Marvel The TV Series: Season 4

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Brief Synopsis:
All the interconnected Marvel Studios products become a massive, perfectly structured TV series, to make the journey of the Earth’s Mightiest superheroes the most epic adventure ever.

In order to enjoy the MCU in the most orderly, apprehensible and dynamic way possible, all the interconnected MCU becomes a TV show: reordered, reformatted, post credits scenes rearranged to avoid spoilers, detailed “previously” recaps created and some key deleted scenes added to each episode. Including all the One-Shots, Disney+ Marvel TV shows, Specials... even commercials! Plus, crossover with the X-Men (FOX) and Spider-Man (Sony) alternate universes in a narratively consistent way.
Have you missed some Marvel products and you lack information, and now you’re a little out of it?
Or you don’t know their correct viewing order and you don't want to be studying messy online order lists?
Or do you enjoy TV shows structured in seasons more than chaotic movie sagas?
Maybe you want to introduce your friends or family to your beloved MCU but it’s too much complicated to handle so many Bluray discs?
Or perhaps do you just want to try something different?
Here is the solution: the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe becomes a TV series.
Additional Notes:
Delivery plan for the seasons: I will launch each season coinciding with the beginning of each "season" of the year, releasing four seasons a year. Seasons schedule: - Season 1 (beginning of the Infinity Saga): December 2022 - Season 2: April 2023 - Season 3: July 2023 - Season 4 (end of the Infinity Saga): October 2023 - Season 5 onwards (beginning of the Multiverse Saga): TBD - To be notified instantly when a new episode or a new season comes out, I recommend subscribing to my Youtube channel @NotflixFanEdits, where I will be announcing everything in detail with different trailers and clips. - Visit my website to know all the details about these and other edits.
Other Sources:
Post-credits scenes from CAPTAIN MARVEL, BLACK WIDOW and ANT-MAN AND THE WASP 1080p BluRay
Marvel official soundtracks
Royalty free music score
Royalty free video FX and sound FX
Leitmotiv Avengers Theme adapted by Jonathan Gerber (YouTube: @jonathangerber9718))
Release Information:
  • Digital
  • Blu-Ray
Special Features
Full HD 1080p IMAX BluRay
English and Spanish Subtitles available
Editing Details:
General fan edit changes (more detailed in section “Cuts and Additions”:

- New episodic TV series format (split the films into multiple episodes), around 40 min/1 hour x episode (around 20 episodes per season), including all the features that make the TV shows so addictive and affordable
- Episodes placed in chronological order to effectively understand the linearity of the general story the MCU tells (however, from season 5 onwards, as the MCU opened up to multiple parallel narrative lines, the series will change to a very personal but thoughtful thematic order, suitable as long as this does not incur continuity problems)
- Integrated films, Disney+ shows and different special materials within the same TV series in a homogeneous way, in order to enhance a unique sensation of continuity thank to the exclusive narrative tools of the serialized TV shows
- “Previously” recaps created for each episode to keep the audience perfectly aware of every detail necessary to fully enjoy the show, and so detailed and enjoyable that they often are like mini-specials before each episode (similar to what Marvel currently does with their Marvel Studios: Legends featurettes).
- Re-ordered/re-edit some sequences to improve the narrative
- Rearranged post-credits scenes in some episodes to avoid spoilers, something impossible to do easily when watching the movies in chronological order
- Added (and VFX completed if needed) most relevant deleted scenes in some episodes or cut those that hurt the story
- IMAX versions used if available (expanded aspect ratio to 1.90:1 and enhanced visuals)
- Music score, sound FX or VFX added in some episodes (normally minor changes, but that improve the scenes)
- A lot of exclusive changes for each episode (you can consult them in detail in section “Cuts and Additions”)
- Added to the MCU the X-Verse (FOX) and the Spider-Verse (Sony) alternate universes in a narratively consistent way, creating new, exclusive material as a glue to assemble everything in the same multiverse
- “NOTFLIX Fan Edits” logos + new "MARVEL The TV Series" Intro (to enhance the sense of continuity) + condensed end credits added in each episode
- English and Spanish subtitles created from the scratch or adapted by hand from the official subs and checked to be as accurate as possible

