Scooby-Doo: Spooky Island Special Edition

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Brief Synopsis:
The live-action Scooby-Doo film from the early 2000s has now been extended with 7 new deleted and extended scenes, including a new alternate opening.

Eight minutes of restored and reintegrated footage has now been woven back into the classic Mystery Inc. Caper!
Since I have such a soft spot for the film, I wanted to go back and slow down the somewhat rapid pace of the film, as it moves too fast at times. Plus I wanted to see all this very great footage back where it belongs.
Other Sources:
- Scooby-Doo (2002) Blu-Ray: Somewhat fun fact, I had to import this from the US as it wasn't realeased on Blu-Ray in Australia.
Special Thanks:
James Gunn for writing a fun mystery film about everyone's favourite van dwelling detectives
Release Information:
Special Features
- Cast and Filmmakers Talk Deleted Scenes (Feature Commentary Clips) [11:07]
- Unused Deleted and Alternate Bits [2:09]
- Deleted Scenes with Director's Commentary [12:56]
Editing Details:
The scenes aren't in the best shape as they're presented in a very rough somewhat workprint style on the Blu-Ray as the blacks are often crushed beyound recovery and the colours are lost to time. I've done my best to fix the SD scenes by upscaling them to 2K, and grading the scenes often shot by shot to have them look acceptable next to the crisp HD film. It's nowhere near perfect but it looks a lot better in many scenes.
Cuts and Additions:
- added new animated credits sequence
- added flashbacks showing where Mystery Inc has been during the 2 year time jump
- added somewhat of a musical montage as the characters explore the island for the first time
- added Velma singing a song to the crowd at the Spooky Hotel bar and resturant
- added Daphne meeting up with the possessed Velma
- added Shaggy witnessing Daphne getting her soul removed
- Added Scooby trying to fool his kidnappers

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