Spider-Man Unlimited: Limitless

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After braving all the dangers of Counter-Earth, Peter Parker returns to his own world...some are overjoyed and cherish the promise of tomorrow, while others see nothing but broken promises. Will it deter Peter? Find out in this epilogue to the short-lived 1999 animated series Spider-Man Unlimited!

Recently I tasked myself with piecing together a three or so minute short that tied up the storylines of the 1999 animated series Spider-Man Unlimited, which was unceremoniously cancelled on a cliffhanger.
To give fans of the series (and yes, there ARE some!) some semblance of closure at last to the show
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Rearranged scenes from episode one of Unlimited, altered dialogue.

This short unashamedly skips over the resolution of the cliffhanger and joins our hero as he prepares to return to Earth…I made the choice not to have John accompany him…think of it like those vintage movie tropes of a stranded hero realizing his ‘calling’ and staying to ensure peace is continuously persevered that, and he likely doesn’t want to share a cockpit with a guy who made a few passes at his girlfriend!
Spider-Man Unlimited: Limitless

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