Episode List:

Season Four Theme: End of an Era

MARVEL S04E01 Annihilation (1)
MARVEL S04E02 The Thanos Quest (2)
MARVEL S04E03 The Infinity War (3)
MARVEL S04E04 The Leftovers (1)
MARVEL S04E05 Time Heist (2)
MARVEL S04E06 End Game (3)

* (All the episodes have a number (*) which indicates that they are part of a mini-arc usually made up of 2 or 3 episodes, and that they come from the same movie)

Cuts and Additions:
---------------------- Season 4 Editing Details per Episode -------------------------

MARVEL S04E01 Annihilation (1):
(contains Avengers: Infinity War IMAX)

- added NOTFLIX logo (0:00:00)
- added "previously" recap (0:00:06 > 0:09:48)
- IMAX Enhanced
- added MARVEL Series Intro (0:21:25)
- added custom end credits (1:04:40)

MARVEL S04E02 The Thanos Quest (2):
(contains Avengers: Infinity War IMAX)

- added NOTFLIX logo (0:00:00)
- added "previously" recap (0:00:06 > 0:03:05)
- IMAX Enhanced
- added MARVEL Series Intro (0:07:44)
- added custom end credits (0:44:04)

MARVEL S04E03 The Infinity War (3):
(contains Avengers: Infinity War IMAX)

- added NOTFLIX logo (0:00:00)
- added "previously" recap (0:00:06 > 0:03:35)
- IMAX Enhanced
- added MARVEL Series Intro (0:03:40)
- added establishing shot and "SFX jet fly by" when Thor's ship aproach to the Dead Star (0:04:02)
- added custom end credits (0:46:54)
- added "Ant-Man disappearance" pre-credits scene and part of "Ant drummer" post-credits scene from ANT-MAN AND THE WASP as a post-credits scene here, and merged with customized "Fury and Hill disappearance" post-credits scene (CAPTAIN MARVEL music theme added at the end of the scene) (0:49:31 > 0:51:31 > 0:53:10)

MARVEL S04E04 The Leftovers (1):
(contains Avengers: End Game IMAX)

- added NOTFLIX logo (0:00:00)
- added "previously" recap (0:00:06 > 0:09:30)
- IMAX Enhanced
- added "Where's Fury?" post-credits scene from CAPTAIN MARVEL as a second prologue (0:11:34 > 0:12:43)
- added MARVEL Series Intro (0:12:43)
- added custom end credits (1:17:46)

MARVEL S04E05 Time Heist (2):
(contains Avengers: End Game IMAX)

- added NOTFLIX logo (0:00:00)
- added "previously" recap (0:00:06 > 0:04:56)
- IMAX Enhanced
- added MARVEL Series Intro (0:04:56)
- added custom end credits (1:01:13)

MARVEL S04E06 End Game (3):
(contains Avengers: End Game IMAX)

- added NOTFLIX logo (0:00:00)
- added "previously" recap (0:00:06 > 0:06:04)
- IMAX Enhanced
- added MARVEL Series Intro (0:06:04)
- rescored the scene of the portals and the gathering of heroes, exchanging the Endgame theme for a theme based on the leitmotifs of the characters, arranged and adapted by Jonathan Gerber (YouTube: @jonathangerber9718), extracted from the video "What if Avengers: Endgame played all the superhero themes" (0:20:30 > 0:22:14)
- added custom "Yelena visits the tomb" post credits scene from Black Widow as part of the Tony Stark Funeral epilogue (0:42:45 > 0:43:25)
- added custom end credits (0:53:26)
- added custom, shorter "Loki escapes" scene from LOKI S01E01 as a post credits scene (0:55:27 > 0:57:54)

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