Scream 2: The Extended Sequel

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Two years about being terrorised by the Ghostface killer, someone new dons the mask and goes after Sidney Prescott as a slew of new killings start, as she tries to adapt to college life.

Two new, deleted and alternate scenes have been remastered and reintegrated into the film, with Scream 2 now being two minutes longer! What is it with twos!?
After watching the deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray, I figured why not, lets add them back into the film! Adds some more suspicion to the Jerry O'Connell character, and is he the killer?
Additional Notes:
The original deleted scenes weren't in the best shape, so I've done my best to clean them up, but they aren't 100% seamless sadly. Be weary of that!
Other Sources:
Scream 2 - Score by Marco Beltrami - Current Edition was used to bridge one scene into the final film
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Cuts and Additions:
- added alternate classroom scene, with the sequel chat now taking place in a lecture hall instead of a small room.
- added scene with Mickey, Derek and the other friend coming over to Sydney's to comfort her after an attack, bringing donuts.

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