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Belated review from myself, but nonethelass one which needed to be noted.

This is an outstanding polish to a movie which had many jarring moments originally. Having not watched it for quite some time, I'm now at pains to recall all of the issues I had coz this pretty much nails it.

There is no need for me to go into detail on the technicals, TM2YC is always spot on there.

The improvements to character, flow and pacing are spot on. You can feel the improvement in the relationships. My only issue (as noted by others) is the ending feeling a tad rushed but that's what you have to work with and it raises this from a 7 score (theatrical) to a 9 from my POV. I also miss Spock' cameo which I dont penalise this for omitting, but frankly, I'd be happy to watch Spock prepare Plomeek soup for need for plot progression.

This has long been sitting in a blu ray case on my shelf, and after the recent review I felt the need to revisit; glad I did again (and not for the last time).
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