minutes
Fanedit Running Time: 121 Minutes
Time Added: 4 Minutes
Time Cut: 15 Minutes

Blu-Ray coverart by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Alternate DVD coverart by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Alternate Blu-Ray coverart by TM2YC (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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Star Trek Vengeance

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
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Visual Editing
The characters are definitely improved here.
Uhura’s annoying tantrums are gone, Spock just has a cleaner arc and Kirk doesn’t jump between an adult and a child all the time. The heavily edited new scene for Scotty is impressive, the entire sequence just looks so professional and clean.
Even Carol is improved, regardless of the appalling acting skills Alice Eve has.

Kirk's death is better executed (pun!). The overall flow of the film is tighter and crispier, I can only imagine the number of hours the editor worked on this…

The video cuts are perfect as expected. The audio cuts are also great, there were just a few that were noticeable, but with all this audio mixing and splicing, what an incredible job to get to this final version!

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
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This is exactly what I wanted from an edit of this film, There's certain plot elements that nothing can be done about, like the chase for Khan's magical blood when McCoy literally has one of Khan's ubermensch unfrozen right in front of him whose blood he could also use. I've seen cuts where that sequence is entirely cut out, but I think this one works best because TM2YC has managed to make Kirk's death actually land emotionally. As a result, that action sequence feels like it has stakes rather than something I felt disconnected to, which was the case during my previous viewing of this film because I was still rolling my eyes over the unearned rehash of Wrath of Khan.

All the cuts and additions TM2YC has made work to make the film far better. Uhura, in particular, benefits greatly from no longer acting like a spoiled child at Spock for being willing to sacrifice himself to save an entire planet. As does Kirk for no longer acting like a horny teenager.

Absolutely the best version of this film I've seen.

User Review

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Top 100 Reviewer 55 reviews
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Overall rating
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Belated review of this most excellent edit of Into Darkness!

I thoroughly enjoyed this edit, much more than the original movie! Perhaps CBS / Paramount etc could get some tips or offer TM2YC employment...? ;)

Others have noted the audio issue and that's the only issue I found while I was totally engrossed in the narrative.

User Review

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Overall rating
Audio/Video Quality
Audio Editing
Visual Editing
Belated review from myself, but nonethelass one which needed to be noted.

This is an outstanding polish to a movie which had many jarring moments originally. Having not watched it for quite some time, I'm now at pains to recall all of the issues I had coz this pretty much nails it.

There is no need for me to go into detail on the technicals, TM2YC is always spot on there.

The improvements to character, flow and pacing are spot on. You can feel the improvement in the relationships. My only issue (as noted by others) is the ending feeling a tad rushed but that's what you have to work with and it raises this from a 7 score (theatrical) to a 9 from my POV. I also miss Spock' cameo which I dont penalise this for omitting, but frankly, I'd be happy to watch Spock prepare Plomeek soup for need for plot progression.

This has long been sitting in a blu ray case on my shelf, and after the recent review I felt the need to revisit; glad I did again (and not for the last time).
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(Updated: September 17, 2022)
Overall rating
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Yet another TM2YC Star Trek edit that I've been meaning to watch for a long time (then again, given the source material, can you blame me?) Star Trek Into Darkness has a lot in it I don't like, from being a WoK rehash, injecting false-flag conspiracy politics into a supposedly Utopian-society, the stupid "let me hide all my friends in these super missiles" subplot, relying on fan-knowledge about Star Trek (Tribbles, the Eugenics Wars, etc.) without properly setting that up in the confines of the movie itself, etc. However, as stated in the summary, trying to remove all of this would leave us without a movie, so I won't hold that against TM2YC.

Instead, let me praise the miracle work done to all of these characters. I was worried that trying soften up Kirk while putting more of the blame on Spock would just make me hate the former more, but the edit finds a good balance, crafting a Kirk with a good head on his shoulders but still having a lot to learn. While I somewhat miss the scene where Spock explains why he mind-melded with Captain Pike (to explain why he's distancing himself from those closest to him), I understand cutting it to improve Uhura's character. Plus, I now believe that this Kirk & Spock are indeed friends by the time Spock chases Khan down for his blood to save Kirk's life (have I mentioned how stunning the technical work TM2YC accomplishes is?).

All that said, there's still one thing that bugs me that I felt could've been fixed: Pike saying that the device dropped in the Nibiru volcano was a "cold fusion reactor." I don't care how much times change or how lazy writers get, Star Trek is great when it tries to stick to scientific principles (even if they have to make them up for FTL travel), so saying that a "cold fusion reactor" can "make things cold" is just asinine to the Nth degree.

Still, if you are a fan of the Kelvin Timeline Trilogy & want to give it a watch, I recommend this edit whole-heartedly. Star Trek Vengeance isn't a masterpiece (again, hard to be, given the source material), but it's great, dumb, pulpy fun.

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