Men in Black: Intergalactic Duology

Men in Black: Intergalactic Duology

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Men in Black: Intergalactic Duology
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1997 / 2002
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97 / 88
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100 / 89
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3 / 1
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6 / 1
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Brief Synopsis:
The Men in Black Duology follows the exploits of J and K, the scum fighting super-agents who are members of a top secret organisation established to monitor alien activity on Earth.

The Intergalactic Edition adds deleted scenes, an all-new ending and reinstates the original plot of MIB before reshoots with alternate and extended scenes being masterfully reintegrated into the movie. adding 9 new scenes and 5 more minutes of footage.
I wanted to recreate what test audiences might've seen in Early 1997 when shown a rough cut of Men in Black with a different plot and alternate scenes here and there
Other Sources:
- Men in Black (1997) Blu-Ray - For the feature film
- Men in Black (1997) PAL DVD - For the slightly higher quality deleted scenes (576i for the win!)
- Metamorphosis of Men in Black - Alternate scenes relating to the Baltain and Arquillian plots are taken from this behind the scenes documentary (sourced from the aforementioned PAL DVD)

- Men in Black II (2002) Blu-Ray - Sourced the main film from here
- Men in Black II (2002) PAL DVD - Mildly better quality alt ending taken from this
Release Information
Special Features
- 2 Behind the Scenes featurettes focusing on the original Baltain and Arquillian plot and the alternate Edgarbug ending
- Before and After: Deleted Scene Colour Correction
- More Deleted and Alternate Scenes (both MIB and MIIB)
- Director Barry Sonnefield and Tommy Lee Jones talk Deleted and Alternate Scenes (Film Commentary Clips)
Editing Details:
Double Feature! Two MIB edits for the price of one! The MIIB wasn't worth publishing on it's own, so here it is lumped with an extended cut of the first film.

This new cut of MIB might need a bit of back story since there is a bit more to it than adding back some deleted scenes. After screening the film for test audiences, there was some confusion on the 3 conflicting alien races fighting over the galaxy. The original plot was two formally feuding species (Baltain and Arquillian) who had finally come to an agreement to trade the galaxy back, with the Edgarbug stepping in to stop the peace happening so that his species can continue to live off the devastation and destruction of the war.

Clearly this was too much for some so they re-edited the film to take out the Baltains out and simply made it that the Edgarbug species wanted control of the galaxy from the Arquillian prince. They did this by redubbing the diner scene so that the two aliens were now speaking some foreign language with new exposition, redubbing the Frank the Pug scene to support it, and adding new graphics to the MIB HQ screen and having off screen dialogue added to shift the narrative.

These 3 scenes were included in the short making-of documentary on the DVD, so I've done my best to reincorporate them back to simulate what the original test audiences would of scene back in 1997 along with the few deleted scenes elsewhere on the disc

And also the alternate ending to Men in Black II is put in its appropriate place.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added extra beat with J at the chinese restaurant
- Extended MIB Audition shootout with some new dialogue
- Extended Miss Edleston scene on the MIB HQ screen
- Alternate diner scene with the Baltain and Arquillian dignitaries (formally 2 Arquillians)
- Extended scene of Edgar leaving the diner
- Added parametics taking the bodies away and sending the cat with them
- Alternate Frank the Pug scene with new exposition to support the Baltain and Arquillian plot
- Alternate scene at MIB HQ with the Baltain and Arquillian warships firing at Earth

- Added alternate ending and replaced what was formally there
Cover art by Bobson Dugnutt (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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