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(Updated: March 31, 2024)
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Man of Steel has always been polarizing for audiences since its release in 2013 with Christopher Nolan's gritty and realistic take on Batman breaking records and setting a new standard for Super Heroes. There was no real leap of what Warner and DC were going to do take Superman the next most popular character give him the Dark Knight treatment and lightning will strike twice right? Not really, For many taking a character who is far more: optimistic, light hearted, and colorful than Batman and giving him a realistic dark gritty origin was not what some wanted from the hero who symbolizes hope. If you are one such person who wanted a more traditional heroic take on Superman this is the edit for you. Wakeupkeo work should be commended for making this I was skeptical that this movie could be salvaged but I am pleasantly surprised and am looking forward to his other edits on the dceu. it still isn't perfect but considering how much of an improvement this was to the man of tomorrow I finished this wishing this was the movie I watched opening weekend 2013.

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