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Scooby Doo was one of my favourite and most watched cartoons as a kid & the Scooby Doo live action movie at one time, was my absolute favourite film...
Easily 40+ viewings.

Now as an adult the tv cartoons I use to watch are a thing of the past, although I still thoroughly enjoy and love the nostalgia this movie provides me.

Upon watching the Extended Version for the first time I was gobsmacked that I had never seen the added deleted scenes before on tv, dvd or video. It was a pleasant surprise to see so much more material included this time around.

The quality of the editing is very high, almost every new scene transitions seamless with the rest of the movie both visually & with it's audio. However its clear the overall resolution/quality of the deleted scenes visuals aren't quite as good as the original movie with some scenes/shots being more noticeable than others.

I would definitely recommend this fan-edit to anyone who has already seen and greatly enjoyed the movie before?

The deleted scenes were a mixed bag in terms of comedy with a small few of the new scenes being very cringy and hurts the overall enjoyment of the movie... but most of them were still good.

So maybe this extended version of the movie may benefit from a slight trim here and there to refine the deleted scenes down to their best parts and also removing those couple of frames that are noticeably darker than the rest of the movie.

Thank you Bobson Dugnutt for a great fan-edit!

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