Interstellar: The Demise

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I watched Interstellar and wondered if the movie could be done without the time travel aspect where one man saves the world by becoming a poltergeist.

So that's exactly what I did. Painstakingly. There are two versions. A dark and a light cut. The Dark cut ends without the ending we all know and the Light cut follows the original movie more closely, but removes all the paradoxes.
I love so much about interstellar. I just absolutely dislike the way time travel is utterly convenient. So I removed it and succeeded in removing it. Now it's a more straightforward science fiction tale.
Additional Notes:
The original movie has a place in my heart. This was the first time I edited a great movie, which was quite interesting.
Other Sources:
I used footage of Michael Caine reading a Poem to make my own dialogue for the invitation to Nasa.
Special Thanks:
ArtisDead for yet another amazing poster.
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Editing Details:
My strategy here was to keep everything I love about the movie and to keep as much of the original movie in as possible. I want the backstory with the kids, I want the messed up time going faster because of the wormhole. I want to FEEL things.

What I don't want is to be confused by alien/space human/bookcase/timetravel shenanigans.
Cuts and Additions:
Dark version:

- Remove all old people talking shots of VO's

- Remove any lines about ghosts and scenes with ghost like behavior. In my edit the girl is bullied a bit by her brother because she believes in ghosts and that's it.

- Removed the whole waistline section with the professor.

- Removed the mention of a magnetic field when the equipment malfunctions. Make it just a routine inspection. Added my own voice over (done by myself) to give a new explanation for the vehicles being there.

- Added the opening shots of sweeping the house to after the sandstorm hits them.

- Repurposed the sequence where Dr Brand tells the granddad and the kids they can send messages and redid dr Brands line to invite Cooper to NASA. Also colors Murph's shirt blue for continuity. Then we cut to him deciding to leave. It all feels pretty organic actually, and Cooper's interrogation by the robot now still makes sense because even though he was invited he himself mentions these ai soldiers can act unpredictable.

-Removed the bolt cutter sequence. He just inspects the fence and the robot triggers.

- Removed lines where the daughter tells Cooper she only got to NASA because of her.

- Removed all interrogation at NASA itself about how they got to NASA since they got invited. I did keep the AI guard in because Cooper himself mentions they can be erratic.

- Again: removed all mentions of 'them' during the briefing scene.

- Removed Matt Damons repeat of the poem

- Shortened the sequence with the daughter and son on earth. She doesnt have a eureka moment because ghost dad doesnt exist in this cut.

- Shortened the moment where they go check on the lungs of the child with a doctor to be less dramatic just for dramas sake. So no suckerpunch here.

- Movie goes as normal

- Cut to Cooper dying.

- Show the aftermath of everything during the credits. Crops being burned. Coopers daughter looking for a better place. The astronaut stranded with no hope for anyone to come to her aid. There is no reunion with his daughter, because he is dead and humanity has no hope.

Light version:

- Removed the whole waistline section with the professor.

- Shortened the flat tire to flow better.

- Removed Matt Damons repeat of the poem

- Shortened the sequence with the daughter and son on earth. They now go to check on her nephews health and when he sends her away she goes upstairs with Cooper jr. to get her stuff and has her epiphany.

- Movie proceeds as normal

- Bookcloset edits: Removed all mentions of space humans and him sending himself. Also cut him asking NASA coordinates.

- More emphasis on the watch being the key, so it gives more room to land with the audience.

- Cut her telling her brother how dad will save everyone since she hasn't figured the equation yet.

- Ending remains intact.

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(Updated: April 30, 2023)
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This review is about the "Dark Cut" of the film...

I thought this was a really solid edit of the film. I had worked on an edit of this myself some years ago, so I was familiar with some the issues you would have faced when constructing your version of the film. For the most part, I felt all of the cuts flowed well.

The scene with the Professor coming to see Cooper to invite him to NASA was a clever way to get him there without using any of the gravity/ghost stuff, but it is a bit quick. That said, I understand you did not have much to work with. Same with the scene when Cooper has the first sit down with the team and is told they are NASA. It is a bit quick, but it still works. I was delighted to see that stuff with NASA being somewhat threatening get cut. It was very awkward in the original cut and felt very out of place.

I enjoyed the ending (dark cut). Especially with ghost/future stuff removed, the business of Cooper in the wormhole was happily gone. Many people do not like that part of the ending, and I count myself as one of them. The mystery of what happens to Cooper is far more interesting.

Overall, very well done! This will be the way I watch the film now.
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